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  1. Time for me to make room for my Big Joe, so my old trusty Akorn must go. This is the model from Home Depot that has the large cart. Its about 6 years old, still cooks great. It does have a broken ash pan hanger bar due to a bit of minor rust, but the clips hold the pan on just fine. It's been double gasketed to improve seal. It comes with all factory grates, and an additonal grate to help support the included smoking, or to use to move the coals closer to the cooking grates for high temp sears. Includes Chargriller cover as well and has a Man Law Thermometer. $80 takes it all, pickup only. I'm located in North Aurora, IL. Just finished a high temp burn to clean everything out, and it's ready to reseason and use.
  2. Awesome, thanks! That's just what I needed.
  3. I ordered a KJ Charcoal Basket for my Big Joe II which is enroute to me. I am starting to get an idea of how big the Big Joe really is now! This basket is huge, and heavy. When I lifted the box, I was perplexed to why it weighed so much. Now I get it. Very thick bars on it.
  4. When you say holding temp, is it dropping or raising? It it keeps raising regardless of closing the vents, then you either have an air leak somewhere or your lighting too much charcoal at the start. If it keeps dropping, then you either have something blocking airflow, or the vents are closed up too much. Also quality of charcoal can make a difference. Charcoal can also absorb moisture in humid environments and that can alter how hot it burns and how it spreads to neighboring coals. Crap charcoal with small bits can also clog up the firebox or impede airflow. If the temp is all over the place, then you are either adjusting too much and not giving it enough time to settle before making an adjustment, or the wind is gusting, or the lid is being opened. A 20-30f degree shift over an entire cooking over time is fine, and pretty normal as it burns through different sized pieces of lump it may go up and down. I think people keep trying to keep it deadlocked on a certain temp and the are adjusting the vents way too much and as such causing the temp swings. Small adjustments, then give it time to respond. With so much thermal mass in the KJ, it going to take awhile to change. Just my $.02 PS. Another thing that dogged me for a long time was that the temp my electronic probe was showing vs the dome thermo. The electronic probe is showing you real time instant temp at the exact location the probe is at. The dome is showing you the dome temp and is slower reacting. So it's more of an "average" temp. So I was also chasing the electronic temp which would vary as air currents changes, which side of the coal pile was burning more vs the other, the proximity to the cold meat, momentary flair-ups etc. If you know your dome temp is accurate, then go off of that and use the other as a reference point.
  5. Can someone tell me what the total max width is of a Big Joe II with the side tables folded? or the width at the base of the cart, whichever is of the two wider? I trying to plan or spacing in my BBQ patio, and building a table to to sit beside it for prep space and to hold my smaller grill and have storage. My grill wont arrive for a couple of weeks and want to knock this project out before it arrives. Thanks!
  6. For those looking for a Kamado Joe, Costco Online has the Classic II for $999 and the Big Joe for $1599 (both with carts). Also, the Big Block charcoal is on sale. So these appear to be roadshow prices. This looks like it runs until Nov. 8th or until sold out. Just order a Big Joe to replace my Akorn that is starting to rust out.
  7. Made your Pimento Cheese recipe, came out great. I used it to make bacon wrapped poppers. They were delish. But for sure need a drip pan due to the grease from both the bacon and the cheese.
  8. On the salt/pepper/paprika I've never measured them, just shake and taste and add more as need. So maybe start and half my estimates and add more as needed to your tastes. You can always add more, but hard to make it away once added.
  9. I've traveled pretty extensively for work, so I am familiar with some of the great things that are pretty unique to the food culture in the Southeast. But trying to find Pimento cheese around here is like trying to find ice cubes in the Sahara. Let alone, most people around here have no idea what the heck it even is.
  10. Yes.....that's it! But hey, it's got green onion. That's a veggie!
  11. This is a recipe I came up with and have been making for years. Everytime there is a pot-luck or we have a BBQ, people request that I make it. It pretty much can be a meal unto itself. This is totally NOT for the diet conscious and I am pretty sure I am on the AMA hit list for this. Now I really don't measure things out exactly, so this is really how I make it every time: 5 lbs of russet potatoes. 1 dozen eggs 1 lb of bacon (any kind really, but stay away from the maple or overly fruit smoked ones) 1 bunch of green onions 1 regular sized jar of Best Foods mayo (you can also use Hellmans or Kraft if your store doesn't stock Best Foods, just don't use Lite Mayo) Yellow Mustard Hungarian Paprika (or any good quality Paprika) Salt Pepper Peel potatoes and cut into 1-2" pieces. And boil in salted water until just tender, but not mushy. You want them softer than most potato salads, but not mashed potato soft. Drain, rinse with cold water and allow to cool in a colander. Cool eggs until hard boiled. Allow to cool and peel. Cook bacon in a skillet. You want it thoroughly cooked, but not brittle. MAKE SURE TO RETAIN ALL THE BACON GREASE! Add potatoes to very large bowl. Trim the roots end off of the green onions and about 2" of the green tops, discard. Dice the remainder very fine. You want both the green and white parts. Add to bowl Cut each egg in half longways, and then slice each half into pieces. Add to bowl (yolks and whites) Chop up bacon coarsely. You want some nice pieces 1/4-1/2" pieces in there. Add to bowl. Add 1/2 of the retained bacon grease to bowl. (yes, you read that correctly) Add a couple squirts of yellow mustard (~ 1 tablespoon or so). It will give some flavor, but not be detectable to the folks that dislike mustard. Add about 2 tablespoons of Hungarian Paprika. Sometime I add more. Enough that the color of mixture turns from the normal white to yellowish/orange tint. Salt and Pepper to taste. Approx 1 tablespoon of each, but taste and add as needed. Approx 3/4th jar of mayo. Fold the mixture until it is well blended. You want to mix it good, but not turn it into mashed potatoes. This will be less chunky than regular store bought potato salad. Add more mayo if needed. Check the flavor, if needed, add more of the bacon grease and salt and pepper as needed. Refrigerate until cold, and to let all the flavors bind. 4-5 hours. Now some tips. I like to toss the jar of mayo in the fridge overnight before I use it. That way I am starting with cold ingredients. Also you can make the potatoes, eggs and bacon the day before and keep them in the fridge. That way everything is cold when mixed. Cold potato stay together better when mixed and don't get so mushy. I rarely if ever have left overs as this pretty much is the first side dish to get cleaned out at any BBQ or Potluck. But in the event you do have leftovers, it's really great for breakfast as it has all the ingredients of a good breakfast (eggs, bacon, potatoes). Probably would keep for about a week in the fridge, but i've never had it around that long. If you make it, please let me know what you think and what your guests thought.
  12. Has anyone tried using Pimento Cheese as the stuffing? I bet that would be awesome. Hard to find about these parts, but perhaps I can made some myself with one of the online recipes.
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