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  1. I'm using RO lump. I have an akorn and had a vision before this one. I've always used lump.
  2. This one doesn't have the spatk screen that is removable, it's fixed in the ash drawer. I've drilled the holes out larger and installed a heavy duty grate. That has helped but a test run last night only made it up to 400. Thinking about cutting out the spark section. I never used it on my other grill.
  3. Yes, I have had to do that to my other two grills. This one was really bad, just reporting obviously poor quality control. Did you address the gaps in the chrome sliding vent. I saw over on the pit boss side users adding felt. Also did you do any mods for better or more air flow. I thought about drilling out the very small holes in the fixed air inlet. My other grill had a slider door for the sparks.
  4. Nice fix. Does pit boss felt their bottom vents from the factory or did you add it? If so what type of felt and where did you purchase. Just picked up a vision that needs it badly, worst I've seen.
  5. I sent an email to vision about it. I already took it apart and got most closed up. I had to do similar with my last vision grill. Vision basically told me to bend the plate of the ash drawer. I didn't get this one at the sale prices, paid full price. I still have a gap in between the chrome sliding vent and where it's suppose to seal. Mine was so loose it rattled, had to bend out the tabs on the door so it wasn't loose.
  6. Just took deliver on a cadet. From the look of the bottom vent, doesn't look tight enough to shut down. The chrome sliding vent. Can anyone confirm being able to shut their cadet down. I like the build and packing was great.
  7. Tiffin ohio Walmart has 15 pound RO lump at 5.00. Not sure about other Walmart stores. It wasn't priced, I needed a bag and when it scanned at 5.00 I went back and grabbed a few more.
  8. I agree, if possible I'd remove it for cleaning.
  9. How did it perform? I have a cadet on the way. I had the smaller cub prior and I found air flow to be limited by the existing grate. Main thing I see with the colander is the size of the holes in the bottom.
  10. Going on 7 years with mine. I agree with removing the ash pan and dumping water out of both levels and store upside down. My ash pan was rusting around the top pretty bad. I cleaned it up and painted it. I had the bracket that holds the ash pan rust and break from the lower unit at either the 4 or 5 year mark. I had my receipt and contacted chargriller, they replaced it under warranty. A tree fell during a storm and put a huge dent in the lid but didn't break it, so I'm still using it. The same tree broke my table and shattered my vision cub. I miss that little vision, most used grill I own. I'm debating an akorn jr but the lifespan is probably 5-7 years tops, due to rust.
  11. Sold out, I'd love to find a deal on one of the vision cadet.
  12. roach56

    Kamado king

    That is the seller. I also went on their website. I'm curious to the quality of their current line. The mini is affordable but so is the vision cadet.
  13. I lost my mini vision last year in a storm, tree fell on it. I have a full size akorn but used the mini the most, just two of us. I may buy an akorn jr but saw this kamado king on ebay shipped from NY. Anyone familiar with them?
  14. Nice setups guys. Great looking cooks. Love the pallet table, may have to copy that.
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