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  1. Just dropped my grate and it broke in half ,I have been in disbelief last hour being that its cast iron ? I have been very upset thinking its going to cost me probably $100 to replace it.I just got off phone with Chargiller support and I am extremely happy counting shipping its only costing $33 and if you ever need to order anything online use their home page https://www.chargriller.com/
  2. Is there anything anyone puts on the outside of their Akorn exterior to try to preserve the finish ? I myself use a light amount of vegetable oil on mine after every other cook,curious if that is necessary or not? Is there even something better to use ?
  3. I have had my Akorn for almost a year and absolutely love it.I have talked with several that owns Komado Joes and BGE and they tell me that the Akorns in their opinions are cheap made and will only last 3-5 years before I have to replace it ? I am curious if anyone has had their for very long and any problems if any you may have encountered.
  4. I made the best Thanksgiving turkey ever on my Akorn,I am biased of course but when you have several family members at a Thanksgiving dinner say " This is damn good turkey ,how did you do it?" ,"This turkey is out of this world" or "This is the best tasting turkey I have ever had" that is all I needed to validate my bias. It was the best tasting turkey of my 53 years of life.I will explain in great detail in case anyone else wants to try my method. I started my thaw process 6 days before the cook on my 22.58 lb bird.On Thanksgiving eve I filled my Akorn up to the tabs with a 50/50 mixture of
  5. Welcome , I am a newbie to,nice threads in this forum
  6. I plan on doing a 50-50 mixture on my Thanksgiving Turkey ,I plan on mixing 50% lump with 50% Kingsford Competition ,I have never used anything but lump in my cooker. Does anyone see any issues with a 50-50 mixture ?
  7. Just wanted to introduce myself ,I have had an Akorn for about 7 months and I cook on it all the time now.I am in Indiana.Is it possible to do a 21-24 lb turkey on the Akorn ?
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