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  1. Have been to the webpage but it isn't clear, and I would rather not call the company if I could find the info here. This is a discussion forum is it not? Perhaps someone here knows the answer and can share with me and with anyone who may come here in the future wondering the same thing.
  2. It seems this may be a discontinued item now, is that so? Thanks.
  3. I'm looking for a handler for the older large BGE nest. Thanks.
  4. I have my BGE in a table but I end up using my Vision more because it's easier to move around.
  5. Back in business. Vision was really fast with the new part. I give them an A for service on this.
  6. Vision just called and they are sending a new leg. Our grill has been kept in the garage always, we never leave it outside, at lest not when it isn't being used. It is less than 2 years old now. The part that actually broke was the threaded part of the leg where the castor screws I to it. The castor is still good. After looking at it, the welded in nut had a pretty shoddy weld. I think I will reweld all the legs like they should have been done at the factory so the wheels never break off again.
  7. Was wheeling the model b out of the garage for some steaks yesterday and one of the wheels broke right off. Almost tipped the whole thing onto the cement driveway. Thank god it didn't fall over. Waiting for vision to call me back so I can get a new nest leg and wheel.
  8. I love the SS cart, but I hate the control panel on the front of the base.
  9. Good deal, and the parts all seem to be of a good quality. I picked one up and told my brother about them. I imagine most of the items will work on my Vision model B and my large BGE.
  10. Sent my brother down to get one at the local SAMs. All they had was the floor model and he got it for $150 because they aid the top vent was missing. When he was loading it in his truck he found the lid in the bottom of the grill. His does have a little chip in the top so I told him to call Vision and have them send him a chip repair kit.
  11. They are down to $250 here in NE Ohio. For that price you can't go wrong. I agree with the guy saying these aren't the top quality kamado, but they are a good value if you get them for the right price, especially with the backing of SAMs Club.
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