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  1. I've been attempting to perfect my pastrami. I may need to give this method a try. Did you get a good smoke flavor? Thanks! Billy
  2. That's some good looking gumbo. If you get a chance, can you post the recipe? I'm always looking for a good gumbo recipe. Billy
  3. I've been doing this kamado cooking thing for a little over a year. I live in Houston about 5 miles through the woods to the Gulf of Mexico. (I still haven't got used to the humidity.) I always leave my leftovers in the grill. I'm cheap, and I throw nothing away. I also don't cover my grill. It is tucked under my back porch so it is out of the elements. On 2 occasions, I've had popping and sparks from what I expect to be moist lump from being left in the grill. On both occasions, it had been a couple of weeks since I last grilled. (I had been on vacation, out of town, etc.). I make it a point to grill at least 1 time per week (if in town). Grill more often! Billy
  4. Tonight, I cooked a pot roast with potatoes. Man, it was tender and good. From pulling out the roast from the fridge to eating my first bite was about 2 hours. I cleaned the pool and went to the grocery store while I was cooking. Multi-tasking...
  5. This is a local place here in Houston. However, they have a good website. http://johnhenrysfoodproducts.com/ They have a "Summer Peach". I just rubbed down a rack of pork with the rub tonight. I've never used it though. I'll let you know how it goes. I tasted some before putting on the meat. It has a good flavor profile: peach, sweet, and little tingle of spice. It looks like you can buy a bottle or 10 pounds.
  6. These are awesome. The old lady bought one. We love it.
  7. I jumped on this deal too. The bag was heavy. It was also dirty as cschaaf points out. I believe this is due to the material of the bag. I haven't tried it yet. I'll give it a try when I'm done with my current bag of KJ lump.
  8. You can call me an idiot, but I have always left my smoker alone. Stick burner, cheapo pellet pooper, and now kamado. I will attempt to cook on days that I'm around the house more. However, that isn't always the case. I need my beauty rest too. I'll never stay up all night for a cook.
  9. I've seen a black one locally. Probably at my local Ace hardware. I guess it was old stock. Where are you located?
  10. Shoulders are $.88/pound at Houston area Krogers. I picked up a couple.
  11. I agree with ckreef. Temp is really all to worry about.
  12. Philpom---were the ash tool and grate grabber thrown in. The description that i look at only included the main grates. Product DescriptionThe Primo Extra Large Round Charcoal Smoker Grill is the ultimate outdoor ceramic cooker and smoker. This Extra-Large Round BBQ Smoker Grill is the biggest ceramic cooker on the market today. Its round design offers all of the cooking space that you need. Standard Grill Features: Cast-Iron Chimney Vent, Precision Thermometer, Easy Lift and Lock Hinge System, Soft-Close Felt Gasket, Quick-Clean Porcelain Cooking Grid, User Manual/ Recipe Book -- Dimensions in inches (H x W x D): 28 x 21 x 30 - Cooking Surface: 400 Square Inches 18-3/4 d by 25 w (with Rack Extensions: up to 680 Square Inches They claim to be the "biggest ceramic cooker on the market today". From looking at the specs, the Big Joe seems bigger. Am I missing something?
  13. I had an el cheapo Masterbuilt from Sam's. I liked it, but it is very cheaply made. After about 4 years, the connector to the heating element rusted out. I replaced that. I believe the heating element recently went out. I just haven't had time to deal with it. I'm thinking of another pellet smoker. This is a timely discussion for me.
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