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  1. Let's say I want to grill wings or chicken legs. Is there a basket that goes on the joetisserie that rotates to cook the chicken evenly?
  2. wtd03

    Doing a wood only cook?

    Lol i guess I did Silly me
  3. wtd03

    Doing a wood only cook?

    Being around a family that smokes meat for thanksgiving i saw that they only used hardwood for fuel, there were no charcoal briquettes or even lump being used. This resulted in a very campfire smell and the meat tasted delicious. Question is such a thing possible on a joe? I know joe holds temp alot better than a grill. They used straight pecan and oak woodn
  4. From my understanding it fits better with the older versions(pre 2017) of the big joe
  5. Where can I go to find out on a weekly basis if it hasnt released yet?
  6. wtd03

    How to tell which version Big Joe I have

    So that brings me to my next question. How do I identify the updated joetisserie? a grill store near me said they had them in stock so when I go to the store what am i looking for
  7. wtd03

    How to tell which version Big Joe I have

    I bought it from a costco roadshow back in september 2015
  8. I am looking to get the Joe Tisserrie soon but wanted to know which version Big Joe I had since I read some people are having issues with the older models working with the JT
  9. wtd03

    Anyone do a wood only smoke with their Joe?

    This is the 2016 version lol I think I may try it out since I have a temperature controller on my Big Joe. Ill post results soon Well if it is just that simple then why dont pit bbq guys just use lump charcoal instead of full logs of wood? Its not the same IMO.
  10. If so what are so tips that you have or how do you do it? I want a like a pit bbq flavor with my meat and I know those pit bbq guys in georgia and florida use no charcoal just wood only and the food is excellent.
  11. wtd03

    Easiest way to transport a Big Joe

    Ok so the minivan should work. What about getting it out for those that put the box in the van? Did you have a forklift type device to get it out of the van or just a bunch of help. Im afraid I may be moving this by myself when I get home. I have a refrigerator dolly at home so hopefully I can put it on there to get it into the backyard
  12. Can these things fit in a minivan or a prius? Im going to get one from a costco roadshow but will need to find a way to get it home. Is a box truck with a ramp nccessary or is that overkill
  13. wtd03

    Scored big at the KJ roadshow In Houston, TX

    1030 am store opened at 930am on Saturday.i was an hour late.
  14. wtd03

    A few questions about KJ Roadshows at Costco

    If you are unsuccessful in jax i would try Tallahassee on jan 15th. That big joe joe jr combo cannot be beat. You have to be the first one there to get it though
  15. wtd03

    Scored big at the KJ roadshow In Houston, TX

    Great score man. So you all drove from Louisiana? I went to the Costco in sugarland but i got there too late. I will wait until the pearland show at the end of the month. I want this demo deal