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  1. came with the accessories, its what i really wanted ,so i figured get the one you want and have no regrets
  2. thanks guys looking to learn a lot from the group and appreciate any advice
  3. i just bought a Kamado Joe classic today from St Louis BBQ should be delivered by the weekend. Any idea on a few first things to grill to learn what im doing?
  4. im ready to buy a kamdo this week my choices locally are vision pro s $699 from home depot or kamado joe classic $999 from local dealer, is the kamado joe $300 better or will they both produce the same quality cooking experience? any advice would be appreciated.
  5. I just got a vision classic p off craigslist new for $80 and it is my entry into the kamado world.I'm wondering if anyone has made a diffuser for indirect cooking and smoking or where i could purchase such an item ?
  6. ok thanks guys i guess the joe jr is not an option.
  7. thinking of getting a joe jr and was curious how big of turkey or brisket could be cooked on one? any help would be appreciated. thanks
  8. hello im interested in getting a kamado style grill and looking for advice,i will be cooking for mostly 2 people sometimes maybe 4 so i dont need anything huge, im wanting a ceramic grill and was thinking maybe a kamado joe jr or something similar any advice pro or con or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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