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  1. Did you open the top to peep? Whenever I do a low-and-slow, like today cooking up some beef short ribs, I bring the temp up to about 185 and then place the meat on the grill, watching the grill temp rise and when I'm about 25 degrees short of target I then start to manipulate the vents. When you open the top you introduce a LOT of oxygen - and oxygen will cause the rise - So pro-tip of the day: Put your meat on early, use the vents to adjust, and don't open the top. I've been hovering at 270 for an hour now. Desired temp is 250 but I'm not going to quibble over a few degrees... I'm leaving it alone and watching a game.
  2. Go for it Pesto - just do - the - do... low and slow for 4-5 hours and cook the meat to 202, rest it, and enjoy. You'll thank me later.
  3. I've been buying bacon at the local grocery at the meat counter - monster slices very thick triple smoked... look a lot like what you sliced up. Wife brought home some standard store-bought shrink-wrapped junk the other day and I almost filed for divorce.
  4. This is one of my fave cooks too. I generally cook at around 225 lying them bone-down for 3 hours, then placing them in an aluminum pan meat-down with some water/salt/etc and cover that for another hour, then place them back on the grill bone-down for the last hour or when the meat reaches 202 degrees. Take them off, wrap them individually and place them in a paper bag for at least 30 minutes. These things are heavenly.
  5. I'd buy 2 Akorns with that money... The way I figure it is I've had my current Akorn for about 4 years now and it shows no sign of wear. If I can get another 4 years out of it then that's 8 total. Stay with me now... so if I could buy 2 more that would be an additional 16 years worth. I figure I got 5, maybe 7 good years left on me, so I'd come out way ahead...
  6. So the wife is out of town, I'm on parole so to speak, and picked up a couple of steaks for me and the boy. I should say 'young-man'... I was itching to eat but he had downed a burger earlier and wasn't ready... When he finally crawled out of his room ( ya'll can relate right? ) I saw him fumbling with trying to get the grill ready. I assisted and made suggestions... After years of trying to teach the lad I had the perfect opportunity - and now the boy has emerged into a grill-master with perfectly 'x'ed steak marks. I suppose I can go ahead and die-off now that he knows how to operate the grill. This summer my nephew is visiting for 10 days. I know damn good and well his momma has ruined the boy, however I plan on returning a man... it's all we can do right?
  7. So I had a camping trip coming up and fashioned a flower pot to be my 'grill'. By using the smaller grill-grate it fit perfect, but it did crack on me... and alas I dropped the damn thing and it broke. So for $2.49 I bought another, and this time lined it with tin foil.. this pot had 3 holes already bored into the sides for airflow so I used a pencil to open up the holes through the foil... picked it up at Home Depot. Took it camping - fired it up - and it worked like a CHAMP - best hot-dog I ever ate..!! So if you are in a pinch and want to do this I say go for it - you're not gonna roast a BUTT on the thing or a big T-Bone but for a dog or a burger it's fantastic.
  8. The crack is small, hairline on the inside - may put some JB Weld on it... if I can get 2 burgers over 2 nights out of it I will consider it a success and a bargain.
  9. Trying to solve a camping cook out scenario... We all know that camp sites have stupid grills - So I went online and saw how people got a clay pot, and used that. I found one that had some cute holes in the sides ( excellent!! ) and tried it out. Everything was swell but I see the damn thing cracked... Am I foiled ?
  10. I agree that anything BGE screams of weight and fragile. Going to look at one to get an idea on size, I need something small enough to travel with - I'm the only meat eater so cook-space isn't an issue.
  11. Update - pix may follow - Cooked up another batch for me and my son - These are fast becoming a favorite cook for me... damn they are good.
  12. So I just plopped down $6,200 for a cool camper - now I need accessories - I have the JR but after thinking about it, even the JR is a bit too big and bulky to haul around... Anyone seen a Kamado that is smaller, less heavy, easier to manage than the JR ?..
  13. Picked up 2 packs of beef short ribs - Salt/Pepper/Olive oil - Grill temp 217-230 for 2 hours. Put them in a pan of water, salt, pepper, mushrooms, garlic slivers, tin foil covered and back on grill for 1.5 hours. Took them out back onto the grill another hour or so until they reached a temp of 202. Pulled and wrapped for over an hour. Of those that were not at 202 I moved directly over the coals, opened up the vents, and started to clean the kitchen. About 15 minutes later to my horror I noticed a lot of smoke and opened up to flames - big-time - enveloping the ribs. Not even checking temp I wrapped them... all charred up and figured what the hell I'll give them a whirl. Both batches turned out great - the charred ones weren't bad at all - think I'll go for the charred types next time but perhaps back off a hair - Dudes from Argentina were visiting - and we know how those dudes in Argentina are into their beef - They applauded a job well done... No pix - they didn't last that long LOL...
  14. In all my years I've only found 2 stones in the bags - and most of the pieces were of decent size.
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