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  1. The holy grail ( 225 ) for hours on end is in my opinion very difficult to achieve - a minimum of 225 up to a max of 270 should be easy to work with and the results will be fine. One thing you may do is get some JB Weld sealant and seal up the bottom vent, mine allowed a sheet of paper to slip through it and I was sure that's why I had a hard time initially. After sealing I got much better results. Another trick ( for me ) is once I get the coals started I put my meat on the grill. I don't wait for target temp and then open it up. I let the temp move up to target while the meat is on there. Opening the grill will cause an influx of oxygen and the temps will dance all over the place. I generally make 1 pile and slip 3/4 cube into it. Before it totally burns out I put the meat on and close the lid and set vents about half way and watch how fast the temp rises... if it holds steady then I leave it alone... moving up quickly I close them down 50% more etc. Very few people are able to obtain a 225-250 temp and have it set there all day... Somehow I can obtain the 325-350 mark with reliability pretty easy but the holy-grail of 225-250 is a bit harder to work with. Poor pitiful us... our major distractions in life is keeping perfect cooking temps... LOL
  2. Man I was glad to see Arrogant Aaron get beat... time for him and Baby Brady and Matty ( Melted Ice ) Ryan and BendOver Roth to get out of the way and let a new generation emerge... this is going to be a great Super Bowl. I was in S.F. Bay area when all I heard was Montana-to-Rice... Montana-to-Rice... it was glorious then and it's nice to see the Niners in the big-dance again... also happy to see Andy Reid there and hope he gets a well deserved ring. Meanwhile I'm eyeing my next rack of ribs for the day as well...
  3. I once threw a frozen pizza on mine after mostly cooking it in the oven to crisp it up - Tasted yummy.
  4. I cook mine as low as I can go for 2 hours, then insert them in an aluminum pan add a little water/salt/pepper and cover them for another hour then back onto the grill until they hit 202... then wrap them and put 'em in a paper bag for a good 20-30 minutes... after that it's every man for himself.
  5. 78 Degrees outside... Chiefs kicked butt, Niners kicked butt... these ribs kicked butt... I'm going to be torn between the Chiefs or the Niners on Feb 2 but a repeat of this 3-2-1 cook will cause no second thoughts.
  6. I think we all can give a salute and special thanks to John Setzler for his dedication to this craft. I've read and studied many of his posts and without them my cooks wouldn't have been as great. So here's a salute with spatula in hand to John Setzler.
  7. To answer your title question: What's better than bacon..? I submitted the question to a mainframe computer with 9000 gigawatts of power and after several hours of computations the computer answered: More Bacon
  8. Chops and Chicken... Cooked a Chop and a Chicken breast... Both were smaller, thinner than I like but they actually tasted pretty good. The Chop:
  9. This is the second time I've used this word to describe you cook: Dude
  10. My wife doesn't eat meat so it's all up to me... poor pitiful me... I'm salivating looking at the pictures - very nicely done...
  11. Overpriced for sure - cooked up some of the chicken for home-made-tamales ( all day affair ) and the chicken seemed dry and rubbery. Cooked up 2 Filet's today, they actually weren't bad... probably not worth the price but they were very tasty.
  12. Cooked up 4 burgers and the dogs... The dogs were better than the burgers .. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate the burgers a 5... fatty, greasy, nothing to write home about. I suspect the rest of the 'stuff' will be the same.. will update.
  13. So someone shipped me an order of Omaha Steaks... Looks like some Filets, burgers, chicken, dogs, assortment of other things... Anyone cooked any of these things before?... should I just cook and give to the pups?
  14. I've cooked Tri-Tip with coffee ground rub and it works - should work on a Prime Rib too...
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