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  1. Man this is good stuff - for those not into Thai or Indian foods they are the best - I like to slap NAAN Bread onto the hot grill too - excellent way to heat them up.... Looks like Basmati Rice too am I wrong?
  2. I used a Plastering Spatula to clean my gunk, spin the top, repeat.. worked like a champ.
  3. I do not concur with one of the post tips... that is to get your temp where you want it and stable before adding meats. Once the fire is out from lighting the coals and WAY BEFORE the temp is where I want it I add the meats. Reason being is by the time you open up, put the meats on, get everything right and close the lid the amount of oxygen can send your coals into all manner of tailspins - mostly much hotter than you want. Put the meat on before desired temp and THEN adjust vents to desired temp... Also: If you're looking you ain't cookin... get a good therm system going ( redi-check etc ) and use it.
  4. What's a clamp? I think I read some story in Playboy once about clamps and tie-downs but that's not what I have in mind, and at my age it would be useless anyway. I don't work anymore but the wife does, now she works from home, which makes things difficult for me. I can't run the vacuum anytime I want, and have to be careful about putting away laundry while she is on video-conference... hell I have to be careful when I flush too... this thing is putting a real strain on things here. I can't slip away to the casino anymore either or go see my secret girlfriend... I guess she can't go see her secret girlfriend either LOL... I suppose this is a preview of coming attractions when she retires too... wonder if I should leave now or then. Guess I better wait till I can get medicare first, that is if I survive this damn thing. Puts things into perspective... To you and yours, and everyone on board - everyone be safe because nobody is... this thing is scary.
  5. I dumped some stock holdings prior to this recent crash, and along with my Stimulus check I'm going to build out a grill area... pavers, wood beams, slant tin-roof, etc and I want to build out a table to hold (insert into) my Kamado and the Junior... I want spaces to hold my coal and cooking accessories and hooks to hold flippers and tongs... may even go fancy and by some nice tile for the top. The space is going to be 8 foot wide by 7 feet deep. What is the hole size for each that I should shoot for. How much 'back-clearance' should I allow for opening the hood. Full disclosure: I won't be building jack, I'll be holding pieces of wood and hauling stuff while my wife does all the real work, she can design, build, etc better than most and better than I can dream of for sure.
  6. Like anything in the world there are better and worse products. For the price I think Royal Oak is pretty darn good and I've been using it for years. In general I find it very consistent and for the price it can't be beat. If I were super rich I'd go with high-end stuff like Fogo but honestly for daily use I trust Royal.
  7. Depending on what I'm cooking, after the fire is out and the coals are getting hotter I put my food of choice on the grill and let the temp rise towards the desired temp and then tamper down the vents. Usually do the tampering around the half-way-mark of desired temp. I never take the grill to desired temp and then open it to put on the food(s) as the oxygen will engulf the coals and you can get whacky temp results. Bring the temp up 1/2 of 2/3 of the way, apply the foods, close that lid and don't open it, and adjust the vents down ..
  8. Right around the corner from you - Ahwatukee..
  9. Reminded myself to post as I picked up a bag for $9.87 today - good price, I think Home Depot charges like $12.00+
  10. The holy grail ( 225 ) for hours on end is in my opinion very difficult to achieve - a minimum of 225 up to a max of 270 should be easy to work with and the results will be fine. One thing you may do is get some JB Weld sealant and seal up the bottom vent, mine allowed a sheet of paper to slip through it and I was sure that's why I had a hard time initially. After sealing I got much better results. Another trick ( for me ) is once I get the coals started I put my meat on the grill. I don't wait for target temp and then open it up. I let the temp move up to target while the meat is on there. Opening the grill will cause an influx of oxygen and the temps will dance all over the place. I generally make 1 pile and slip 3/4 cube into it. Before it totally burns out I put the meat on and close the lid and set vents about half way and watch how fast the temp rises... if it holds steady then I leave it alone... moving up quickly I close them down 50% more etc. Very few people are able to obtain a 225-250 temp and have it set there all day... Somehow I can obtain the 325-350 mark with reliability pretty easy but the holy-grail of 225-250 is a bit harder to work with. Poor pitiful us... our major distractions in life is keeping perfect cooking temps... LOL
  11. Man I was glad to see Arrogant Aaron get beat... time for him and Baby Brady and Matty ( Melted Ice ) Ryan and BendOver Roth to get out of the way and let a new generation emerge... this is going to be a great Super Bowl. I was in S.F. Bay area when all I heard was Montana-to-Rice... Montana-to-Rice... it was glorious then and it's nice to see the Niners in the big-dance again... also happy to see Andy Reid there and hope he gets a well deserved ring. Meanwhile I'm eyeing my next rack of ribs for the day as well...
  12. I once threw a frozen pizza on mine after mostly cooking it in the oven to crisp it up - Tasted yummy.
  13. I cook mine as low as I can go for 2 hours, then insert them in an aluminum pan add a little water/salt/pepper and cover them for another hour then back onto the grill until they hit 202... then wrap them and put 'em in a paper bag for a good 20-30 minutes... after that it's every man for himself.
  14. 78 Degrees outside... Chiefs kicked butt, Niners kicked butt... these ribs kicked butt... I'm going to be torn between the Chiefs or the Niners on Feb 2 but a repeat of this 3-2-1 cook will cause no second thoughts.
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