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  1. I concur re: the junior model. I have both and believe the Junior is easier to temp-control.
  2. Ha... I keep hoping to find a big hunk of gold in my bags - I still like Royal Oak and will continue to use it.
  3. My daughter received a BGE as a wedding present last June - damn nice little present if you ask me... Anyway they use it weekly ( or more ) and tonight while cooking up some Kabobs they lifted the dome and the damn thing fell off and cracked up all over the place. Luckily no person or pet was in harms way - I told her to get in touch with ( whoever ) and rip them a new one - damn thing isn't a year old and fell apart ?... Anybody hear of such a thing ?
  4. Ground Coffee ( the grisly remains ) makes for a nice rub on beef.
  5. So... tell us the final decision, and some pictures of the reveal please... inquiring minds want to know .!
  6. Gardien Meatless Meatballs - cook them right and they are very good.
  7. I have to concur, the fat-content is higher in Impossible Burger Meat than in 85-15 ground beef.
  8. I reckon push come to shove I grill daily... on average... sometimes twice a day be it a few quick dogs or a small burger before something better in the evening, so averaged out - at least once a day one of my grills gets fired up. Then again dead of winter here is about 60 degrees so there ya go... mid summer... 115+..
  9. Truth be told you ( nor your guests ) will 'taste' the difference between the more expensive vs the more reasonably priced kamado. But it appears as if you have the means to get whatever you want, and on that end I'd go with the BGE. Quality product no doubt and when coupled with FOGO you can't go wrong. For a lower class chump like me, the Char griller works like a champ, so much so that I deployed the Junior in the lineup as well... then built a world-class grill-hut around those two... actually my wife built it for me. Friends and family who are still using old-style grills ( and gasp...
  10. Blasphemy some may say - I say: I'll have another .!! The wife is vegan - so I picked some of this up as she has had one of these before at a fast-food-chain ( not to be mentioned ) and liked it. Formed 3 patties - threw them on the Akorn at about 425 degrees... cooked 3 minutes each side and pulled at 155. Package advises to cook to 160, a video I saw the dude pulled at 145... I went to 155 and they were great... If you handed me a real burger and this thing I would be hard pressed to tell you which was which. The things were bleeding... !!!
  11. That doesn't look too baaaaaaaaaaaad... ( couldn't resist ) Temps in upper 60's lower 70's at my house... last Thursday had to turn on A/C in the car....
  12. Hmmmm I'd rather pay a 'few' dollars more for the Akorn - looks very much like infringement -
  13. Yep... after I found some FOGO locally ( Ace Hardware of all places ) I had some Royal Oak so I mix it up a bit. The Royal Oak 'catches' a bit faster and feeds the FOGO... makes for a nice burn.
  14. Thinking about a roast of some sort to bring in the new year - wondering if a Rump or Eye of Round would be better - as well as cook hints/tips.
  15. It was 73 degrees on Sunday here - can't imagine living in that cold again - but if I had to... Canada would be the place -
  16. Ordered my ooni pro this evening... back ordered until April, but that will give me time to finish the outdoor kitchen scene for it anyway - can't wait to get cooking on it... pizza, bread, tika masala, naan bread.... ummmmm
  17. Cooking all day... pasta... tomorrow big roast... oh we made bread too ... it's a freezing 55 degrees here...
  18. The next day - yea - the flavors will reveal themselves ..
  19. Well they look good enough, would you do it again?
  20. So an upcoming project at home will be to build another outdoor cook area - and we've decided on a further addition to host a wood-fired-pizza-oven ( ooni pro )... I have visions of Chicken Tika Masala, Naan Bread, Sour Dough Bread, Pizza... etc I'd like to use one of those infared-temp-gun things but have no experience with them - so of course I go to the spot where I can get info... here .!!! Looking for the good/bad/ugly experiences you folks may have with them.
  21. Beef SHORT RIBS... Most excellent - come in a pack of 2-4 and a bit pricey If I recall I cook mine bone down for quite a while at around 225-250 or so... I suppose at least 2 hours. Then I put them in a small aluminum pan with some water, salt, pepper , whatever and cover that up with tin foil for another hour or so... Then I put them back on the grill until they hit about 205 degrees... Take them off, wrap them in foil, put them in a paper bag for about 30 minutes. When they come out right be prepared to fight for the last one, I usually ke
  22. No no no no.... not sure what planet that came from but 10 hours ?... no way... This is a 15 pounder I cooked this year -my notes advise it took 3 hours and 15 minutes cooking at around 325... which is my preferred temp for a bird this size. No need to foil it. No basting needed. All of this 'recipe' stuff is junk I never follow it... carbonated beverage?... no way. I only used the Royal Oak Lump, added no other 'chips' or 'wood chunks' to the burn and per noted above poultry takes on the smoke flavors very well. It turned out excellent, very very tasty. Bottom line.
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