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  1. I realized I'd forgotten to post this after posting about my frozen dome incident, so here you go. After hatching an evil plan to unfreeze my stuck lid on the Vision Classic B I was good to go. But I started late so I tried to make up for lost time and got the thing way too hot. I ended chasing the temp for a while until it finally settled around 250. Learn from my mistake and just let it come to temp slowly and be patient. In the end it would have been faster than trying to cool it down and stay there. Anyway, the massive 15 pound brisket (before trimming) hit the grate around 11pm and I het the sack around 2am. I felt confident that the meat was hitting the stall at 161 degrees. I woke up around 7 to find the fire had died and the meat was at 113 degrees. What else could go wrong? I rebuilt the fire and dug out the BBQ Guru I was too cocky to use in the first place and it held the temp at a perfect 225 all morning and afternoon. I took the brisket off at 200 degrees, double foil wrapped it, then wrapped that in a fleece blanket and popped into a cooler where it rested for 4 hours until we were ready to slice it. I've never done the last part of wrapping and cooler-ing before but I think it really helped as far as keeping it moist. The end result of all this was the tenderest, juiciest, most delicious brisket I've cooked so far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I don't know if you saw my post about the same problem. After trial and error I managed to get my electric starter coil thingy into the bottom vent and hoped for the best. It provided enough heat for the lid to open after about an hour. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Success! Now to heat soak the beast! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I have to get this Into this And I have no idea what to do. The gaskets seem frozen together. I managed to get the starter coil into the bottom vent to try to get some heat into it but I'm not optimistic. Any thoughts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I did a 12 pound turkey on the upper rack in my Classic B, with a foil cake pan under it with the Neck, water, etc to catch the drippings. Came out perfect. I didn't open the lid until it was done. The temp was around 275. Hope that helps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. My dogs do a great job of cleaning mine! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I bought a few Wusthof Pro knives to use in my vacation house and they are seriously outstanding. You can get them very low cost as well. http://www.williams-sonoma.com/m/products/wusthof-pro-7-piece-knife-block-set/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Looks wonderful! How long did it take to cook?
  9. I think maybe I will wrap them next time. They were a little bit drier than I would have liked when I served them the next day. Not too dry, but I wold have like them juicier. Anyway, they were still fantastic.
  10. Thanks. I'm not familiar with The Exies, but thanks to you I"m listening to them on Spotify and liking it al lot. Why did you ask?
  11. That's funny! Hey, if they don't all disappear at the party I know my kids will do them justice. Maybe if I'm lucky there will be a few left to take to work for lunch.
  12. Indirect. I used the lava stone that came with the kamado. I kept everything on the upper rack so they would all cook at the same temp. I was afraid if I put some on the lower rack they might get too much heat.
  13. No mop, no spray, no nuthin'. I seasoned with rub the night before and smoked them with hickory and apple chunks. I've always wrapped them after 3 hours and left them go another 2 in the foil, but I trusted the kamado to keep things moist and it didn't let me down.
  14. I've had it just over a year but somehow haven't made ribs in it yet. These are the best I've ever done. 6 racks of baby backs all on the upper rack. 5 hours at 225. No water pan and no foil wrap. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I've been looking for a sugar free alternative to the bottled stuff. This looks really good. I'm going to be doing baby backs in the kamado this weekend. I'll try this out. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Looks great! Next time take all the leftover marinade and simmer it in a small pot for a few minutes. then use that on the rice and chicken. It's awesome!
  17. I knew it would be easier to keep the heat from creeping too high with the deflector in place. I wanted to the chicken to be smoky, so I figured if it took longer than grilling it at a higher temp that would help.
  18. I start with this recipe but instead of white sugar I use brown sugar, and also I add 2 Tbs of cumin to it. Sometimes I use smoked paprika too. I use it on everything. Wild Willy's Wonderful RubThis great rub is a staple to many pitmasters. I first discovered it in the Smoke and Spice BBQ book, and have used it as a foundation for many great rubs. Printer Friendly 3/4 cup paprika 1/4 cup ground black pepper 1/4 cup salt 1/4 cup sugar 2 tablespoons chili powder 2 tablespoons garlic powder 2 tablespoons onion powder 2 teaspoons cayenne Mix it all together in a bowl. I like to use a small wire whisk to make sure everything gets mixed very well. Store in an airtight container.
  19. My first attempt at spatchcocking was a complete success! I covered the chicken with my usual rub and cooked them at around 375, until the breast measured 165, with the heat deflector in place. I also added a couple of apple wood chunks to the lump charcoal. The skin was perfect and the meat was super tender and juicy with a great smoky taste. This might be the best chicken we've ever had. Thanks for your posts, pics and tips because I've so much from you all!
  20. Thanks everyone. I haven't cooked fish in the Kamado before so I opted to use the upper rack. Good choice. The fish was moist with great flavor and didn't stick to the rack at all.
  21. Yeah, that's right. I cooked fish and it was awesome! Basted with a glaze of 1/3c of butter, 2/3c brown sugar, 1T lemon juice and 1T Pinot Grigio. I was. Served it like like this at Taku Glacier Lodge in Alaska years ago. Mine is close, but no glacier.
  22. I just made zoodles the other day to have with grilled chicken and pesto. I used a mandolin and they came out great, but I think I over cooked them. There was a lot of water in the pan and the were a bit mushy. I wasn't reminded of pasta in the least, but that was ok because I still liked the overall dish a lot and no carbs! I'm doing WW so this was a nice way to stay within my points.
  23. That is most likely a set up issue. What temp? Did you have the deflector in place? Did you keep an air gap between the deflector and pizza stone (this is the key for me)? If its none of those things, it might be too much sugar in your dough. Hope that helps! I didn't use the deflector. I think that's a big part of it. As I look at other peoples pics I now notice every one has a deflector in place. My grill has an upper and lower rack, so I did place the pizza stone on the upper rack, but I guess it was too much direct heat. With the deflector in place, there would be a nice gap between it and the pizza stone. If your dough was from scratch, did you make it a day ahead? Mine was was the 2-3 hour type.
  24. That all looks beyond perfect. I recently tried but mine got burned on the bottom before the top even browned. I'm jealous!
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