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  1. I make a dish a lot like this with mango. Serve over pineapple fried rice. A garnish of chopped cilantro would be a nice touch.
  2. First special cook in my new/used KJ Classic was a huge success. I frenched the racks of pork and cleaned up the excess fat/silverskin. Brined for 8 hours in a simple apple juice based brine with some fresh thyme and sage. Then I pat it dry and rubbed it down with a thick paste made of dijon mustard, fresh rosemary, fresh garlic, toasted ground black pepper and a lil olive oil. This wet rub sat on the roast over night. Fired up the KJ and dialed in at 225* The roast spent three hours over KJ lump and a few chunks of cherry wood. At 150*IT I pulled the roast and blasted the KJ to 450* to set the crust and get the color I wanted. For this brief portion of the cook I put a mat of heavy duty foil under the roast to minimize burning on the bottom of the roast. Caramelization was quick and I pulled the roast at a final temp of 157*. She carried to 163* and I removed the foil hats. Carved into it about 1.5 hours later. Unfortunately the party it was intended for was 45 min away and we were getting there early to help setup so the early finish/long wait was not my choice. I happen to own a Carlisle insulated carrier so i stored the rack in there with the mashed potatoes I took as well. Delightfully both dishes were still warm when it was time to eat. Foolishly I didn't get any pics of it carved/displayed. But the rack was gone very quickly and I received compliments all night long.... "best pork I've ever eaten" "it so tender, tastes like meat but feels like butter in my mouth" "how do you keep it so moist"
  3. And here is my big boy. It's a Lang knock off with a few modifications. Cooks like a champ.
  4. So here is the KJ Classic I just picked up gently used on Craigslist. $350. Did a quick test cook of some chicken breasts for the wife's lunch at work. Cooked just as my egg did only with the huge benefit of now having a heat deflector. I also included a shot of the vintage Kamado I picked up at a consignment store a few months ago for $75. Probably paid to much for it since it has a cracked firebox. But I got caught up in the moment. I have it listed For Sale on Craigslist.
  5. Currently using Thermoworks products. I have a DOT for the house and two Chef Alarms for the grills/smokers. Usually use one for pit temp and the other for internal temp. I dont remember which model number it is but I have a Thermoworks instant read as well for quick probing in areas of the meat that the corded probe cant monitor. Have had great results with these very accurate thermometers. Only complaint is probe sensitivity to water, kinda stupid that they cant be submerged when cleaning. But Thermoworks stepped up big time and replaced three probes ruined by my carelessness.
  6. I have a buddy who works at Costco in Stockton, CA. He said the Kamado Joes are there at the moment.... Waiting to hear back on the specific models and accessories being sold...... Just and FYI
  7. Guess I need to go read his methodology. Im glad it was successful.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome. Very excited to pick up the KJ on Saturday. And thanks to Robb Walters for the invite and encouragement.
  9. Perfect way to cook a bird. Only way I cook a whole bird anymore. Aides immensely in an even cook between dark and white meat.
  10. Nicely done. I love that you left the juicy rib meat on them
  11. Fantastic write up. Very thorough. Looks delicious. I personally would not trim so much off. Prime rib is not prime rib without that extra fat. One big question.... What was the reasoning for no resting period? I understand there will be some rest while boosting grill temp for the sear... But 600* for 20 minutes definitely tightens up the proteins and stimulates the fluids moving throughout the meat. I have always been under the impression the rest is to allow those two processes to stop before cutting into your hard work. Thanks again Just my $0.02
  12. Sold my small BGE last week. Picking up a KJ Classic on Saturday. Simply needed more cooking space. Looking forward to being a member here.
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