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  1. Great info, wish I had read this earlier. Still trying to figure out how the top and bottom dampers affect my temps. I also made the mistake last night when cooking some Pork butt not getting enough lump burning. Temp hovered around 180-200 all night no matter what I did. Finally got it up to 250 in the AM by stirring some lump around. This afternoon I set the lower damper to 1 on the CGK and adjusting the upper damper after ensuring all the lump is on fire :twisted: . Anyway seems to be working. Hopefully won't have the crazy winds today here in Texas like yesterday.
  2. I'm with you Norman, I put heavy duty foil on mine as well. Let's see how she looks in 6 months. Sure is a lot easier to clean with the foil in there.
  3. So as far as the lower vent goes, I went to Wal-Mart and bought some black RTV High Temp Sealant (in the auto parts section), and ran a bead all around the vent and put it back on. Seemed to seal it pretty well. As far as recipes, I put up a post on Low and Slow regarding my 1st brisket. Came out extremely well, working on a Pork Butt tonight, see how it comes out. Patience with these guys is definitely in order. Here in Texas winds are blowing about 40-50 mph but have managed to get the CGK to about 235 - 240 consistently (only took me a couple of hours, still learning). Everyone on these boards are pretty helpful and lots of great ideas. Check out John's videos on his blog http://bbq.setzler.net/.
  4. Welcome PDXKW. My 1st Kamado too and I've been very happy so far. Great place to learn how to use your CGK. John's videos are great. BTW you work for the airline? I noticed you used airport code in your username. I used to work for AA, laid myself off before things went downhill.
  5. Thanks djbiv, was a little nerve racking. I attribute some of the success to my military background. I tend to follow directions pretty closely and Johns videos and explanations helped a ton! This forum is also a GREAT place to learn. I am starting to spend waaay too much time in the supermarket meat departments theses days. BTW, I also have smoked some asparagus when I was shutting down the brisket. Talk about tasty, going to try some more vegetables on this as well. These Kamados are a whole new world of cooking for me, having a lot of fun learning from you guys.
  6. Thomas, I'm a bbq/smoking idiot. I watched Johns videos, followed them to a tee and played with the temp. I was completely surprised how well it came out. You will do just great!!! Good luck and enjoy some great meat tomorrow. Rob
  7. BBQ, It was about 2 lbs of lump, Royal Oak, of which maybe less than half burned down. I'm using the rest tonight doing some pork butt. These Kamado grills are crazy efficient. I've gone through 1 1/2 8 lb bags of lump charcoal in about a month but I'v cooked a chicken, 10 lbs of brisket about a dozen burgers and at least 8 or so various steaks. This also included initial seasoning and accidentally leaving it going over night once because I didn't close the top vent completely. Was working from home after cooking some burgers night before. Walked outside to take a break and was wondering who was grilling something at 2 in the afternoon... Looked at the temp gauge on my CGK and noticed it was reading around 200 degrees. Realized I didn't close the top vent completely, didn't have some meat on hand to slap it on so I just shut it down.
  8. Thanks!! My 1st experiment. I was working from home that day, couldn't do that on a normal weekday so I like the 1.5 hrs at 350. Going to pull the other chicken out of the fridge and give it a shot.
  9. Well a few days after getting my CGK I cooked my 1st chicken. Again, I'm am grilling/smoking novice so I spent twice as much time researching as I did actually cooking the chicken. All we used was some simple poultry seasoning and some soaked Mesquite chips. Cooked it at 275 for about 4 hours. I'm going to try and do it a little slower and longer next time. And the result.... Well my daughter was done with her chicken before we all got to the table... Before they attacked it. Once more before it is gone.
  10. Steve, Welcome to the boards, I'm W. of you in Fort Worth. Since you are in the metroplex check out Central Market. They have THE BEST meat, but pretty pricey. They have a lot of specials so I just go buy whatever is on sale, never been disappointed. Sams and Costco are my normal stops for any specific meats.
  11. Thanks, was a lot of fun, wish I had pics though. Cooking on these style of grills is quite a departure for me and a great learning experience. We are down I35 just S. of Alliance airport (20 miles or so). In Texas that about makes us neighbors.
  12. This weekend I smoked my 1st Brisket!!! Never had the equip or patience to do something like that. Didn't take pictures because the family tore into it before I could grab a camera but going for another run his weekend. Here is a brief synopsis of Saturday/Sunday 8:300 Saturday night, got home from dinner celebrating the twins 19th birthday . Trimmed 10lb brisket we purchased day before. Took fat down to 1/4 of an inch and hit youtube/this forum for tips. 8:30pm. Got a couple of aluminum trays full of water and setup CGA for indirect cooking (put heavy duty tin foil on the secondary charcoal grate that John recommended http://bbq.setzler.net/2012/03/02/char-griller-kamado-grill-review-part-1/ and placed both water trays on that). 9:00pm. Dumped a quarter of a container of Paul Purdome's meat magic on the brisket 11:30pm, after 2 hours and 4 beers got the CGA's temp steady at 250. For me really tough trying to figure out what the top and bottom vents should be. Made notes, should be much easier next time. 11:45pm. Dropped mesquite chips on the coals and laid down the brisket (after 1 beer). Midnight, Went to sleep wondering how tough the jerky would be tomorrow. 5:00am, woke up, debated whether I should get up and check the CGA... Temp on my wireless thermometer next to the alarm clock read 255, ahh back to bed. 7:00am. Got up to make kids and our exchange student guest from Japan breakfast. Water trays almost completely dry but meat looks like real barbecue. Filling trays back up with some water. Meat temp 185. 9:30am Meat temp at 195, took brisket off grill and wrapped in heavy duty foil, shut down all the vents on the CGA and put newly insulated brisket back on the CGA. 12:30pm Pulled the aluminum swaddled meat from the grill, dying to see if this was a epic failure or not. Still pretty warm, at least 120 degrees. Opened up the tin foil expecting something that looks like mid summer Arizona roadkill. Hmm Nozimi (our Japanese guest) says it looks yummy. I cut a little piece off for her, she asks me if this is barbecue???? I say well if it tastes ok, yes it is. She says this is the best meat she's ever had. I wonder is she is confused... 12:40pm Kids start to gather around my cutting board, starting to look like a scene from Lord of the Flies, they begin pulling pieces of meat off my cutting board. 12:50pm I beat them back with promises of plates and corn. I take a few pieces... Hmm tastes like real barbecue. 1:15pm At least half of my brisket is gone.... Girls ask me to vacuum seal some so they can take some back to school with them when they leave.... How small a bag can i pack them and not look like a jerk. 1:30pm Wife tells me she is liking this grill experiment thing. Summary - Came out great, much much better than I ever expected. Did a LOT of reading about what I should do and how to do it. Having the right tools makes it sooooo much easier. I bought and used BOTH thermometers John mentioned in his posts. I learned with these Kamado grills getting the temps steady takes a little work, not as easy as you think the 1st time around. Since then I've managed to get my CGA steady at 250 in about 30 mins with little "tuning" I suggest you keep notes on where temps are and what your vents are set to. Ultimately, patience is the key. I'm used to firing up the propane grill and burning something. While that is convenient, not quite as tasty. A little planning goes a long long way to a great meal (yes I know everyone else knows that). Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post some bit of knowledge and how to's and especially John for taking the time to put this community together. These forums are a great resource for ideas, tips and general knowledge about grilling. I think this is going to be a great and tasty summer!!!
  13. Well, now add smoking and grilling. College football (Boomer Sooner), video games, and our kids (2 sets of twins, 19- junior Sooners and 13 soon to be Sooners). I'm an IT consultant so I'm working on somebody's computer or setting up a website or 3 on the side for fun.
  14. RobS

    Twitter name

    @Robsanchez and @ohsopinteresting. I mostly tweet political/libertarian stuff, sorry but keep the govt out of my business...
  15. Welcome Husky, Whole new world of cooking outside for me. Family has been very happy with the results so far. I have never been able to cook a juicy medium done steak till I bought my CGK. Have a chicken on the grill right now, let's see how it's goes.
  16. Congrats, I'm have fun cooking with my Akorn. Learning a lot thanks to John and everyone on these forums.
  17. Was able to get here if I keyed in the URL in my browser window. Images are limited to 900x900 pixels. I think phpBB intentionally mangled your URL, it is missing an open bracket right after .jpg. Good looking ribs.
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