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  1. Love pizza on the keg, using a BGE plate setter upside down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. man that looks good. I love ordering great dry aged meats through work. I should do it myself!
  3. Just brought home a bag of El Diablo, ordered through my restaurant, $33 for 40 lbs! big bang for buck
  4. sorry super late reply. Any root vegetables are fantastic. I usually do with fat of some sort, than finish in a screaming hot pan or on the grill. Time depends all on the size you cut them. Usually set pretty high like 80 degrees!
  5. How do I navigate to posts that i started or posted in from the home screen?
  6. ya I'm sure most of the charcoal starts as nice size pieces, its just a matter of shipping like a bag of ####ty potato chips! ill try one new this weekend and ill keep ya posted!
  7. I usually use dragons breath but my last two bags have had a stupid amount small useless pieces in it like it got tossed around during shipping. what are some favourites? Im in calgary canada
  8. Im going to be cold smoking some beef tenders on the keg tonight, I want to get a good hour or two smoke. my plan is to load in some wood chunks, chimney start a couple pieces of coal and add them in, put in a plate setter and a bucket of ice to absorb any heat. hoping to keep the temp around 80, any tips or tricks anyones found doing cold smoking??
  9. I hadn't closed the lid in the first pic yet! turned out great
  10. love my sous vide, I own a poly science. I love cooking the meat to temp and than just a cast iron sear and vegetables are the next level
  11. this thing is a beast, ill post a pic tomorrow, i just threw it on, its midnight mountain time. as per advice by all of you guys. Im excited and hope it works! but nervous so I'm not sure sleep will happen.
  12. Im excited! Hosting a taco party for a bunch of old friends! Pics to come, hopefully successful ones. So im gonna aim for 225 midnight start, hopefully his about 200 internal by late afternoon and move to a cooler!
  13. Midnight I will try. Set an alarm for 6 and see what it looks like temp wise than go back to sleep!
  14. I haven't opened it but I'm pretty sure it's one, can verify tonight! It does have some brown sugar sugar in it I don't wanna burn it!
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