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  1. Thanks mate. Did it indirect to 55 degrees and then took it off and heated up the grill grates for a last blast. However, by that time I had had a couple of beers and lost concentration and forgot to remove the deflector...... Eventually did it and gave it a blast but a bit over cooked. Didn't matter as the steak was so fatty as there is a bit of room for error. You live and learn
  2. Wizards I just picked up some grill grates to use on my Saffire. I am cooking some 1 pound Scotch fillet steaks which are top grade I would normally reverse sear these but not sure if I need to using grill grates or just hit them for twice for 2 mins on each side then rest Pic of meat is here Any advice appreciated
  3. Have cooked a chicken and a nice piece of scotch fillet on it so far. Learning lessons as I go but loving it
  4. Ok. Just bought mine from Australia. It came with the stand, grill, deflector, side tables. This would be considered as a silver model. All stainless was 304 except the cart. I got an extra extender grill, chip feeder and ash tool as extras. The problem in Australia is that there are very few sellers available and there is shipping to Sydney so I grabbed the ash tool and chip feeder even though I was not sure if I needed them as it could include them in the shipping of the item
  5. Finally have managed to get my Saffire in Sydney, Australia. After a bit of huffing and puffing I have finally got it together and on the stand. Have to say I am impressed with the quality And some of the little features Can't wait to get going
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