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  1. I use these in my Vision with KAB, one for 225-275 deg, two for 300-375 and 3 for hamburgers. placed on top of charcoal I stand them up about 1/2 in charcoal. Vent open, lid up, Set timer for 10 min and check....maybe a few min more depending on how windy it is. This gives me a good start depending on my cook, low and slow ready in about a hour, hamburgers ready to cook 15-20 min.
  2. Unless the owners manual instructions say to oil the outside of the grill, I seriously doubt it's necessary. Sent from my Commodore 64
  3. .HEIC = High Efficiency Image File Format Maybe convert back to .jpeg Sent from my Commodore 64
  4. From TTT web site: Your TipTopTemp works by controlling the air flow to the fuel. Turn the knob to the desired temperature setting (refer to the chart below), matching the left hand side lip (see arrow below) to the setting you want. Light 4-6 charcoal briquettes completely and place them in the center of the charcoal grate. Pile 15-20 charcoal briquettes or equivalent lump charcoal around and on top of the 4-6 lit briquettes. Put the cooking rack in place and food on the cooking rack. Put the kettle lid on. CLOSE ALL THE VENTS AND OPEN THE TOP VENT FULLY. Remember: The TipTopTemp must be able to control all of the air flow. I leave the bottom vent on the Akron and Vision open about 1/2 inch. I have also taken steps to seal up any air leaks, so a unaltered cooker must have enough air leaks to fuel the coals. According to above instructions the bottom vent is to be closed. Sent from my Commodore 64
  5. Have you weighed the individual bags? Sent from my Commodore 64
  6. It's so slow that it takes 2 hours to send a message, 9 hours with a picture! Sent from my Commodore 64
  7. I got lucky today, found a older Maverick wireless with two probes for $6.00 at 2nd hand store today. From 2007 and batteries still work! I own the Smoke so I'll give this find to my son. Sent from my Commodore 64
  8. Nice looking grill! Sent from my Commodore 64
  9. Nice looking grips on the S&W! Sent from my Commodore 64
  10. Helpful hint, always lift the side tables of any Kamado before lighting the grill. The heat that radiates out and the close proximity of the wood tables in the down position will cause them to warp/cup and prematurely split. Sent from my Commodore 64
  11. It's internet law, you can only log on to a site 1,000,000 times in a lifetime. Apparently you're at 1,000,001. Sent from my Commodore 64
  12. "50 pounds is not that much....." ?? 50 pounds is a lot for just about anyone here, it would be a big deal to pull it off successfully. Hats off to the backyard cooks that do! Sent from my Commodore 64
  13. I will replace the absorber probably 4 times (every 1/4 of container) during the life of the spice. The Cayenne Pepper maybe 6 times, it last a lot longer, you don't use as much. Been doing this for many years. You learn to have everything ready as you quickly measure out what you need and reseal. Sent from my Commodore 64
  14. To keep spices fresh use oxygen absorbers (O2 causes oxidation/brake down of the spices) and 2 layers of clear wrap under the lid. You must keep O2 absorbers in sealed canning jar and limit the time they are exposed outside of the jar. To test if they are still good simply expose one to air and it should warm up slightly. Sent from my Commodore 64
  15. I always mist the salt with water 4 or 5 times stirring it around each time. Sent from my Commodore 64
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