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  1. Thanks again for your help. The restores posted in this forum is a treasure trove of knowledge. After I get the tiles reset this spring. I will look for another to restore In the summer. 10 degrees is not a good time to start one of these. Even with the space heater chugging along.
  2. Sorry for my lack of updates. Life gets in the way sometimes. Crazy busy at work, girlfriend banged up her knee, the weather, etc.. I did get the inside of pot refinished using Addertooths excellent tutorial at the beginning of the thread and help of all that commented and advised me on what to buy. Basically I expanded the cracks with an angle grinder and then applied DAP to the cracks. To finish it off I applied kiln cement that Marauders suggested. I cleaned the grill grates with a wire brush attachment and a drill. I tried to clean up the fire basket (I think thats what its called) and no luck on that so I will replace it. I did get enough of the gunk off to make it usable and will use it to see if fire can clean it. I need to attach the adhesive backing (gasket?) to base than I can get some fire in its belly. The tiles and finishing hardware will have to wait till spring when the weather is nicer and I have more time. I can't wait to start on it and will be back here asking more questions Before After
  3. Thanks Addertooth didn't even think of a space heater. I will look for the thinset you had pictured in your fix up and buy that, I think I found it on amazon. I will probably just end up replacing the fire basket if i make no headway the next time I try to clean it, already wasted way too much time on it. I did the fire grate using the method you described tonight, and either tomorrow or the day after I will turn on the space heater before I head to work and let it run a couple days after I apply the dap to let it set up.
  4. Had pretty good progress. I was able to get the top off, widened the cracks in the pot, and cleaned up the grill grate. I did not get to commit as much time as I would of liked but overall good progress. The wire fire basket is still caked with grime I've tried oven cleaner and elbow grease but I think it needs a drill and wire brush attachment. Thats on the agenda while i wait for it to warm up a bit. Addertooth the top thread is smaller than 3/4 the 10 threads per inch was right but I think maybe 1/2 inch? Not sure, will measure and post it up for your info. I have been dragging my feet on applying the dap, because the temperature in my garage is roughly 30-35 degrees. End of the week temp is predicted in the mid to upper 40s. I wasn't sure if its better to apply dap in warmer conditions or not? If it doesn't matter I can apply it tonight. As for the cracks on this, do I use the same method? Expand the cracks with grinder and than apply dap, or is it too thin? Not real sure best method of repair for these fine cracks. None of them go thru to the other side. Firemonkey on reseting the tiles. My plan is to put the permatex high-temp rtv silicone clear behind the loose tiles to attach them to the cooker, than trace the grout lines with permatex black silicon. Is that what you suggested? I live in IL so we do have temp fluctuations and moisture. Thank you all again for all the help.
  5. Still working on it the k3. I have had more trouble removing the top than I thought I would, the screw is rusted and grease encrusted, and just slow going applying oven cleaner and trying not to be too aggressive with it. On day 3 of soaking with oven clean the wire brush, than twisting the top until I get tired and/or frustrated. I have a drill wire brush going to give that a go in the next day or so. I got in the various caulks and concrete repair stuff addertooth, marauders, and fire monkey suggested so hopefully, chimney top willing, I can start in earnest.
  6. I did order the clear was able to cancel and did get x2 of the black. My tool guy was gone until after the first so I just bough a cheapy at menards. I'm hoping on starting this up over the holidays. I going to reread the restore threads again than get started.
  7. I'm trying to track down an right angle grinder. It being the holidays, people are visiting family so hopefully after I can start on crack.
  8. Thanks to you and Marauders for the answers. I'm going to run by menards today and see if they have anything I need in stock. I will see if I can track down an angle grinder, I think my buddy has one. By "Good quality product" would that be Dap or what Marauders is recommending. Also do you think I will need to cinch up the top with a strap after product is applied to the crack or is the tension provided by the stainless steel braces enough to help it set in the right position. Here is the list (so far see picture) I'm going to try and go by menards today and see what they have the rest I will order. Let me know if I'm missing any thing. Thanks to everyone for their patience with me while I try to get my ducks in a row.
  9. Thanks Marauders. Will ordered some up. What did you use to apply, a putty knife or some masonry tool? Still not real sure how to clean inside up. Its clean of major debris, but still has some residue. Do you just start some coals and let the fire clean? Everything Ive read that seems to be the answer.
  10. Thanks firemonkey. A lot of good information there. I will need to study tile a bit closer. I think that its about 50/50 attached and not attached to cooker. On the non attached the grout is still connecting the tile together, like a sheet of tile. Addertooth I look forward to your posting. I will go ahead and track down the Dap you used in your post. I know this will take multiple trips to the store but trying to get stuff but want to try to get most of it in one swoop.
  11. Thanks firemonkey, do I need to repair the inside lip before doing the tiles? Also do the loose tiles get removed than reattached or do I just try to backfill (not sure if proper word). I assume That Dap is what is needed for the inside lip and than refractory cement. Would it be worth coating the inside with a thin layer to catch any hairline cracks I don't see?
  12. on the tile or did you spot one on the inside i missed? So is it a k7? or k5? Any idea. The guy I got it from received it as a gift my guess is 10-15 years ago he didn't know any thing about it.
  13. Here is the pictures for the Kamado that was given to me. I know nothing of the make model or where to start so any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I also want to thank (I think ) Addertooth and Marauders for documenting their restores and sending me down this road. I forgot to take pictures of the inside but I cleaned it out and removed the old charcoal and a mouse nest. This is some of what I will need guidance on: 1. Make of the cooker 2. How to clean it up, so I can better assess if the inside of the cooker has any more cracks I'm just not seeing 3. Where to start with repairs 4. How to repair or what to replace (i.e. grates, tile, etc..) My main obstacles: 1. Christmas Time 2. I live in the middle of nowhere, drive to town is 15 mins, but there is a menards, walmart, and a small ace hardware store. I have no problem doing this if tool or whatever is need. 3. Time I have limited time once January and will have to probably put project on hold until late April or early May 4. If local stores don't carry I will have to out source to the internet, which is no issue other than time getting in the stuff 5. Lack of tools, I have fairly handy neighbors with about any tool I need though. I placed pictures in spoiler to minimize this posts footprint I will be on and off here because of work, but I will check frequently see if any tips or advice shows up. Thanks again in advance, really enjoying reading thru the site. So much great info here.
  14. I think my restore will be a walk in a park compared to what you went thru Addertooth. I'll try to get pictures up today but 'tis the season I have a holiday party tonight, really depends how merry I get.
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