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  1. This Christmas I was thinking I would try a Porchetta. I have watched several videos and things look straight forward for preparing the pork belly. I was wondering about a drip pan while rotissereing the porchetta? I have done pork belly in other forms and have always used a drip pan to keep the grease from the fire, but I have not seen any examples in the videos of someone using a drip pan? Also, if anyone has any other advice on a Porchetta please share!
  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation for the Wok Shop. I picked up an 18" Carbon Steel for my Big Joe. I need to find a better way to keep from burning my arm though.
  3. I have found mixing RO and KJBB works really well. I place the smaller RO at the bottom, and put the large Big Block chunks on top and use my Luftlighter on the RO. I find the RO get hot faster but after 20-40m the Big Block is usually going nicely. When I reuse the charcoal, pieces larger than my fist are set aside and placed back on top of the RO when I start my next fire.
  4. I cut back to a single chipotle, and it was rather hot, but after it sat over night in the fridge, the left overs were amazing!
  5. Gave it a try, I wagged the spices to taste and just two chipotles. I have a similar look, though I have not added any noodles yet. Thanks for the meal plan!
  6. From your picture of veggies in the basket, there is a can of peppers, the whole can normally, or just a few?
  7. Just to clarify, did you puree all of the roasted veggies? This looks like something my wife would enjoy.
  8. I remember reading somewhere that the fillers in briquettes may cause harm to the ceramics?
  9. If there is hesitation in going to 800, what do you do when you clean your grills? I dump a bag Royal Oak in my Big Joe, light it and let it rip wide open for the afternoon. I set the heat deflectors on the top of the grill grate, and when its done, everything is nice and clean. When I have done that, I have seen the temp hold at 850-900 for an hour.
  10. Thanks for the T-Shirt offer. Picked mine up with 12 hours to spare!
  11. Curious myself. I have to replace my gasket, and would like to move to the mesh rather than felt, but only if it is good. I see bbqguys has it listed and says it will work with the older units, but would rather hear confirmation from someone here?
  12. After the IT hit 119, I rearranged the grill to do a sear, and left the roast on end for a little longer than 6 minutes. That end was well done enough to make my wife and daughter happy.
  13. I am making a six pound rib eye roast. Last time I got a wonderful medium rare center and a more well done exterior. My wife and daughter prefer a more well done piece. Any suggestions for getting a more well done side while still maintaining a nice medium rare on part? I know I could split the roast in two, but thought I would check.
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