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  1. cwhuling

    Sausage and Carrots on the KJ

    Did you give the carrots a head start? I love roasted carrots, but I always have cut mine into sticks. I was looking for something new to try this weekend!
  2. cwhuling

    How much lump charcoal do you use?

    All charcoal is not equal. I find spending the money on KJ Big Block is worthwhile. I can get several cooks out of a single 30# bag. My last three cooks were burgers, Boston Butts and chicken. I filled up the Kick Ash Basket with KJ Big Block, shook off after each cook. I added a little for the second two cooks, but just a couple of larger pieces. I have used less than a third of my bag. Royal Oak from Home Depot is my second place charcoal. I can burn through a 15# bag in 3-4 cooks.
  3. cwhuling

    Hinge upgrade

    I looked through facebook and couldn't find the article you quoted. Are there an physical differences with these newer replacement hinges? I replaced my hinge over the weekend, and was curious if I had gotten on of these newer ones or not?
  4. cwhuling

    Pork Butts and Rolls

    Its funny, a few weeks ago I did burgers, and made the rolls on a whim. They turned out really good, but most importantly, my kids loved them. So, I did it again. They aren't a lot of work, just the time to allow them to rise twice and bake.
  5. I ended up with a mostly free Saturday and decided to cook a couple of Boston Butts. I finished my other chores early and decided to make home made rolls and Cole slaw to go with the pork. This was the first time I brined a Boston Butt and was pleased with the outcome.
  6. cwhuling

    Venison sticks interuppted

    I decided to not try the stuffer, and just did them all by hand. Thanks for your help!
  7. cwhuling

    Venison sticks interuppted

    Heard back from Waltons: It is not going to hurt the meat, but as it sits there, with protein extraction and the cure beginning to work, the meat is going to become very tough after a couple days. There’s a very good chance it will be so hard that stuffing it may become impossible. It will still be very edible, but there’s a good chance stuffing won’t be possible. I will let you know how it ends up.
  8. cwhuling

    Venison sticks interuppted

    I understand. I am hoping to hear from Waltons. As a side note, any one in the Hampton Roads are of Virginia have a stuffer I could borrow?
  9. cwhuling

    Venison sticks interuppted

    I tried my single largest batch of venison sticks. Every thing is mixed, but when I started stuffing them a big problem arose. The kitchen aide stuffer just wasn't able to push through enough, and it ends up making a mushy mess. So I ordered a new stuffer that should be here Tuesday. Does anyone see any problem with my leaving the meat sitting in a zip lock bag until Tuesday evening to case? I am using a 25lb Walton's snack stick kit with carrot fiber rather than sure gel?
  10. cwhuling

    Prime Rib Ribeye Roast

    It was right at 3 hours total cook. I pulled it off at IT 118. It rested in a hot cooler for about an hour.
  11. This was my first attempt at a Ribeye Roast, Prime Rib cook. I followed the cooking method from John Setzler's Dec 2014 Bone-In Prime Rib Roast video going from 500 degrees down to 350 but I used the salt and pepper rub from the Nov 2013 Prime Rib video. I picked up an 11 pound Ribeye Roast from Costco, following the 1 pound per person suggestion I had seen in other postings. It turned out very well!
  12. cwhuling

    Turkey test run

    I did a test run on a 12lb Spatchcocked turkey. It was a quick defrost and injection job, but turned out great. I was quite surprised it finished in under 2 hours. Today I am going to purchase my Thanksgiving bird, looking for 20lb-ish one. I intend to brine it and spatchcock this one as well. One thing I am pondering is putting a shelf in and maybe cooking the ham over the turkey. Seems like some dripping pork fat on the bird couldn't do any harm, and cooking time for the two should be roughly the same.
  13. cwhuling

    Do You / Would You Eat From A Food Truck???

    IMHO food trucks are great fare. Here in Hampton Roads, Va there is a decent number. They have food truck rallys all over. The ones that stand out to me are the out of region foods. Caribbean cuisine is one I had last trip to a rally. The one that stands out the most to me is Taste of Maine. They truck live lobster down twice a week and sell lobster rolls and such. Here we have an abundance of seafood available, but no lobster. Their truck is so popular they have setup a travel truck and a permanent location. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. My wife insisted I go to the Big Joe... "I don't want to hear any whining about it not being big enough later"... After two years of cooking with it, I like cooking the whole meal on the grill, and find real estate tight. A grill expander might work... but I really like the idea of a Joe Jr. With out either, I find I just have to be a better cook... and I will continue to keep an eye out for a steeply discounted Joe Jr...
  15. cwhuling

    Lump Charcoal Sales

    I recently made the 230 mile round trip to the closest Costco Road Show for 150 lbs of charcoal. Factoring in gas and time, that's about the farthest I can go and still make it worth my while. Who can I speak to about maybe getting the Costco Road Show coming to one of the two Hampton Roads, Virginia (Norfolk or Newport News) Costcos? While I personally can't make a Costco Road Show a success on my own, I can promise buying 5-10 bags each time its in town!