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  1. Turkey test run

    I did a test run on a 12lb Spatchcocked turkey. It was a quick defrost and injection job, but turned out great. I was quite surprised it finished in under 2 hours. Today I am going to purchase my Thanksgiving bird, looking for 20lb-ish one. I intend to brine it and spatchcock this one as well. One thing I am pondering is putting a shelf in and maybe cooking the ham over the turkey. Seems like some dripping pork fat on the bird couldn't do any harm, and cooking time for the two should be roughly the same.
  2. Do You / Would You Eat From A Food Truck???

    IMHO food trucks are great fare. Here in Hampton Roads, Va there is a decent number. They have food truck rallys all over. The ones that stand out to me are the out of region foods. Caribbean cuisine is one I had last trip to a rally. The one that stands out the most to me is Taste of Maine. They truck live lobster down twice a week and sell lobster rolls and such. Here we have an abundance of seafood available, but no lobster. Their truck is so popular they have setup a travel truck and a permanent location. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. My wife insisted I go to the Big Joe... "I don't want to hear any whining about it not being big enough later"... After two years of cooking with it, I like cooking the whole meal on the grill, and find real estate tight. A grill expander might work... but I really like the idea of a Joe Jr. With out either, I find I just have to be a better cook... and I will continue to keep an eye out for a steeply discounted Joe Jr...
  4. Lump Charcoal Sales

    I recently made the 230 mile round trip to the closest Costco Road Show for 150 lbs of charcoal. Factoring in gas and time, that's about the farthest I can go and still make it worth my while. Who can I speak to about maybe getting the Costco Road Show coming to one of the two Hampton Roads, Virginia (Norfolk or Newport News) Costcos? While I personally can't make a Costco Road Show a success on my own, I can promise buying 5-10 bags each time its in town!
  5. First time bacon - question

    That Nesco I have there, it was only $79.99. I was really surprised how cheap a decent slicer was.
  6. First time bacon - question

    I was talking to some buddies of mine about this, and they liked the idea and we are going to try it. Do you stack up the bellies on separate racks,or maybe use a rib rack to fit multiple bellies on there? Curious of the logistics?
  7. You're all a bad influence on me

    I am cooking large meals on my Big Joe, and then have to go inside to cook something. I mentioned to my wife on the way to a Costco road show to pick up charcoal it would be nice to have a Joe Jr too so i could do complete meals at the grills rather than running inside. She laughed... I don't think she realized I was being serious... thought better than to push it...
  8. First time bacon - question

    Completed the cook. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Soap Stone Surf and Turf

    I have seen several grill top soap stones. My father wants one for his gas grill. I absolutely love the soap stone. I have used it for my last dozen cooks.
  10. First time bacon - question

    Completed mine last night. I have it sitting in the fridge for slicing today. On a side note... My son went at it while I was running a quick errand. Judging from the chunk missing, he liked it very much! This was a Costco belly, 8.8lbs. I let it brine for 8 days, sit in the fridge over night to dry on the 9th, and smoked it the 10th day. The one difference I saw in my smoking and the KJ video, the video version looked dryer. When I pulled mine off the grill, it had puddles of fat on top, and was very wet.
  11. First time bacon - question

    I have a Costco belly going right now. I am following the recipe from the Kamado Joe video. Mine should be ready to smoke next Monday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Experimental Cook: Chicken and Cabbage

    I received your reply right as I started cooking. I kept the dome temp right at 300. It took about 45 minutes to get done, and turned out great! I modified a couple of things. Rather than olive oil on the bottom of the cabbage, I spread some butter like you would for a grill cheese sandwich. then on the top, I used the marinade from the earlier post by SmallBBQr referring to paleowired.com. Mustard, vinegar, red pepper flakes, basil, salt pepper and I added garlic powder. I doubled the recipe and used half before the cook and added the other on the cabbage once it was done. I will do this one again.
  13. Experimental Cook: Chicken and Cabbage

    Rather than using Cast Iron, do you think the soap stone would work as well? Maybe 300-350?
  14. Soap Stone Surf and Turf

    I got it from Amazon, not sure who the fulfiller was though. I paid 119 I believe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I received my soapstone a few weeks ago, and finally got to use it. I prepared a Mahi filet, Tuna steak, Shrimp and a piece of NY Strip for my youngest who doesn't care for seafood. I roasted green beans and made an attempt at John Setzlers Brussel Sprouts and sweet potatoes. I thought I had sweet potatoes in the pantry, so I ad libbed with carrots and it turned out great! I put down some butter, and dropped the shrimp onto the soap stone, and in the 1-2 minutes it took me to go in and get the phone to take pictures they were done. The strings beans were more al dente than I like, but still good. The Brussel Sprouts though, talk about a show stealer! I strongly recommend that for a side dish (carrots worked well, I can't imagine the sweet potatoes being that much different)!!