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  1. I’ve used an Ivation Long range for years. It’s always been a little quirky, especially if I’m upstairs or in the basement. I’m hoping the new tech is better. plus I’m ready to buy a toy
  2. Thanks guys! It seems most of these have their quirks with connections or software for me to work through. Though the Meater+ is a great idea, I'd feel better with my transmitter outside the XL BGE. It seems the quality reputation and customer support once again drives me into the arms of Thermoworks. Signals it is!
  3. Thanks for the info. Have you tried the Meater+ yet? Looks interesting. https://meater.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA7OnxBRCNARIsAIW53B_4n17-Nvy8s0E1HSnhe9rlpLp7HfQFj1JazImQbYXTAxdmXJFtah4aAlmMEALw_wcB
  4. I need a new wireless thermometer and was thinking of upgrading to a WiFi. I don't need anything with controls, just temp. Was looking at the Smoke, Fireboard and Maverick XR so far. Any suggestions or insight is appreciated. Ceg
  5. Beautiful! You treat yourself great with that fantastic looking roast, but why do you punish yourself with that beer?
  6. Anytime I'm cooking over 400, I ditch the top vent altogether. Then just control with the bottom vent. This helped get the temp high quickly as well as maintain it. Ceg
  7. whoa what? Im a tile guy and i know travertine well for floors. It holds up under high heat? Id think that the veins would give way. Elaborate with your experience please. Thanks, Ceg
  8. thanks for the input. Was able to creep up the temp slowly. 3 hours applied a nice smoke flavor and stayed moist, it was a hit. Even next to Moms famous ham! I used Sugar Maple chunks with some pecan chips. Ceg
  9. Good day sirs. Looking for some input. I have a 16lb bone in, spiral cut precooked ham. Instead of just having the wife throw it in the oven, I'm gonna throw it on the egg. I'm basically just heating it up and trying to get some smoke character. (the ham was a gift from work, i dont like precooked or spiral lol) From what I've read I need to shoot for 130-135 internal temp. I have my 2qt smoke pot ready. Any idea on how long this might take on a 225 degree egg? Thanks, Ceg
  10. Not sure, but I seem to remember someone stating that less than 2 qt size might not build enough pressure to be effective. Just ordered a 2qt off ebay to play with. =) Ceg
  11. Which Vision model? I have a Pro-S with the "handy" ash drawer and vent dials. I had similar issues and took me many months to seal that thing properly. I got it running properly just in time to buy an XL BGE, so dad inherited the Vision. Ceg
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  13. Yup, another lump conversation. Actually more of a heads up. 20lb bags for $12 at Sams club in western Pennsylvania. I've not tried this lump before, I'll update if there's anything exciting. I usually use Royal Oak, and have been loving the KJ lump. Ceg Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I second this. CC is a valuable member of this forum, but I believe he is out of line here.
  15. Dats nice! Can i get some details, temp and duration, half a deflector plate there? Im really gettin in to doin veggies and would appreciate the info. Ive not done asparagus or many potatoes.
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