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  1. aggie28

    Yeti review

    I own 4 different sizes of Yetis. Love them. I have tried 5-6 different brands and none have come close to the performance. We use the coolers all the time in extreme temps and situations. Super durable and very efficient. Don't knock them unless you have used them. I agree with what John Setzler posted.
  2. I'm going to use the idea of small pizza stone. Looks great!
  3. Casper , Wyoming. Cook on Big Green Egg and Primo
  4. I'm new to the forum and I also have the same question as Combustis Maximus, " What is a smash burger?"
  5. Just joined today. Been cooking on my Big Green Egg and Primo grills for over a year now. I wanted to join a forum that the members cooked on various kamado grills. Looking forward to seeing all the different techniques used and different recipes.
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