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  1. Brisket Ssäm! Smoked + Sous Vide Brisket, Pickled Shi####o Pepper, Pickles, Kimchi, Hot Chili Oil, Sesame Mirin Rice, Ssäm Sauce, and Butter Lettuce. Brisket rubbed with Holy Cow and Hardcore Carnivore Black and smoked a few hours at 200F then bagged up and dropped in the Anova at 155°F for 36 hours. Peppers, pickles, and hot chili oil all made Sous Vide as well.
  2. AlabamaAviator

    Duck Eggs Benedict

    Eggs Benedict with Duck Eggs and Duck Egg Hollandaise. Eggs sous vide in the Anova 167°F 13 minutes. Hollandaise done with the immersion blender which is definitely my favorite way
  3. AlabamaAviator

    Spatchcock Chicken

    Hot and fast. 425 rubbed with lemon pepper.
  4. AlabamaAviator

    Smoked + Sous Vide Brisket

    Haha. It’s why I smoke bedore. Better smoke flavor
  5. AlabamaAviator

    Smoked + Sous Vide Brisket

    I know people are gonna accuse me of using salt for a fake ring haha. It’s absurd! Never got one that strong before.
  6. Gochujang and Miso Sous Vide + Smoked Brisket. 6 pound brisket point, rubbed with gochujang, miso, and Meat Church Holy Cow smoked 6 hours at 180°F with oak. Bagged up and in the Anova at 155°F/36 hours, then chilled to 70°F and smoked at 350°F back to 155°F to firm the bark up. Intense flavor and sooooo tender. Check out that jiggle! The gochujang and miso didn’t come through as much as the beef and smoke, which is a good sign I suppose! Crazy bark too, and smoke ring almost looks fake! 82967A3C-FF0D-4A04-A35D-3ECCF3CC7FC8.mp4
  7. AlabamaAviator

    Brisket and Wings!

    Smoked + Fried Wings. Rubbed with @MeatChurch Gospel and @carnivorerub Red. Smoked @ 275 for an hour, then flash fried to crisp the skin. Smoked Brisket. First run on the Treager, and I’m impressed. Bought a whole packer brisket and removed the flat. Rubbed with Meat Church BBQ Holy Cow and Lane’s Brisket rub. Smoked at 225°F for 6 hours, then ramped it up to 350°F to finish the bark. No wrap. Pretty juicy and tender for a flat!
  8. AlabamaAviator

    Fried Chicken Two Ways

    Whipped up some delicious fried chicken over the weekend! Used the Akorn to heat the oil in a dutch oven. Full recipe here: https://recipes.anovaculinary.com/recipe/sous-vide-momofuku-style-fried-chicken
  9. AlabamaAviator

    Sous Vide Picanha

    Cooked 129°F for a couple hours then seared on the Akorn
  10. AlabamaAviator

    House Cured Sous Vide + Smoke Pastrami

    The fat render happens at lower temps over long time, resulting in a more moist and tender product.
  11. AlabamaAviator

    House Cured Sous Vide + Smoke Pastrami

    Better bark
  12. AlabamaAviator

    Beef Wellington

    That's it!
  13. AlabamaAviator

    Beef Wellington

    The chuck was super tender, and way more flavor than tenderloin. The long sous vide cook was totally worth it!
  14. AlabamaAviator

    Beef Wellington

    Beef Wellington. Chuck roast seasoned with salt and cooked 131°F / 48 hours. Pulled, chilled, and seared. Diced mushroom, shallot, and garlic and cooked until all moisture was gone. Spread spicy mustard over the beef and then wrapped beef in prosciutto and duxelles, then tossed in freezer for 30 minutes. Removed, wrapped in puff pastry, added a puff pastry lattice, then baked at 475°F for 15 minutes until golden. Album here https://imgur.com/gallery/wx7RXhh
  15. AlabamaAviator

    House Cured Sous Vide + Smoke Pastrami

    Yup! Need at least 48-72 hours.