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  1. Thanks guys. It was in cryovac and was out a while but it was frozen solid. Pulled it out from the deep freezer. Meet was still cool to the touch. I'll give it the smell test when I got to cook it later. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey guys. I have a 16lb brisket that I plan on cooking today. Well it was frozen like a rock and I let it sit out and accidentally left it over night. The IT this morning was 57. Is it still fine to cook? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. So I cooked a 16lb choice packer brisket the other day and it didn't turn out great. It was very tender and passed the pull test and the bend test, but it wasn't juicy like my last one. I even injected this one! I did make a mistake by not adding any water to the drip pan and that could have dried the flat out. The point was actually pretty good. It also could have been the fact that choice has less fat in the muscles and I should have pulled it sooner. This one was cooked for about 20 hours at 275 to an IT of 203. Let me know what you all think. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. It's a blue heeler mixed with collie. She is one smart dog. Almost too smart. My back is doing ok. Hopefully it's good by next week. I'm going on a cruise! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Just remember that when brisket comes out dry, it is usually undercooked. When it comes out crumbly, it's overcooked. Many people tend to think that their dry brisket is overcooked when in fact it's undercooked and the fat has by had the time to render to make it nice and tender. When I do brisket on my KJ, I do a simple salt and pepper rub and j stick my probe into the thickest part of the flat (not the thickest part of whole packer). I cook at 270-280 until IT hits 170 and then I wrap. I then let it cook until IT is around 201-203. This is when j start checking the tenderness. I end up with some great meat! Give it a try!
  6. So as the title says, my dog (well the wife's dog) is in my "you know what" list. Here's the story. So tonight I was going to cook a nice meal since it has been a crappy weekend. My wife and I spent all day yesterday in the ER because I messed my back up and my back was spasming so bad that I couldn't walk or stand up. After all day there and a lot of muscle relaxers and pain killers (gotta love military hospitals), I could almost stand up so I got to come home. Fast forward to today and I am feeling a little better. I can walk very slowly and since our Saturday was pretty much ruined and I was stuck at home all day because of the back, I decided to make a great meal. I pulled out some prime grade filet mignon and some asparagus. I wrapped the asparagus in the joe Jr. and got that cooking. I took the 2 nice, beautiful filets and rubbed with salt and pepper. Once the asparagus was done, I opened the Jr up and waited for it to get hot so I could get a nice sear on it. Once it was ready, I went into the kitchen to get the meat. I was now MIRACULOUSLY missing my biggest piece of steak! We looked around and only found a toothpick that was holding the bacon on! I also found one dog the was snuggled up on their bed in a food coma! Needless to say, that dog ate the damn thing and my wife and I had to split the other filet. It turned out great and the bacon wrapped asparagus was delicious. Now I have a dog for sale! Lol. Sorry for the lack of pics. Tl/dr: my wife's dog at my prime grade filet mignon! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I'm already on it. There is an IBCA event in June that it an hour away. If my surgery isn't until then, then I will do it. I hate how expensive they are though. $150 entry fee is not fun! I could do a big cook with that entry fee. This last one was only $40
  8. The only thing I didn't like was the random judges. Since none of them had a standard to go off of our scores were sporadic at times. Our chicken had a lot of 8s and 9s but then someone gave us a 1 on aroma and scored us low on presentation. Someone else just gave zeros (probably opted not to judge ours). My ribs were overcooked but scored high. I mean these were like falling off the bone. Our short rib did pretty good. And the brisket was out of this world. I did learn a lot and got to spend the weekend with a lot of good people. It was fun but I am exhausted. I slept about an hour last night. I think an offset is better for comps because they seemed to be easier to transport but everyone was envious of how well mine held temps. The people's choice was skewed. Many people were paying for tickets and putting them in their first own bucket so naturally the biggest team won. We had probably the most tickets gained without buying our own, but that could have been because we were in a good spot. People loved my food and that was probably the biggest payoff of the day. It really made me happy when people came up and said that they were told to try my BBQ by someone else and when they tried it they wanted to know how I made such an awesome product. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. One thing I learned is that my when my flag reached temp, my point was perfect. I think the thickest part might have been a little underdone but it was still good. My plan was to make some burnt ends but we were giving out samples and everyone ate all the brisket before we could make any. I ended up cooking 5 chicken 3 racks or ribs, 2 brisket a, and 2 plates of beef short ribs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. So we ended up about middle upper of the road. Out chicken actually scored the lowest and our brisket scored a 250 out of 300. So we were right on the edge of getting a call. It was a blast. I wish i had more pics of the meat I turned in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Getting ready for awards. Here is the brisket. Our chicken was a big hit. The ribs ended up a little overlooked and our short rib was great. Time to see how we did. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Everything is on the grill! I was worried about that. So chicken turn in is at 1145 and I have the short run resting. They cooked for about 7 hrs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I'm trying. Just about everyone has been around to check it out. The downfall is the cooking surface. Everyone else has plenty of room and I'm trying to time stuff to get on the grill to cook for turn in
  14. It's 130 am and the brisket just went on. About half the teams are here. I've been talking to others that said that many often will show about 4am to cook at 6. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. That is correct. Right now we are hanging out and will be firing up the BJ in an hour or so.
  16. Hey so we are all set up and ready to go! Took us a long time to get everything loaded and put to the site. My buddy dos not have a deflector plat for his BGE so I decided to improvise a second shelf in the BJ. . Here is our set up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Hey guys! So this is going to be a live thread over the next couple days. I am doing my first BBQ comp and I am going to update this thread in as much real time as possible. This is to document my experience and to give others that are thinking about competition a unique perspective. So with that said. Here we go! This comp is not sanctioned and is being judged by locals. There is kitchen allowed in the box except meet and the categories are brisket, ribs, half chicken, and grillers choice. For grillers choice, I am doing a beef short rib. Out team name is Average Joes and we are cooking exclusively on kamados. I will have my KJ BJ and JR and my buddy is bringing his BGE. I spent most of the evening gathering all o my materials, making sauces, and smoking a butt for a dinner tomorrow. I made my timeline last night and it looks like our brisket will go one tomorrow around 0100. So the plan for tomorrow is as follows 1000-1200ish: load everything and double check that I have everything 1200: check in, get our spot and start set up 1400: start chicken prep 1800: dinner with friends. I will update tomorrow when we get stuff set up. Ask any questions! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Dome thermometer works just fine and the maverick that I was using was working. I had one probe in the meat, one at great level and watched the dome. I did crank it up to about 270 towards the end but the fire was running out and wouldn't stay above 250.
  19. that's pretty much my thought process. If I wasn't as hungry I probably would have let it go another hour, but it was good!
  20. Yes. Fired it up at 7 pm yesterday and turned it off at 7pm today. It wasn't even new charcoal either. Almost all of had been used in a short cook last week. It was still a pretty full bowl though.
  21. I recommend doing a salt and pepper rub or whatever you would put in a steak. I do mine a little higher for about 3-4 hrs. They turned out great.
  22. thought about that too so I checked with another thermometer and it was around the same. It was so weird.
  23. I thought about that but when I proved other spots I was getting the same thing.
  24. So I was cooking a 10.5 Boston butt today and the weirdest thing happened. The IT would not get above 185F! The butt turned out great and the bone pulled out clean. Here is a rundown cuz this thing was on the KJ for almost 24 hrs. 9pm yesterday- but but on. Some temp was about 235. 12am- go to bed. IT was around 110-120 and done temp was about 245 6am today- IT was about 155ish and the dome temp and dropped to about 190. I figured this might happen because I had the fire choked down quite a bit because my lid wasn't making a tight seal and caused the dome temp to spike for a bit. 10am- dome temp back to about 235 and the IT was up to 180. I checked in and moved the thermometer. Temp dropped to 171. The stayed there for about 5 hrs. It kept going up and down. It would hit 176. I would move the thermometer and it would drop again 3pm- decided to wrap in foil to help out. Temp was 175. 5pm- temp was up to 181! 6pm- temp at 185. Getting close. Probed it a little and it felt pretty good. 7pm- temp dropped to 183. By this time the grill temp was starting to drop (was around 225). It had been runnin since 7pm the day prior so 24 hrs straight was pretty good! I was probing to check tenderness and it was pretty tender. Had a couple tight spots but I would equate it to a butt that had an IT of about 197ish. I was using my maverick so I knew it was accurate. I decided to check with another thermometer and it was reading the same thing! We decided to eat whatever it was. I took it off the KJ and it was super tender! The bone pulled out clean and it was juicy. Here's a couple pics. So long story short is it turned out great but with an IT is should have been very dry. It was none of this. What caused this? Has it happened to you? How can I keep this from happening? Tl/dr- smoked Boston butt. IT said 183 on multiple thermometers after 22hrs but turned out great. Why?
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