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  1. Whoa how many servings does that make? Two shots and I'm done for lol
  2. If you are using a diffuser stone, it would probably be the lower grate that is a little warmer. However, it depends how high the upper grate is into the dome, how much heat is radiating off of the dome, and overall temperature. When I do pizzas, high in a heat soaked dome is much hotter (then again I have a Komodo kamado- so the upper grate is pretty high in the dome). Than the regular grate. On the flip side, when I am doing two levels of ribs, I have noticed the edges near the dome on the upper level tend to get crispier, so I tend to rotate them to promote even cooking. So really, you just have to experiment to get the results you are looking for.
  3. Welcome to a hobby that is so much fun! There is a wealth of information here and I feel like I am always learning something. It will be very interesting to have a French perspective on kamado cooking!
  4. Wow that looks like an awesome day.
  5. Temp situation is definitely weird. But from what I understand the meat needs to be at temps for a certain period of time in order for the collagen to break down into gelatin so that could be why the brisket wasn't tender even at the proper temp.
  6. I really what to try kamado paella- seems like a perfect match. Social media also isn't for me so I am so happy to see you here!
  7. What a happy memory she has created!
  8. First time for everything! Glad you enjoyed it!!! Now I want some burgers!!!lol
  9. Awww thanks! I'm sure it will turn out well! You have some amazing cooks documented.
  10. Awesome looking ribs! The moisture in kamado cooking is hard to beat!
  11. What do you see as the advantages of octoforks over standard rotisserie forks?
  12. Heck yes. Over on the Komodo kamado forum we virtually all name our grills lol
  13. An Akorn is an excellent choice to up your cooking game, not too expensive and is very versatile. That is what I started with and I don't regret it in the least. I actually just gave away my Weber gasser. It also heats up for grilling pretty darn quickly