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  1. Wow. Looks awesome. And is all that liquid in the potatoes drippings?
  2. Nice! I love how you took a huge chunk of rib cap. You have good taste, my friend.
  3. That is awesome. How can you share the contents of your brine? I've only ever done a dry brine on salmon, and that created a lox like consistency, which was good, but you definitely can't eat it like a nice grilled salmon.
  4. I do think the quantity of programming probably varies based on location. Where we live we get tons of channels (like I said over 30 for us.....which is after deleting the tons of Spanish only channels). Also my family is a huge fan of PBS programming and having 3 different PBS channels is awesome. Plus major networks as well.
  5. Man that looks great. I want a nice easy dinner after having a late night last night and I think this might be the ticket.
  6. Nice! Tri tip is a staple in my neck of the woods. That one looks like it had excellent marbling so you got super lucky.
  7. I'm a bad person to ask.... We just have a rooftop antenna and then my hubby connected a computer with recording software and two TV tuner cards. We get about 30 channels and can record 2 channels at the same time. He also got software that skips all ads so I'm super spoiled. Even with that and us only recording shows we like we are always way behind. So I feel like it's not worth the money. Occasionally there is a series we really want to watch.... Stranger things comes to mind, so we will buy it used on eBay and then turn around and sell it when we are done for close to the same price..... But that is really pretty rare even with my husband's two surgeries this last year. Then again we are so cheap we don't pay for home internet and I connect everything to a hotspot on my phone if we need to.
  8. In a cooler, they will stay hot for a long time. I also preheat it with a pot of boiling water and towels before the brisket comes off. I take the water out before putting the brisket in. I leave a probe in to make sure they don't drop below 140 because I'm anal about food safety, but that's probably unnecessary.
  9. shuley

    Ordered one !

    I do like rotisserie cooking, particularly for whole chickens and chicken thighs (I got a basket. Oh and turkey. I know some people rave about rib roasts on one and I tried it once, but I prefer reverse sear for large roasts.
  10. What I find is it's better to just be used to your lump, because they all seem to burn slightly differently. That's why I was so bummed when I ran out of my clearance char broil center cut. It's stupid expensive to order from their website, so I'm back to RO for now.... And did you have any off taste when using cowboy? I'm wondering if it was just an off bag. Luckily my husband returned it and got me a bag of KJ XL instead, then when that ran out I'm back to regular old RO.
  11. This was a very informative thread. I'm not looking for a diet, but it is so interesting to see what works for different people. I firmly believe that no diet or exercise will be one size fits all. I feel a little more informed now about what so many people around me are doing now.
  12. Is each one enough food for an adult? It's hard to get a sense of scale.
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