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  1. shuley

    Joined the Pellet Crowd!!

    Curious to see your follow up posts!
  2. shuley

    Grill Fried Hot Wings

    Wow those look super crispy considering they were grilled.
  3. shuley

    Finally getting an Instant Pot

    So I really like my instant pot but I'm not someone who will just cook anything in it. It is awesome for taking over the sides so I don't have to think about it once it's sealed. While I will do soups, my favorites are risotto, rice, Mexican rice, Mac n cheese and boiling super easy to peel eggs for deviled eggs. I imagine it would be good for potatoes as well but we don't eat them all that often.
  4. Wow that does look good. What did you serve it with?
  5. shuley

    First Brisket (Thanksgiving)

    Once you have conquered brisket, no other cook will scare you.
  6. shuley

    Baking Steel Pizza

    I keep forgetting to call a metal cutter to see about getting a pizza steal. I think this will help me remember! Great looking pizza.
  7. My parents named their first cat yuengling.
  8. I love my rotisserie.... I got a grill basket for it too that let's me do thighs which I love!
  9. shuley

    1st Time ABT'S

    It seems no matter how many ABTs I make, it's never enough!
  10. shuley

    Never to much cast Iron!

    Holy crap. That looks fun.
  11. shuley

    Cast Iron Seasoning

    I'm fairly certain you need to go higher than that. I always heat well on the stove so I couldn't tell you the temperature, but I bet that is the issue. And like John said make sure it is a very thin coal of oil, otherwise it will be gummy no matter what.
  12. shuley

    I found my low carb/calorie beer!

    You know what is crazy? My coworker and I were talking and she was complaining that the rest of her family wanted to do a healthy Thanksgiving-meaning to them no meat. And I get why you would want to have a turkey or ham, or whatever your traditions are, but I don't get why people wanting healthy options is somehow offensive.... Especially if they are offering to cook. She was saying let's just have one day a year where we eat the traditional meal and you be vegan the rest of the year. Which is just ridiculous. Hopefully your family is more tolerant. I really don't see why there cant just be several options! And I say this as someone not in any kind of specialized eating plan but just as a rational human lol.
  13. shuley

    Same Day Olive Bread

    Man I want some olive loaf now.
  14. shuley

    Mom’s Birthday Brisket: The Sequel

    What a cool mom. I love thar brisket is her favorite food and kudos to you for making it!