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  1. I don't have experience with KJ or anything except the Akorn and the Komodo Kamado. I can't really speak to the longevity of an Akorn. I've had mine (uncovered but I live in a dry climate) for 2.5 years with no issues. I got my Akorn for around $300 because I couldn't imagine spending over a grand on a grill and I wasn't sure how I would like the transition to charcoal. It seemed messy and gross and I'm a girl who is easily put off by grossness. (Side note this is also why my husband thinks I need to make cooking videos- I squeal and make grossed out faces and comments constantly). I also wanted to primarily smoke things (I thought I'd use it about once a month) and that I liked the idea of the potential for versatility. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I became obsessed. Everything tastes better that I made in my Akorn- and I used it probably 5 nights a week. I already was a pretty good home cook. But this just upped my cooking game in every way. I am the type of person who reads food science books obsessively in my spare time so I considered myself to have a pretty good knowledge base, but this rocked my world. Plus it was kind of fun learning to manage a real fire and make it do what I wanted. At this point I still thought anyone who bought a ceramic grill was crazy. I kept seeing posts about messed up gaskets, cracked firebowls, and to top it all off it seems that using a ceramic grill uses more charcoal than my Akorn does. I was making everything that anyone with a ceramic kamado was making and I was having such great results that I still didn't want to go the ceramic route. Then I came across Komodo kamado. I ended up getting one mostly because it didn't have this disadvantages that I saw in other ceramic type kamados. And the difference in ease was huge. I imagine a typical ceramic kamado is somewhere in between when it comes to ease of use. I would never recommend a KK to someone that it would put in a financially difficult place. Ease of use isn't worth compromising a relationship or financial security. No way no how. I love it and yes it is significantly better than an Akorn. I believe other ceramic would also be better than an Akorn. But, I was turning out tremendous food on an Akorn and so could you. For me, it was a way of deciding if I would like this kind of cookery. If you already know you would and don't want to replace your grill every 5 years then go ceramic.
  2. Turkey trouble

    One thing to consider is what temperature you are cooking at? I think some people just take a chicken parts (or even whole chicken) cooking temp and apply that to turkey. I always cook my turkey at about 325-350. I also do this far from the coals (I have a KK) which I imagine would make a difference as well.
  3. In my post about the SRF gold grade ribcap I explained how high quality the meat was and how happy I was with their customer service (they sent me another one when the first came thawed, even after I told them I was still able to cook it. The second ribcap came fully frozen and I am waiting for a special occasion to cook it). With my initial order I also got a prime cowboy steak that I cooked this weekend. then I slow cooked this baby (just shy of 2 and three quarters of a pound) at 225 over some pecan till I got an IT of 125 then I seared it in ghee and topped it with a compound butter (it's dark so I didn't even bother taking on grill pictures this time. yeah- this turned out super well i highly recommend SRF and may have to make it a birthday tradition. (My parents are the ones who gave me the gift card in the first place)
  4. Turkey test run

    Well my rotisserie motor broke during cooking so part of the skin got burnt. Despite that it turned out incredibly well. I injected the breast with about two sticks of flavored butter to try to retain moisture and it worked super well. I highly recommend that method. I also took no pictures. I bought a heavier duty motor that I am hoping arrives before Saturday (friendsgiving day)
  5. tip top temp

    Mine also worked well until it gummed up. The issue is you don't know when it will happen- so it will inevitably happen during a brisket cook.
  6. Lamb Lollipops

    Nice looking lollipops. I need to do them. I've only ever tried to do them as a rack. Have you ever tried doing it on a cast iron griddle with ghee?
  7. Turkey test run

    Mine took just under two hours if anyone is interested. Looks like we all had similar results.
  8. Turkey test run

    That is insanely fast
  9. I've done a couple spatchcocked turkeys on the kamado and I always seem to remember them finishing earlier than I expected. Some folks from work are doing a friendsgiving and I volunteered to do the turkey. I want to do a test run on Friday with a rotisserie at between 350-400(I'd go with 400 for a chicken, but I'm thinking since a turkey will take longer to cook maybe I should shoot more for 350 so the outer meat doesn't get dried up) for a 16 lb bird. How long should I expect this to take? Of course I know it's an approximation, but I've never done one this way at all
  10. Sous Vide + Smoked Pork Shoulders

    Wow. That bark looks nice.
  11. My new gadget cook

    That's shawarma right? I can't wait to see your al pastor. My favorite taco meat, by far
  12. Lomo Saltado

    That is making my mouth water
  13. philpom's Texas Caviar

    Nice. My aunt also adds diced avacado to hers. It's always a hit.
  14. This was very similar to the cook that I wanted to do. Nice execution
  15. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    It's cool they are bringing back the projoe