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  1. Those look fabulous. Awesome!
  2. shuley

    Nashville-ish Hot Chicken Sandwich

    That looks fan freaking tastic. And I'm not usually a fan of fried foods but that looks Good!
  3. I'd take that any day! Looks awesome.
  4. Looks great. I'm doing st. Louis for the first time in a long time tonight.
  5. shuley

    Rotisserie Glazed Pineapple

    Wow that looks fabulous.
  6. It's been a while. Not really for kamado cooking, but for kamado posting. I've been particularly busy with my running. I ran a full marathon in November and another half two weeks ago. I've been doing a 12 mile run each weekend and usually 2 other 3 mile runs as well each week but now my 8 year old has been wanting to run with me so those runs have been short to accommodate him. We also went to NOLA over Christmas break to celebrate our 10 anniversary. I have been cooking the whole time, maybe not as many gatherings as I would like, and my kamado cooking has decreased but it is still in my regular rotation. Anyway, I made burgers tonight so I felt like posting them. I'm planning on doing kamado pizza tomorrow night as well. I got a pizza steel that I LOVE and has totally upped my pizza game, but I have only used it in the oven so far. That and the elements of pizza book. So so good. Anyway, I've missed you all
  7. Man that is getting creative. And now I have a sudden hankering for cracker Jack's. I haven't had any in years.
  8. shuley

    Agua Chile aka Ceviche

    Man that looks amazing. I love ceviche but I've never had one quite like that.
  9. shuley

    Huge ribeye well done - ha

    What a misleading title LOL. I was expecting some kind of mishap.
  10. Well, filets do not have a whole lot of flavor compared to other cuts of beef. They are really only prized for their tenderness. I like them ok, but much prefer other steaks for flavor. They aren't worth the money for me unless they are on sale. I think if I got a whole tenderloin and slow smoked it until it got close to temp and then sliced it into steaks after a rest and then seared them I might like them better.
  11. shuley

    New girl on the block

    Now you're really cooking! Happy to see a fellow female kamado enthusiast!
  12. shuley

    Ribeye Cap Steak Cook

    Rib cap.... The best of the best of the best.
  13. shuley

    Reef's Game Room - pic heavy!

    That is awesome. Nice and intimate looking too.