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  1. Personally, I wouldn't do two rounds of rotisserie chicken.... I'd do pork butts if you want to go easy and have consistent results. I am not familiar with how much grate space the classic has, but some rib roasts are also a great crowd pleaser
  2. Pork butt if you want to do a low and slow. Spatchcocked chicken if you want to grill.
  3. What a cool toy! Looks kind of similar to my BILs Santa Maria style grill.
  4. Is this your first kamado? If so, I'd try a butt first while you are dialing how to maintain a low and slow. They are far more forgiving. If you have cooked on a kamado before, then no need to heed my warning.
  5. The only thing I wish I would have learned earlier was how awesome kamado cooking was. I feel like I wasted years on my gasser. Everything else I learned, I feel like I earned? Maybe that's a weird way to phrase it but I'm ok with the fact that I had to learn specific things. It made it more memorable.
  6. I generally also do whole chickens on the rotisserie. I have spatchcocked whole chickens, and than made them cook much faster than I expected. I can't remember the time because it was years ago. So good though.
  7. Wow. I bet they cook a lot faster this way. Is there any downside to cutting up the ribs?
  8. I feel like I need to do some experimenting.
  9. Those look great! I have smoked burgers indirect rather than cooking them hit and fast and it's yet another awesome way to cook burgers. That Guinness sauce does look yummy!
  10. Whatever it is, it's a delicious thing.
  11. It's so funny because I just happened to make them on the same night, with no intention of putting them together. However when I sat down to eat, the John's Roast pork memory flashed in my mind. So glad this coincidence occurred!
  12. I do like a Philly cheesesteak when I'm in PA (both sides of my family are from there) but the pork sandwich was on a while other level. Definitely amazing.
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