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  1. shuley

    Pastrami on a Stick

    Yeah.... I could see that being addictive.
  2. shuley

    Tired of pork and chicken

    Salmon is one of the favorites in this household. Shrimp and lobster are delicious as well. I also highly recommend tri tip, as they are super common and popular (and cheap!) around where I live. Pretty much every home BBQ you go to, odds are, you'll be eating tri tip. I'm also a huge fan of kamado pizza. Smoked Mac n cheese....... Lots of possibilities.
  3. shuley

    Nothing but WFO money!

    Since when are 4 pizzas a light lunch?!? Looks scrummy BTW.
  4. I went to my first egg fest last spring, but it was a small one. Most the food was ok, but what really shocked me was getting to taste the desserts cooked on a kamado. They were not overly smokey. I was sure I'd do one this summer..... But I didnt. Still on my to do list.
  5. shuley

    SRF Wagyu Gold Brisket

    I highly recommend their rib cap. HIGHLY.
  6. I also love grilled fruit (especially peaches!) but have never thought to pair them with salmon. Awesome idea!
  7. shuley

    Grilled Sofrito Swordfish

    That looks really tasty. Is there more than one meaning of sofrito? I thought sofrito was cooked down onions garlic and tomatoes? Maybe different areas have different meanings?
  8. Looks amazing. Why did I have to look at this whole hungry?
  9. shuley

    SRF Wagyu Gold Brisket

    Srf products are mind blowing. I have yet to try a brisket.... But it is on my to try list.
  10. shuley

    Everdure 4K

    I kinda like it!
  11. Oh no! I was going to do lobster tails! .... Maybe I still would. And I LOVE roasted cauliflower.... I bet grilled would also be awesome! Yours looks great! Nice entry!
  12. shuley

    Mexican butcher and labor weekend

    Nice variety of cooks in a short time!
  13. shuley

    A Fishy Tale....

    Tilapia is not my favorite fish either..... I love certain fish but only tolerate others.