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  1. shuley

    Green Chili Pizza

    Hatch chile pizza sounds like an amazing idea!
  2. shuley

    BBQ Pulled..... Jackfruit?!?!?!

    I'm curious..... I've heard of people doing this and I always assumed it was gross LOL. However I trust your commentary more than most.
  3. shuley


    Looks awesome! I have never done a true neopolitan pizza, but i intend to. The ones I had in Italy were amazing.
  4. shuley

    Take Out Pizza

    Two awesome looking pizzas. I wish I could say I cooked much on my vacation...... But not really. And are you in CA?
  5. shuley

    Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

    My boys have been begging me to make this for the challenge cook. They LOVE it. Ive been super happy with ATKs dough recipe as well. Yours looks awesome. I gotta try it with sausage some time.
  6. shuley

    New joiner - looking for a Kamado grill

    On this forum every member has a story and reason why they picked whichever kamado(s) he or she picked. And nobody is wrong. All kamados will give you great results, I am reasonably sure. My story was that I was very into propane grilling before I got a kamado. I thought people were insane for buying a grill for a thousand bucks and wasn't sure how often I'd use a kamado or who I would feel about charcoal, so I went with the cheapest option, the metal dual walled and insulated Akorn. It cost me about $230. I fell in love almost instantly. I was using it probably 5-4 nights a week for pizza, low and slow and grilling. Less than a year later I was the owner of a komodo kamado at the opposite end of the spectrum.
  7. shuley

    First Whole Hog

    This looks like so much fun!
  8. shuley

    Stuffed Pizza

    That totally makes sense. I just missed the top layer of dough. It sounds a whole lot like a calzone.
  9. shuley

    "Pourable" NY Pizza

    I had never heard of pour able crust before. Very interesting.
  10. shuley

    Stuffed Pizza

    Looks great. I'm curious what the difference is between Chicago style and stuffed pizza?
  11. I make these with my students (I teach severely handicapped Jr. High students). We cook once a week to build life skills and to work on reading recipes (pictures and they still need a lot of help). This is something that is always a hit. You know I recently got into making my own English muffins so maybe I should try this at home.... Looks like a great time was had by all!
  12. That looks so tasty. While it is fun to try inventive toppings, I also typically revert to the classics as well. After all, they are classics for a reason.
  13. shuley

    Detroit Style Pizza on a windy day

    1. That looks awesome. 2. How do you feel about the crispy cheesy edges? I have been curious about this style since reading about it in a magazine, but I am afraid it will be bitter. And 3. I totally agree about challenge cooks. They almost always motivate me to try something new.
  14. shuley

    Vegetarian Chicago Deep Dish

    I do love a Chicago style pizza a couple times a year. I am generally a fan of thin pizza when I'm in the mood for pizza. I think of Chicago style as a completely different thing.... Sort of like when I am in the mood for calzone. Awesome first shot and in case you ever do try it again, I'm a pretty big fan of the recipe by America's test kitchen.
  15. shuley

    High n Fast Pizza Cook

    Looks like some loaded pies!