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  1. Is this your first kamado? If so, I'd try a butt first while you are dialing how to maintain a low and slow. They are far more forgiving. If you have cooked on a kamado before, then no need to heed my warning.
  2. The only thing I wish I would have learned earlier was how awesome kamado cooking was. I feel like I wasted years on my gasser. Everything else I learned, I feel like I earned? Maybe that's a weird way to phrase it but I'm ok with the fact that I had to learn specific things. It made it more memorable.
  3. I generally also do whole chickens on the rotisserie. I have spatchcocked whole chickens, and than made them cook much faster than I expected. I can't remember the time because it was years ago. So good though.
  4. Wow. I bet they cook a lot faster this way. Is there any downside to cutting up the ribs?
  5. I feel like I need to do some experimenting.
  6. Those look great! I have smoked burgers indirect rather than cooking them hit and fast and it's yet another awesome way to cook burgers. That Guinness sauce does look yummy!
  7. Whatever it is, it's a delicious thing.
  8. It's so funny because I just happened to make them on the same night, with no intention of putting them together. However when I sat down to eat, the John's Roast pork memory flashed in my mind. So glad this coincidence occurred!
  9. I do like a Philly cheesesteak when I'm in PA (both sides of my family are from there) but the pork sandwich was on a while other level. Definitely amazing.
  10. It was actually a sandwich very similar to this (but from John's Roast pork) that inspired me to try the greens on it. I'm sure this version is delicious as well!
  11. I never had them until maybe 6 years ago and I feel like I was missing out all these years. I usually do use bacon, but I didn't this time as my husband is watching his cholesterol. I blanched them for about 5 minutes in boiling water after removing the stem and slicing them into strips. Then I just cooked some onion in olive oil with plenty of red pepper flakes. Microplaned 2 cloves I'd garlic and added that, then added the drained greens and added a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and salted. After a few minutes Microplaned some more garlic. Cooked for another couple of minutes, then tuned off the heat and added another splash of vinegar. They are not a very California thing either, but now that I know, I'm in love.
  12. I made pulled pork today and my husband wanted some collard greens. I put the greens on the sandwiches and they were OMG amazing. Even my two young children loved it. I don't know if it's traditional or not, but I drain my collards so they aren't super wet. So pulled pork, hot vinegar sauce and collard greens make an epic sandwich. I just had to share this discovery here. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures because I thought it was going to just be another pulled pork cook...... But it was soooooooooo so so good. I cooked two bunches of greens and they were gone and all four of us were wanting more.
  13. As for twine..... I have never done that and must have missed where that is the thing to do. I've probably cooked ATLEAST 20 butts and have never have a problem. And don't worry so much about temp. Even at 300 degrees mine turn out great. I'm smoking one right now. I'll do about 2 hours one on side 2.5 hours on the other (cause of church, otherwise I'd wrap after a total of 4) and then wrap in pink butcher paper for 4 hours. This has been my go to method for brisket for about a year now and I tried it on a butt for my last BBQ and it worked great. It might need a little more than 4 hours wrapped to probe tender, but it was much more predictable. I do only have one data point for butts but it works very well for brisket. I cook at about 250.
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