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  1. shuley

    Yakitori Sunday

    Looks awesome! And I am also a big fan is ########o peppers
  2. shuley

    El Pastor Tacos

    I was going to ask if you rotated whole cooking, but that recipe answers that!
  3. shuley

    New Acorn Jr Owner

    I have a 23 KK and an Akorn jr. I probably use the KK 2-3 times a week plus anything really high heat like pizzas or where I near really precise or low Temps. My Akorn jr I use once a week for everything else that fits. I really like it and have found it to be well worth it.
  4. Well, I'll definitely be sorry to see this community leave. Social media is unhealthy for me and I have not participated in probably 12 years. As much as I love this community, I don't want to ever join social media again.
  5. shuley

    Smoke ring tips?

    I wouldn't worry about the smoke ring if you are happy with the smoke flavor. I have had plenty of BBQ from establishments with a nice looking smoke ring that was dried out and had minimal smoke flavor.
  6. shuley

    dry brisket

    I think the main culprit is the slicing so far ahead. I routinely take my (packer) brisket straight from my kamado to a cooler with no ill effects. I'd slice immediately before eating.
  7. shuley

    Homemade BBQ challenge!

    Thank you! And I consider myself the lucky one. My friends are amazing people.
  8. shuley

    Homemade BBQ challenge!

    Thank you! It was a fair amount of effort, but I love doing these every once in a while for my friends and family!
  9. shuley

    Homemade BBQ challenge!

    Hahaha, I'll just have to leave the colorful response up to my imagination!
  10. shuley

    Homemade BBQ challenge!

    Thank you! If love to share the potato salad recipe because I feel like it is so much lighter than most, and it goes perfectly well with all grilled meats. However since I sort of wing it, I can't really help beyond the ingredients list.
  11. shuley

    Homemade BBQ challenge!

    Thank you! A good time was had by all.
  12. shuley

    Homemade BBQ challenge!

    Thank you! I don't have a recipe.... I sort of make it up as I go, otherwise I'd be happy to share!