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  1. You did super well. My first kamado pizza cook was totally black on the bottom and the cheese tasted like and ash tray. I didn't know to retrieve any unused wood chunks.
  2. So great to have that lifestyle!
  3. I bet that would be great. I feel like spam is welcome anywhere bacon or ham could be used lol.
  4. I'd highly recommend trying it.... Although I could see turkey being good in this, it's nice how assertive the spam is lol.
  5. I'll have to try something else with it! And the glaze is just soy sauce, mirin, and sugar.
  6. I have spent many hours in ABC stores! I don't think I have ever bought a spam musubi from one. Glad I could inspire a trip! Have you ever gotten mauna pua ( I think that is how it is spelled) from a gas station? That's another favorite.
  7. It is really good. I end up making it a couple of times a year because it just reminds me of Hawaii. Totally unhealthy though lol.
  8. Hey, that looks pretty good too!
  9. Yeah it's pretty legit taste wise.
  10. Challenge cook! So my family was really looking forward to all getting together in Hawaii this year. Not only my personal family, but my parents, my sister her husband and baby, two sets of cousins with their families, my aunt and uncle and my grandmother, who are all spread out throughout the country. Covid 19 canceled those plans, and seeing the challenge cook immediately brought spam musubi to mind. Not only is everything completely shelf stable, but it paid homage to the family time missed. I actually don't think I have ever had spam in any other application, but this one is really, really good. Also, I couldn't quite get all ingredients that I was desiring due to covid supply related issues, but, hey, that just makes it fit better with the theme, right? Started with the ingredients for sushi rice..... Missing the rice vinegar, so I subbed apple Cider vinegar since it is similarly acidic.... It definitely worked. That was done in the instant pot, so no pictures about that. Then for the main event. The spam and the delicious glaze. Also tiny pieces of nori were available instead of the big sheets..... So I had to improvise. Sliced up the spam and got it on the griddle. Let it get a bit of color. But nothing too crazy. Then it's time for that glaze. Coat, turn, and cook until it looks scrumptious. Then it's time for layering. To do properly you need a musubi press. I was a little worried at this point because normally the nori wraps all the way around. I was worried this wouldn't have the structural integrity to be able to be eaten out of hand. It was more like a musubi sandwich kinda deal. Layer in the rice, then the spam You can do one layer of rice followed by spam, then the nori or you can do two. I did some of each. Here is what a two layer of rice musubi looks like. I just realized the picture was before I cut it. Oops. Still so delicious. So easy. So satisfying.
  11. Totally almost forgot to post my challenge cook even though I well documented 2 cooks just in case lol..... I made it. Alright, so I have been using my koko kamado quite a bit during Quarantine but this has to be one of my favorites. I only do it a few times per year, and every time I wonder why I don't do it more often. First, I've been making sourdough just like everyone and their mother. Then I got to making some delicious meatballs. I like them with a fair amount of sausage in them. Then I throw them on koko to get a bit of smoke on them. Meanwhile, I get a delicious sauce going. San marzano of course. After its cooked a bit, I use an immersion blender to have the smooth consistency I prefer for a meatball sub. After that has come together, I combine them so the meatballs can finish cooking in the sauce. I thought .. Why not make a pineapple upside down cake?... Did not use koko here. Annnnyway, after the meatballs were done assembly was a cinch and man are these good. I highly recommend trying this. The hint of smoke is a game changer.
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