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  1. I love grilled oysters and those look absolutely fantastic.
  2. I think aeropress is the method of extraction that has the best results for the highest percent of coffees....not sure if that makes sense.
  3. I love my roaster. I get all my beans from Sweet Maria's.....well, almost all. I usually pick from their most recent coffees now that I know which flavor profiles that I prefer. I almost always have a Columbian bean because my husband loves them the most. This one is from Guatemala and it is just fantastic. Prefered roast level is typically medium dark for me. As for means of extraction, that really depends on the day. Espresso, aeropress, Turkish, and we have plain old drip most days as well. How about you?
  4. Made some burnt ends from the point. Breakfast info champions. Will go easier on the Apple cider vinegar next time.
  5. Does this work longer than 4 hours? Maybe we'll just have lunch hahaha
  6. First of all, the last time I did brisket it also finished early and I don't really know why. I cooked this one at 225 and it was about 13 lbs. To start. Trimmed I would guess around 11 lbs. It finished overnight in less than 10 hours. Just got it in the cooler...it is 8:15 here. So I am wondering about the best way to reheat it if I want to have dinner tonight. I'm already worried about it being dried out because the temp was reading 210-215 with my probe.
  7. Love the trike lolI should of had my two year old riding around as well. Hahaha.
  8. getting the akorn ready to smoke a brisket while roasting coffee. Multitasking at its finest.
  9. Why is everywhere around me out of brisket???? I went to three stores today looking for some and they were all out! Anyways, this looks quite tasty
  10. I have an akorn so airflow is never an issue for me. I could see how smaller pieces could restrict air flow in other models. However, I always put bigger pieces on bottom just in case. Maybe I can stop doing that now.
  11. What did you use for a marinade? I'm thinking of trying fresh ham but I haven't come across many recipes.
  12. Did you add smoking chunks? Just curious to you having to much of a wood flavor on your last pizza.I didn't purposefully put any chunks in. I had a few chips mixed in with my old coal left from a previous cook that I just didn't bother to fish out. This time I combed through the old charcoal pretty carefully to remove everything I could find.
  13. Why is my picture upside down? I don't want to do that in future posts.
  14. I made two of these babies for dinner last night. I should have left them in just a bit longer, but I pulled them for fear of the wood flavor overpowering them from my last pizza cook. These just had a hint of that wood fire taste. We devoured the first one so quickly I forgot to take a picture! You have to love the versatility of the kamado...I'm smoking a pork shoulder as I type this.
  15. I am semi new to kamado ownership,I purchased my akorn in August and have done a cook pretty much every weekend since getting it. Not a lot of time but I have tried a fair amount of meats and I have been thrilled with the results of my kamado. I have been lurking kamado guru since well before purchasing my akorn to figure out the type of cooker I wanted and have continued to lurk when deciding what to do with each cook. I have always loved learning about cooking and baking, definitely my favorite subject to read about and experiment with. Now that love includes my kamado and smoking meats. I want to thank everyone who contributes to this forum because I feel that you have all helped me to vastly improve my skills. I look forward to continue to learn more through my own experiences as well as the experiences of those who post. My husband did his first smoke last weekend so maybe this will be something we both like!
  16. That is some beautiful looking tuna. Do you live in Hawaii?
  17. Does this impart much smoke flavor, it is it more of a convenience thing when you are already smoking something?
  18. Basically, what everyone said, fill it up. And don't worry about putting too much charcoal, it's not like other forms of charcoal grilling, if you close the vents after you are done, you will have quite a bit of charcoal left that you can reuse.
  19. I have done the reverse seat method and let the meat rest while the grill came to temp. Excellent results with both a rib roast, as well as tri tip. The meat was juicy from pretty much edge to edge. I highly recommend this technique.
  20. Say what? I don't understand what you are trying to say I guess.My TTT has not been off my Akorn since I installed it. I light my grill and burn for 10 to 15 minutes then shut it and let the TTT do its job. Never had any problems with it yet. A few minor adjustments might have to be made depending on what temp I want but have not overshot so far. I have always gotten my akorn to the temp I wanted, then put the TTT on after fully opening the stock vent. Your method sounds intriguing and like there would be far less fumbling around worrying about the temp increasing with the stock vent fully opened. I think I will try that for my next cook. I don't know why I never thought of that before!
  21. I very much like mine, but you have to have your temp already steady before you can use it. The TTT is super easy to use, but you have to watch it the first time as you are getting the hang of using it.
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