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  1. I've always wanted to try a pellet cooker. And probably a pit barrel... And maybe an offset. I don't have the real estate for that many cookers, nor do I think anything would ever replace my komodo kamado. My current plan (once this covid 19 stuff is behind us) is to buy used and sell used after a few months of playing around.
  2. This is the second tri tip I've made since we have been on quarantine. However, I didn't have as much control because I am participating in a 48 hour race where you have to complete 2 miles every 4 hours (although I did 2.5 for the first 6 laps.... To make it into a "True ultra") I'm half way through at this point. Anyway, this cook was in the middle of when I needed to start, so my husband was responsible for monitoring and pulling the meat. He then decided to sear it. Which...... He should have left to me. It was really good even with a mediocre sear.
  3. Looks like a great inaugural cook! I wish mine who have gone that smoothly!
  4. I find 15 degrees will not effect your cook very much except just length a little.
  5. I understand that even without the boiling method, this becomes so much safer than buying your own ground beef. Mostly because you are only dealing with one animal. But I'm hyper food conscious and this made it as safe as cooking any other steak medium rare. I was inexperienced and I cooked them to medium, but they were still amazing!
  6. I've also been experimenting with bread, but using sourdough and no yeast. Very interesting variations. Your sandwich bread looks just about perfect to me!
  7. I also use a kitchen aide grinder. I've had it over 11 years and had only used it once before lol! I'll for sure be using it more. I am hyper concerned with food safety, so I tried a method recommended by Harold Mcgee and dropped my chuck roast in boiling water for 60 seconds prior to grinding.
  8. What an insane difference! Best. Burger. Ever. Totally worth it. Also, about the buns. Apparently we the store was out of burger buns so my instacart shopper got these tiny things instead. I cut them in half and they worked just fine and were super delicious!
  9. Nice. I'm doing tri tip in a few days..... One of my favorites.
  10. My aide's aunt has passed from Covid-19 and my best friend from childhood has lost 2 family members.
  11. Wow all these dessert pizzas look awesome!
  12. I'd look at baby back maniacs videos about this. He doesn't come across as biased, in fact, he seems like a weber fan. This was not a win for him.
  13. Whoa, I have never seen that. What is a digital charcoal grill?
  14. Wow. Sucks, dude. I'm sorry.
  15. I have not tried all of forkish's recipes yet including the bugs, but I have been very please with his other crusts. So far my favorite is the 24-48 hour dough. I do all my grocery shopping a week at a time so it's not difficult for me to plan ahead anyway. I'm going to try his NY dough next. The question I have is regarding the pizza steel and the kamado. I have really struggled to cook pizza on a steel in the kamado. Has anyone been successful with this?
  16. Oddly, being trapped all day makes it seem overwhelming to get outside cooking.... Not sure what is wrong with me but I have taken on a bunch of challenges for myself since we have been stuck at home that I have always wanted to try: pasties, puff pastry, sourdough without yeast, and of course egg yolk ravioli which i have done a few times since it is my kindergartener'a favorite dinner but is always tricky. We had really nice weather yesterday and I thought about just doing the salmon in the oven, but then my husband offered to bring out the instant pot and power cord so I could do the risotto outside as well (I was planning on doing it on the stove top). We ended up cooking outside, eating outside, then bringing a game outside to play with the kids. It was the nicest evening in a long time. Too bad it's raining today :( Next up will be grinding up my own meat for burgers. Now these will be interesting because the substitution I got for hamburger buns due to instacart is hilarious! Stay tuned!
  17. Oh how I've missed your cooking.
  18. You will love that Joe. It looks to be an excellent cooker.
  19. Personally, I'm a fan of the akorn jr But it's the inky Jr grill I've ever owned, so I am biased.
  20. Personally, I wouldn't do two rounds of rotisserie chicken.... I'd do pork butts if you want to go easy and have consistent results. I am not familiar with how much grate space the classic has, but some rib roasts are also a great crowd pleaser
  21. Pork butt if you want to do a low and slow. Spatchcocked chicken if you want to grill.
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