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  1. I actually don't like tri tip if it is cooked to well done. It tastes very livery to me when over cooked. Love it at medium rare and have only ever gotten one that tasted gamey when cooked properly. I just thought there was probably something not as good about that particular cow.
  2. For a thermometer recommendation... A nice probe thermometer like thermoworks smoke has a clip to connect a probe to your grate. Then you can also check the temp when you aren't right by your grill as well.
  3. I'd be curious to see if anyone would be willing to do a side by side comparison cook with and without the sloroller. I feel like kamados do an excellent job of keeping smoke in contact with the meat compared to other cookers and am curious if this would amplify that or not.
  4. I can offer no advice as I haven't used either one. I don't think there is a bad choice. I'd prefer a larger grate, but cooking near the kitchen would also be my preference so...... I dunno.
  5. Hope it works out for you. Like I said I love in a relatively mild climate (it never gets too cold, though it gets plenty hot in summer) so the vent settings for 225-250 don't change for me at all. It should work if you are in a similar situation.
  6. I actually do not use my probe thermometers....even on overnight cooks anymore. Thinking because it the increased mass of a KK, I don't even have to wait for the temp to stabilize before going to bed. The vent settings are pretty much never effected by outside conditions (I also live in a pretty mild climate). The night before a low and slow, I light the charcoal with a single lighter cube for about 10 minutes, put my grates that I will be using in, set the vent settings and go to bed. When I wake up, I'm ready to put the wood on immediately, then the meat about 20-30 minutes later. I find the temperature is extremely steady. I can't remember the last time I actually had the meat on during the overnight part, but I haven't needed to in a long time.
  7. ....... You got not just one, but two akorns for 69 each?? Must have been your lucky day.
  8. Those look like a tasty protein packed breakfast.
  9. I like my bear claws, and I didn't even have to pay for them. They came with a probe thermometer I ordered back when I first got a kamado.
  10. Personally, I am always excited to learn about new grills and updates. I doubt I'd ever own a pellet grill.... My backyard is tiny, and hubby hated it when I had three grills. But I do find them fascinating and enjoy learning about them.
  11. I love that st. Patrick's day is the time of year where you can actually find points by themselves. I picked one up, and will smoke it in the near future. Did you have to core the cabbage to get the butter in?
  12. I've made chili Verde from scratch and it took forever but was amazing. Definitely saving it for special occasions.
  13. I have a butt seasoned, vacuum sealed and in the freezer. I'm really curious about this method. Isn't 165 when the collagen starts to break down? I'm wondering what would happen if you cooked it to 175 or so.... Enough to hold it together but a significant amount broken down? I would love to try it sliced instead of pulled.
  14. I have done this, and I did 2 side by side, one with soaking and one without. I honestly could barely tell a difference (I can't remember how long I soaked, but I know I changed the water atleast 2 times) I also don't believe I wrapped mine, but mine were points so they are more forgiving. If you have flats I'd definitely wrap. They turned out great. I actually bought one so I can do it.... Maybe next weekend.
  15. Jr. Kamados are highly useful. I love my Akorn jr.....i haven't fired it up in a while but this week is supposed to be perfect grilling weather.... Good thing all my cooks this week will be grilling and at least 3 of them will fit on the Jr.
  16. I think my county is pretty typical... Usually you recieve your summons for a particular week, have to call in each day during that week to see if you have to show up. If you have to show up you sit for a day, and then may or may not be selected for a jury. If you are selected, there is no telling how long you may serve.... I've heard of someone who was on a jury for 6 months recently. However, I was so lucky (not) to be selected for my district's federal grand jury.... Which lasted 18 months. It was every other Thursday for 18 months and a 2 hour drive each way for me. I hated it the volume of cases and the level of how disturbing the cases were, but I'd pick it over being sequestered any day.
  17. Thanks to you I can cool down my KK so much faster if I overshoot my target temp. Always appreciated. And while I have never had shakshuka officially, I have had eggs in purgatory which appear to be similar. I loved them.
  18. Awesome review. Do you wheel it out of the rain? Does it need a cover?
  19. If it were me and between the two choices I'd get the Joe just for the d&c system. You won't be unhappy either way though.
  20. Happy birthday! What's for dinner?
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