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  1. You've got the right attitude, about filling that second cover with another KJ. Love that statement! After reading your signature, I wanted to add that my Weber Genesis sits next to the KJ, and gets plenty of use. In my place, we do not actually want everything cooked over charcoal.
  2. I put the stone directly on the top grills, and cannot think of any reason to do it differently ir add any complexity to this method. Whatever it is, I must not have it, but - what problem are you guys trying to solve?
  3. My KJ Classic cover came from the local Ace hardware store in December 2015. I cannot think of a single thing I don't like about it. For me, it is really quite a good cover. FWIW, I keep a Weber cover on my Weber kettle, and another one on my Weber Genesis. They all work well, and do what I expected of such a thing. .
  4. If you folks in Australia are intent on getting a rotisserie, why don't you just order it from the US, and use a voltage transformer? I'm not suggesting it would be economic to do so, but from all I've ever known, nothing is particularly economic in Australia anyway. Countless saltwater fishing boats are bought here and then shipped to your country. Imagine how much that shipping bill is, but the buyers all say it's competitive with, or beats, buying a boat in Australia.
  5. I really appreciate getting the answers to this simple method question. It was very helpful, and I got great reviews on the drumsticks I prepared. I often find I want more about the details of how to actually do the cook and the methods used, and less about how to season and spice the food itself. On Saturday afternoon I did three dozen drumsticks to have on the table for a Super Bowl party. I used the deflector plate, and kept the temp just over 300. I let it get to as much as 320 or so, but not more. I cooked them for about 1 hour, and checked the internal temps to determine it was at least 175 to 180 or more. The highest i recall was 192 degrees. I turned the legs once during the cook, at about 35 minutes in. I did not sauce them at all because my wife and I are not not fans of sauces when cooking, preferring to serve sauce on the side if anyone wants it. People were asking where I bought them, and it was of course very rewarding to say I cooked them on the KJ egg. I did these in two batches. When I loaded the first batch I got about 25 laid out nicely on the grill, and I elected to not stack them on top of each other. I think they could be stacked, but somehow the idea sort of bugged me so I did a second batch of the last dozen. I had plenty of time available so it was not a problem to do them in two passes. THANKS AGAIN FOR HELPING ME ON THIS !
  6. I'd really appreciate good input on the method and procedure to cook drumsticks on my ceramic grill cooker. Things like: Cooking time expected at a temperature? Temperature range recommended? Turn them over on the grill at all during cooking, or not? Grill set up, for example grill height and deflector plate use? Anything else I should know to do, or watch, or otherwise consider? I am not seeking recipes for sauces and marinades in this thread, but would sure like to learn about the cooking method and procedure from the experience of others. Many thanks! Jim
  7. I don't think there's a question, the thermometer fitting shown in the joetisserie video is leaking smoke. I'd say the speaker even acknowledged that, by mentioning that some smoke was coming out when he went to the close up of the thermometer. Doesn't seem he would be saying that about the top chimney fitting, from which we we expect smoke to rise. He did say it was no problem...
  8. John, I still cannot post on the KJ Forum, and just sent you a PM here, to allow this thread to stay more on its original topic. Thank you for helping me! This points out what GREAT forum this one is, and how fun and rewarding it is to be a member of a well-designed and maintained forum. Back on Dec. 26, I was able to immediately join and participate in the BGE Forum, but the old and inconvenient format there isn't even close to the usefulness of this one.
  9. Houston, TX : West Memorial Area Kamado Joe Classic, purchased at Memorial Ace Hardware, Christmas 2015 And other older grills, still in the active fleet.
  10. I am a true devotee of the Kamado Joe cookers, and have directed quite a few people to buy them. However, I don't give KJ any props at all for failing to keep up their web presence. It's a modern world, like it or not, and they shouldn't blow off the web info because someone else is working on a new product. I doubt those would be the same person anyway. The KJ forum is not nearly as active as this one - not even close. And to make matters worse, I signed up as a user there in late December, and they still have not approved my registration. As a result I cannot post and cannot access parts of the forum, and can't see all the pictures. I have sent multiple - i mean multiple - inquiries seeking to get someone to at least reply, let alone actually fix the problem, and still have no action from them on the topic. When I decided to give up and simply re-register, the site won't let me because it says my email address is already in use, which is a reference to the fact that I did sign up, they just didn't approve the registration or send a confirmation link, or any other thing of that nature. In the meantime, I got an answer here in less than 15 minutes when it was posted earlier that the ring is cast aluminum. .
  11. The Kamado Joe website is void of any recognition that such a thing as a Joetisserie exists. I am seeing them on Facebook posts now, so clearly they are being shipped, and the trick to get one if you want it is to find a retailer that has them and place your order. With a lot of searching I have not found the answer to my first question about them, which is that I want to know about the material the wedge ring is made from. Does anyone have information on the material? Is it metal, if so what type of metal, and what is the finish on it? Or maybe a high temp molded plastic? Or is it possibly even some type of ceramic? What can anyone add about this? THANKS ,
  12. The half-baskets to hold charcoal and divide the fire are also sold by Weber as an accessory for the kettle style pits. I ordered a set from Amazon, but I see them from time to time at places that sell the Weber grills and accessories. I got them for my Weber kettle, and have not tried them in the KJoe.
  13. I find the capacity of th classic to be ... stunning. I didn't think I could get 4 racks of St. Louis cut ribs on it, and then I realized i could probably easily get 6 and maybe 8. A few nights ago I had four large NY Strips, and 8 sausage links on it, and there was a ton of space open. I think part of this consideration has to be your personal sensitivity about the spacing of the meat, and if you are trying to maintain an open edge along the perimeter of the grill. With the KJ I have learned to just squeeze it in there, and it works great. My old habits of having wide open spaces between pieces with space all along the edges are the product of years of cooking on a large Weber Genesis; and for a while before I ditched it, a huge side-firebox, stick burner. I do like the idea of adding a Jr., though. That would be cool for me.
  14. Exciting stuff, Steve. Where did you find to order from?
  15. OK, then, this is all interesting. I appreciate the input and advice. The welding glove or similar approach makes sense to me for the def. plates. I can see that having a proper place to set them down, pre-planned and nearby, is very important. I'm glad to confirm the grill gripper thing that was supplied with the KJ grill is not something tricky, and I was missing the trick.
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