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  1. That is one FINE table! Great job, especially considering your use of reclaimed wood. May I ask what you used to stain and preserve the wood?
  2. Oops... I think those are pieces of chicken... Not shrimp. My bad! Looks good anyway :>)
  3. Welcome to the forum, samjo. Those are mighty good-looking shrimp. Yummy. It was also very wise of you to proactively post pictures of your cook. Members here really appreciate PICTURES, and if you just talk about a cook but don't provide pictures, someone will ask for 'em. I don't know why... Pictures just make me hungry all the time! :>) Enjoy your new cooker.
  4. Welcome to the forum. That's a nice combination of cookers. You're sure to get lots of REALLY good meals, and fun times. Remember to get plenty of pictures.
  5. That loaf looks wonderful, Bosco. I like the idea of progressive recipes... Each building on the others. Might be something I'll try one day. So many things to try. So little time!
  6. GeoL


    Glad you joined the forum. You're in for some REALLY good meals, and we hope to see lots of pictures. Enjoy!
  7. Less than an hour left in the delivery window that the trucking company gave me. Getting REALLY excited now!
  8. I sure hope to get some good cooks out of it. The cooker is certainly capable! What s lacking is "Original Thought" on my part. I doubt that I'll be coming with anything new, but hope to copy what others do.
  9. Thanks rwalters. I'm not sure what I almost bit on, but thanks for helping me side-step it!
  10. Just got word that my KK is arriving early, and will be delivered tomorrow (Thursday) between 10:00~2:00. Can you say "EXCITED"?! I already had a ramp that I had made to the height needed to go up/down the two short steps involved in getting it through the house, and made a "dry run" leap-frogging scrap plywood I cut to cover the flooring as I move that 600 pound beauty through the house. Can't wait!
  11. Welcome to the forum, firemed2552. Looking forward to pictures of your brisket. Thanks for your service.
  12. Welcome to the forum, hallowed. I see that you're already enjoying some good food from your cooker. Btw... Nice screen name!
  13. That redefines "Fatty". Nice cook, Bosco.
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