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  1. Here's the story to my first Kamado Joe Classic II low-n-slow BBQ brisket. So I have smoked a few on my Vision's but got to try out the KJCII this time since it was my brand new toy. It was definitely easier and better than the Vision IMO. Hard to think that there would be much difference, but there honestly is. I loaded the KJ up with coal & 2 mesquite chunks, lit the center and let it heat up to 250. While doing so, I trimmed and then let the brisket come up to room temp all while injecting and coating with the rub (brisket was 13 lbs. untrimmed). The injection: 8 oz coffee, at room temp a few shakes of Texas Pete. a few tablespoons of worcheshire The Rub: (sorry no real measurements) 1/4 C finely ground coffee 1/4 C dark brown sugar few table spoons chili powder some paprika black pepper salt onion powder garlic powder cocoa powder and cayenne to taste Inject every square inch and then let the liquid that has ran across the outside serve as my binder agent and apply rub. Let set about 5 minutes to soak in...flip and repeat on the other side. KJ's at temp, brisket is at room temp by this time. KJ set up with deflectors on the accessory rack in bottom position. Grates at top setting. Thermometer stuck in the meat, placed on the grill Friday at 11:30 p.m. and let cook all night without crutching. Waited until IT was 185 degrees and pulled from the KJ around 10:00 a.m. Saturday. Separated the flat and point, wrapped the flat and point, and poured about 1/4 cup coffee into the foil of both, bumped the grill temp to 300 degrees and placed back on the grill. The point hit 210 first, so I pulled it, cubed it, placed in disposable aluminum tray, slathered it with spicy Stubbs bbq sauce and placed back on the grill. I let that sit about 10 minutes and pulled it off...that was the burnt ends appetizer (sorry no pics for that, it was demolished for NCAA Football game day). Shortly after, the flat reached 210 degrees, pulled from the grill, and let rest about 1 hour. Total cook ended around 1:30 p.m. Saturday. Everything was delicious and tender. BLUF: I will definitely choose to use the KJ over the Vision for long smokes. Vision dies out after about 4 hours and is hard to maintain steady temps, while the KJ lasted 14 hours with no problem and rock steady at the temps chosen. Enjoy pics: (And yes, we are still friends after the DAWGS beat Auburn...Go DAWGS!) The Auburn fan drove from GA to my house in AL for the game...he said the loss was worth the brisket!
  2. Gayton81

    New addition to the family

    I started the double table build finally. Documented the new table here: For those who are newer or don't remember...here was my first table for the M...
  3. Gayton81

    KJCII & Vision M dual table

    Well as some of you seen I finally added a Kamado Joe to my arsenal. With that it made the need for a double cooker table. I began that journey Saturday and now all that’s left is to stain/protect the wood and in-lay the tile piece on the top. It’s made from Pine, most screws were hid in pocket holes and everything is glued. You can see my helper doing some sanding too, she also does oil changes in the dragster lol. Pics to come once I get the cookers in their holes.
  4. Gayton81

    Latest Buc-ee's haul

    They're definitely expanding. There is one being built in between Pensacola, FL and Mobile, AL if my memory serves me right on my last trip...it may have even been between Mobile, and Biloxi, MS. Either way, my last bathroom break at Buck-ee's cost me $250. A potty break for my daughter ended up with three RTIC coolers, Ghost Pepper salsa, Buck-ee's Strawberry jelly and some snacks.
  5. Gayton81

    New addition to the family

    Hey all! Long time since I have been online since they took away the Tapatalk access. But, I jumped online last week just to catch up a little and it made my wallet jump out of my pocket and went and bought a KJ to go along with my Vision M that most of you seen me cook on. I still have the M and I still have the Vision S at the Florida house. But made the first cook yesterday on the KJ with some Korean Ribs. But, I just wanted to say hey to all and I have definitely missed the conversations with you all. Now I just have to make a new table to hold both of them. That will probably happen after the new year. Joetisserie is already on the way!
  6. Gayton81

    Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg Comparison Video

    Haha yea I seen that...unfortunately my account just expired with Costco and we went back to Sam's. I guess I will just have to pay full price.
  7. Gayton81

    Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg Comparison Video

    I guess this finalizes my decision. I have been on the fence about adding a KJ to my Vision M and I'm definitely gonna pull the trigger...but do I wait for the road show to come back through Huntsville or just go buy one!?
  8. Gayton81

    First overnight low and slow...

    Others may chime in but I've done 8-10 pounders and put them in around 10:pm...they're usually done by 8:am the next morning...ya might be going in too soon and it'll be finished around 5:am possibly unless that's what you're shooting for. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Gayton81

    Vision At Sam's Club

    So what happened here after all this? Vision or Akorn? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Gayton81

    help with cracked kamado

    Do you not have a warranty? Vision has been great with my warranty claims. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Gayton81

    Vision At Sam's Club

    I will tell you every floor model I have seen at Sams does not compare to a legitimately assembled one. I purchased a floor model S to accompany my M and completely reassembled it to include parts that were left off...don't judge a book by its cover (or a Vision grill by Sam's minimum wage assemblers). The upper grates aren't always used and when I do use mine I have no problems with it, you just have to find the best method for its use and yourself. As for the thumb screws on the ash drawer, mine is the older version and has those, you may be able to contact Vision and get them to send them to you. They have had great customer service to include replacing missing parts from my floor model I purchased. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Burgers I only have one word...Smashburger. Quick, easy and delicious. Hotdogs I go direct for a few minutes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Gayton81

    B&B oak lump?

    I've been debating trying it since our Walmart does not sell Royal Oak anymore. I have been using some stuff I got from Costco that's been pretty good except the temps run cooler on it when cooking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Gayton81

    Smoking a Spiral Ham....

    Last one I did was about 2 hours Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Gayton81

    Roadshow Pricing

    I think the lady might think you were stalking her. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk