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  1. I had to change the hinge on my Big Joe a couple of weeks ago, If you have access to Heavy Duty Zip Ties (Panduit Straps) it is possible to do the hinge by yourself. I unwrapped the new hinges, and strapped the box section, removed the shipping ties, pulled the band bolts and got them on. The most trouble I had was indexing the bands by myself, but, it can be done. I still notice a kind of cantilever flex in the hinge section it's a little unnerving to say the least, but the lid isn't falling on my head, hopefully this set will last long enough for the new design to be the replacement. Love my Joe, just seems to be a lot of little gremlins in my grill, now if I can get the bottom vent to seal up I would be Golden!!
  2. I thought for more smoke you adjust the temp with the daisy wheel, and less smoke, you use the slider. I baked a sock it to me cake in the Big Joe just after I pulled my Pork Loin. was awesome to be eating dinner while Joe Baked dessert!! Needless to say, I think my family is in the market for a Kamado. You just need to play around with Your Grill. I first got mine, I burned up about three bags of lump just to get the hang of temp control, smoke saturation, overshoot and pull down temp, I was going nuts trying to "lock In" a temp and I just couldn't do it. I was doing everything, the best thing I did was just walk away and let it settle on it's own. I was only about 5-6* above target temp, and the results were outstanding. Have fun
  3. When is the "Roll Out"?? I am saving my Pennies!!
  4. after a while, I just left the ash tray out completely, shake the ash basket, and shop vac clean up. Have fun
  5. I am curious, if you bought the Egg second hand, and something goes wrong and you purchase the replacement parts from a dealer, does the part purchased carry the full warranty?
  6. Get back to Costco it's 2 for $30 check for the Coconut Shell charcoal while you're there as well!!
  7. I have used a charcoal chimney and the side burner on my gasser!! I told my wife that the gasser is still useful.
  8. LOL if I did that I would be in another town...But, I would miss my JOE Great job, I have been battling with acute pain in my right hip for about 4 years, I would love to get out and run, but I have enough trouble walking up and down stairs. Hopefully I can get the bike out of mothballs and do something to get over this hump.
  9. ^^^ This method I discovered by accident after fumbling the spatula. Tried with Trout, Red Snapper, Tilapia, Sockeye. My brother says I spend WAY too much time with my Joe
  10. Shutdown has been the Bain of my existence. I guess when the rain is out of the forecast I'll give it another round of surgery. Another thing I noticed while loosening the acorn nuts by the hinges, a couple of them kept spinning, even while I was tightening them up. I'm probably screwed blued and tattooed
  11. After an exhausting afternoon, I give up. The more I try to seal up my Big Joe, the worse it gets. I loosen one thing, tighten another, move this, fiddle with that, I just can't do it... About to Rutland BOTH Halves of the Joe and call it good... I emailed Meghan maybe I'm just a wuss and I am making this a lot harder than it should be. As long as I don't tighten the springs to hold the top open, it'll pass the "Dollar Bill Test" I have seen where a couple of guys have used theirs without a gasket at all. In fact the last post I did I was sure that it would be a simple process to change the gasket, align the dome and that would be that.
  12. There will probably be no significant closed distance tolerances, or pressures, with the new hinge design. I do however think that the lift force will be a little higher, and the transition from full open to full closed will have a bit of resistance due to the counterbalance design of the hinge. like the slow close toilet seat(sorry had to get a Plumbing reference in there somewhere) As far as the silicone gasket, I bet there is a channel in the ceramic for it to ride in to help with mechanical adhesion as well as alignment,(like a valve cover gasket) maybe even arched a little to guarantee an air tight seal at the two halves. As long as Kamado Joe is listening to their customers, and adapting to the market, I think everyone is a winner!!
  13. I think that Corning and Rutland have a great products. But, don't want to go to the expense and legality of FDA approval for a high temperature gasket for a handful of cooking enthusiasts. As a Master Plumber, I work with lead from time to time. And, have been exposed to Asbestos on school remodels (Asbestos we would just bag the area and wait for the Abatement Team)
  14. that's no problem. Even if requires a minor adjustment, I'm ready to get to cookin'! I am still getting my timing, and vent positions and stuff like that worked out. But, the mechanical side is pretty cut and dry for me. P.S. LOVE the Kamado Joe Lump i tried a couple of store brands, (MEH) and thought that Royal Oak was good, but, hats off to Bobby on the KJ lump, a couple of pieces were so dense I thought they were rocks (Royal Oak style) a couple of whacks with a hammer revealed a nice chunk of SOLID WOOD.
  15. the gasket is pretty much wasted, I'm grilling some burgers this afternoon on her, the dome makes good contact in a couple of spots and I can see daylight from all sides...I figured I would test drive a Rutland and see how that goes. On the plus side the firebowl and ring are terracotta colored again!! and the stainless is clean. Was thinking Portabella/Gouda stuffed and some Hatch Chili/Queso stuffed patties.
  16. About six months ago I was forced to change the gasket on my Big Joe due to my own ignorance... Any how, I opted for the "cheap" one on eBay, it was easy to put on, and seemed to do well for $12. On Monday this week I decided to smoke a pork belly to make some Piglet Poppers, all was good. After I pulled the meat I thought what the heck, its been 4 months since my last burn off and I don't want to pick out the Apple wood I used for smoke, open 'er up!! Walked it up to 700, closed the bottom vent and let the temp start creeping down. when I got around 450 to 500 I slid the Daisy wheel and left it slightly open, and went to the store. I got home to a PURPLE HOT Kamado Joe. Lets just say I was less than happy when I found that my burn off did more than clean the firebox and grates, it torched the felt gasket material(kinda funny in one way) I am so glad I have the Kamado Joe, I think a lesser cooker would have shattered on the back porch. I'll try to get some pictures on here if I can. And out of giggles I emailed the company I purchased from and they are upgrading to Nomex and were apologetic about everything that had happened. Just wanted to share my experience. “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin ...
  17. I would probably go 325 indirect for 6-7 min, rotate 90* go another 6-7 flip and repeat. But definitely check the internal temperature.
  18. ^^ What they said!! I thought I was going nuts waiting for the grill to cool down and thought there has to be something wrong...But,it takes a while for everything to cool back down. And, after it is cooled off, I usually crack the vents open a little bit while it's under the cover so moisture won't build up inside and get moldy on the inside (sweat and condensation).
  19. I am on the fence about a warranty claim, or just sand blast and Cerekote the one I've got. I do like the red, go RASTA color scheme
  20. Opt in for the Kick Ash Basket, and turn the Cast Iron into the grill extender. You'll have to get fasteners made from Stainless Steel I go to Fastenall for my stuff like that. Congrats
  21. The Road Show I was at, the sales rep stepped back and let me sell a Classic to an "on the fence" buyer. Showed a picture of a pizza on an 18" Pizza pan, with a ton of room all the way around my Big Joe. As well as another cook with the Dancing chickens, Kabobs(going at the same time). and while we were working on dinner, a peach cobbler for dessert. can't wait for a second level I'll need to get a pool box to store all of my goodies for the grill!! I don't mind, I think that the KJ pretty much sells itself. However, I am still waiting on my commission ... Oh, Darn it I forgot to fill out the paperwork.
  22. If you want a total cover drip pan, you could always get an aluminum water heater pan. and some 1/2" copper tees and stuff to get it off the heat deflector!! But a disposable is easier to clean. Or even a Burn out when you're done is good too.
  23. Just didn't want to crack a fire bowl again. At least it is Royal Oak (Christmas Gift from Inlaws) and not Fogo...Really want to try the KK Coconut Lump and do a Texas Sized Cinnamon Roll
  24. tater6061

    Shut Down

    I have noticed that when I shut down my Big Joe that I don't have as much lump left over as I used to. My cooks aren't very long usually around 45 minutes or so at 350- 375. I close the bottom damper and leave the Daisy wheel cracked open to let the heat escape. The next cook I shake that Ash Basket (awesome), and there is not alot left. Tonight, I had a dozen chicken legs on indirect, when they were finished, slid the heat deflector, repositioned the grate, opened her up to about 500, then seared a couple of steaks for the Mrs. about 4 minutes, then shut it down. Three hours later, open it up to brush off the grill grates while its still warm, and the lump is still glowing...I thought I was supposed to be saving charcoal when its closed. I am curious if I have any leaks down by the lower damper? I'll wait until my next cook and see what I can find. any thoughts or suggestions? was going to slide some hickory or apple wood on the ash scoop and slide it under the fire basket to get the smoke going, then close the daisy wheel and see if I have any leaks. I figured that would be a safe way to go about it. Type at y'all Later, Tater
  25. I have been cooking like crazy on my Big Joe now that the record rainfall for DFW has stopped. I have a quick question... I want to finish getting all of the loose paint off the daisy wheel and re coat it with something that will las a little longer than 5 months, any suggestions?? My first thoughts were to sand blast it, and Cerecote it.I am not opposed to rattle can BBQ Black, but not sure if it'll hold up...
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