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    New life for Classic

    Great idea! Looks awesome!
  2. jsavoie88

    Aussies Dont BBQ, They Cook Outdoors

    Welcome Polar Bear! I'm happy to see you made your way over here from FOH!
  3. jsavoie88

    Our boy Eros' win on Sunday!

    But seriously, congrats to you and Eros, from me and Achilles!
  4. jsavoie88

    Our boy Eros' win on Sunday!

    My Grand Champion Grill Watcher.
  5. jsavoie88

    Nothing but the money!

    Thank you, sir. They were delicious!
  6. jsavoie88

    Nothing but the money!

    Ribeye cap steaks, grilled asparagus, and homemade macaroni and cheese.
  7. I agree, sir! Something about cigars and the smell of meat slow smoking on mesquite! Same here. I didn't even know there was a rib rack that would fit in the junior. Guess that may be my next purchase. Oh dear, at this rate I am going to need to get a second job just for extra money to buy grill toys! Thanks fellas. I was pleasantly surprised by how many ribs I was able to put on the Jr with the rib rack. (Disclaimer--it's a BGE rib rack. KJ folks--don't be mad, it's all my local Ace had to offer.)
  8. Started out with spare ribs and cut them to fit my rib rack. My rack would hold four sets of ribs, so I tried them four different ways. They were cooked on left over KJ lump and fresh mesquite pieces. Smoked them for 2.5 hours at 225* then wrapped them and put them back on for another 2.5 hours. To pass the time, I smoked a Hamlet Paredes and an Avo No. 2. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Here are some photographs, start to finish. Fire setup: Ribs on: Hamlet: Half way through: Ready for serving: Finished with some homemade creamed corn: Hope y'all enjoy!
  9. Smoke flavor was right on point. They had a really nice mesquite flavor without being overpowering. Although, that's difficult to do with the richness of those spare ribs!
  10. Thanks fellas! They were delicious! UTVol--The smoke flavor was fantastic. I really enjoy mesquite. That being said, Ronin_Jedi is correct, mesquite can have a bite to it. If you're not used to the flavor of mesquite, I'd try mixing woods. I'll add oak to Ronin_Jedi's list.
  11. Ribeye and asparagus. Beyond happy with the performance of my grill!!'
  12. For my first smoke on my Kamado Joe, I went with a 5 lbs Boston butt. I threw on some Chupacabra rub and a little brown sugar. I mixed some Kamado Joe lump with mesquite pieces (bigger than chunks and chips) and got the fire to 225*. After four hours, I wrapped in foil and cooked for another two. I removed it and let it rest before slicing. Everyone seemed to enjoy! Side note: I was afraid that with a ceramic I would not get a smoke ring. To my surprise, when I sliced the pork, there was a very nice smoke ring and the meat had good smoke flavor! Here are the pics:
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    Second cook (first smoke) on Kamado Joe

    Thanks y'all. Again, I owe it to the forum! There is so much information on here for anyone who wants it. I'm really looking forward to trying my hand at a brisket. I think I'll try some pork ribs next though.
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    First cook on my Kamado Joe

    Thanks to everyone! This forum helped tremendously in my research and eventual purchase of the Kamado Joe. Couldn't be happier!
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    First cook on my Kamado Joe

    Bandit--just a little avocado oil, salt, and pepper. I highly recommend avocado oil if you haven't tried it.
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    First cook on my Kamado Joe

    Thanks guys! I'm pretty excited about this grill out and the many more to come!