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  1. DrLib


    I also have a Weber Genesis too I have used my Vision so many times now and the Weber only to do a few burgers in a rush I now make some of the best Steaks, lamb, chicken, ribs, pizza and so on (poor gas grill) Also got into Sous-Vide (Anova ) cooking and its a game changer too I use a looftlighter, Fogo Lump and never look back
  2. DrLib

    Best surface for cooking fish on Big Joe?

    I used grill matts has worked great http://www.amazon.com/Grillaholics-Grill-Mat-Lifetime-Guarantee/dp/B00KUJCH66/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1461350905&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=grill+mat&psc=1
  3. DrLib


    shipping cost to 32561? Pensacola Beach Fl?
  4. DrLib

    Just purchased a Vision Grill B Series

    Great Lump , alot of meat, and gill away mine has been doing well enjoy it
  5. DrLib

    Rutland or Nomex

    Did yours come in smaller strips? Mine did which caused more areas for separation IMO. just looked at mine it was 2 large strips and extra for top
  6. DrLib

    New from Gulf Breeze FL

    Welcome Pensacola Beach here
  7. DrLib

    New Vision 2016 Classic B Guy here

    The Local Sams here did not show any in stock But had 4 in the store marked as seasonal, never put on website
  8. DrLib

    Rutland or Nomex

    Yes they have changed it to a gray nomex , just got mine a few days ago have not installed it yet Support is been great
  9. DrLib

    Newbie from FL Panhandle

    Welcome Pensacola Beach here
  10. Well so far so good Just got my Tracking info on my order, they ship out the next day after I placed order
  11. Thanks just ordered some too
  12. I have this one and let me tell you its been great
  13. DrLib

    Sous Vide Cooking Forum

    I have the Anova Precision Cooker it has been working great for me http://anovaculinary.com/