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  1. Making this for dinner tomorrow night, the first time was a great success. Anyone recommend a smoking wood? I was thinking Apple wood...
  2. Well, got to eating and forgot to post the end result. It was very flavorful, however, the meat wasn't as tender as I had expected. Maybe it got up to 205 too fast. The carrots and mushrooms were fine but the potatoes were a bit soft. When tearing the meat apart I could see a good deal of connective tissue/ fat. Thoughts?
  3. Well, I opened the vents a bit and got the Akorn up to 305°. The IT has started climbing again. It'd gotten down to 151 and now I'm at 153.
  4. Thanks for this. After he gets the Chuck over his veggies he turns it up to 350. I wonder if I should get the Akorn up to 300-325. I could be looking at a long night at 280...
  5. I got the beer/water mix up to 150° on the stovetop & poured over the veggies. Put the roast over the veggies and covered it all up with foil. The IT dropped to 152° and I got the grill up to 180. I think it's all going to fit nicely, even after the roast renders its fat over the veggies. Oh yeah, I sprinkled more crushed rosemary, a little salt, a little paprika, some garlic powder, and a few bay leaves in with he veggies.
  6. Hey everybody, A few weeks ago I did my first Boston Butt and you guys were great help . Over the last week and a half, I've been researching a good Chuck Roast recipe. I didn't find any ONE that I was crazy about so I took a little from this one and a little from that one. 3.5 lb Chuck Roast (Chuck Roast at 145°) I made my own rub: 2tbs salt, 1.5 tbs of each, pepper, Spanish smoked paprika, garlic powder, and brown sugar. 1 tbs of each, dried oregano, crushed Rosemary. I let the meat rest in the fridge for 4 hours after rubbing it. I'm following some advice here from BEERNBBQBYLARRY, about getting the roast up to 160°f IT and then transfer it to the potatoes and carrots. I didn't want to spend $35 on a Dutch oven so I'm doing this in a disposable foil pan. I'm cooking at 260-270°, I can't believe how accurate I can get the temp on the Akorn. I put the chuck on the kamado about 2 hours ago and the IT is at 155. Currently it's 22° outside with 23 mph winds, feels like 5. When I get to 160° IT I will put a cup of water and 12oz beer over the vegetables and place the Chuck over the veggies and back on the grill till 200°. (Carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms. It's gonna be a tight fit for the liquid.) I've got a question, If I pour the water and beer on the vegetables, won't this delay my cook and lower the temperature. I'm thinking about heating up the beer and water a little before adding it to the veggies. Thoughts?
  7. I typed thermopen into amazon and got a million results. Which do yous recommend?
  8. How do you, Akorn owners, clean your grill after a Butt? I ended up with tons of fat, mainly on the circle middle piece. What is the proper way to clean the cast iron grill?
  9. It is done. Actually, it was done at 5:15. 12 hours it took. When I pulled it off, it stuck a little and a chunk stuck to the grill. I wrapped it in foil pieced it back together and double wrapped it tight with another piece of foil. Wrapped a towel around the foil and put it in the cooler for 30 minutes while the rest of the food was prepped. Side was green beans with roasted pecans. Made some coleslaw based on a recipe from High Cotton BBQ in OBX. Tried some without and sauce or slaw and it was one of the moistest and softest meats I've ever had. It was incredibly flavorful. I'm hooked. I've got enough Memphis Dust for two more Butts, however I really want to try something else. The tarp held up well, towards the end of the cook it started sleeting. All in all it was a fantastic experience. Can't wait to do it again. Thank you all for your help, and fun comments. It was nice to have access to your experience during my first cook. Here are some pics:
  10. Almost there. The Akorn has been a champ at maintaining a steady 250 - 255 for the last six hours. Internal temperature at 197.
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