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  1. K'man I've seen the KJ's at the store but they're not on the website which is a sign that they're likely to be discontinued. If you do some hunting you can find the listing for the full sized KJ but they're not available to buy. the Kingston store listed it at $750 and I was ready to run out and buy it, switch stores to Belleville and the price almost doubled (and also unavailable to buy). If you search for kamado or charcoal bbq you will see Visions.
  2. Saw one at TSC yesterday. Listed at $500 (I think that's CAD). It had a little more than what comes with the Akorn (diffuser plate) but I found the grate on the Akorn to be heavier gauge, I think if you leave yours out in the elements the charbroil kamander will rot first. We keep ours locked in a shed when not in use and if it's raining when we're using it the car gets kicked out of the carport. At first I thought it was a next generation Akorn as the logo on mine has "King-Griller" with writing similar to the Charbroil logo but when I went looking on the Char-Griller website they didn't have anything new. What i found interesting was the sticker on the side had a comparison to the Big Green Egg Obviously if some one is in the market for a green egg and they're spending green egg money they'll probably won't be buying this unit, how ever while looking for the char-griller akorn online (it seems to be gone from canadian websites, i found it on US sites for walmart, home depot, lowes). While looking I noticed Kamado Joe seems to be discontinued here as well, as I can't find it on our hardware store websites.
  3. They didn't last long and being messy by the time I thought of it the fingers would have stuck to the camera
  4. I love donairs (aka shawarma/gyros/doner kebab). They are a bit of work to make but so worth it. I followed this recipe and smoked it instead of using the oven. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/71963/dashs-donair/ It's more or less a meatloaf the difference is that you kneed and slam the day lights out of it. Medium ground beef works best. The more you kneed and slam it the smoother it will be. Serve with diced lettuce, diced onions, diced tomatoes, pickled beets, pickled turnip or other stuff you like in your pita
  5. I put it on the same time as the meat.I use a pump spray can for the olive oil.
  6. walmart canada has royal oak on regular price at $8 for a 10 pound bag. watching for it to go on sale to stock up
  7. it was tender, didn't marinade it, cooked at about 300f until 160f
  8. Roast beef and squash I'm not a fan of steaming squash in the microwave or oven, I prefer to have it cubed and roasted on the grill with a coating of olive oil, salt pepper and all spice. It caramelizes nice and no need to add sugar. Served with a side salad with leaf lettuce from the garden.
  9. It was my first time having the corn cooked on the BBQ with out the husk
  10. That's exactly it, burgers made from prime rib.
  11. That would be great if mine's like that too! Can I ask how recently you purchased yours? January of this year. I ordered the cart model. I find it has plenty of room for a couple half baking sheets which is how I typically move stuff into and out of the house. You already ordered, but if pinched for space as others mentioned, the folding table one would be good. I'm not tight on space, I leave it outside with the cover on. When you get the cart model, if you move it, always pick up the side with the two small rotating casters. As is true for anything with 2 large fixed wheels and 2 casters, casters are good for minor movements, but if moving a distance or over pavers/things with cracks, they don't roll so well. Also, if using a chimney outside of the grill to start the coals, be careful if carrying it over the work surface (i.e. sometimes small embers/coals fall, and they may melt the plastic....learned that lesson once.....only took once). If you use a chimney inside the grill on the charcoal grate, be careful, the grill is well enough insulated that the normally cool enough to touch chimney handles may be warmer than you're used to. i keep a pie plate for holding under the chimney to catch escapees
  12. Sweet deal! The shelves weren't a factor in our purchase. We likely would have bought the cart version but in hind sight the manoeuvrability of the 3 wheeler is awesome for the way we roll it into the shed its perfect. If we had the cart it would take more room and we would have to arrange things different. I thought we wanted the cover but that would give mice somewhere to nest and trap moisture and the shed does the needful, it was cheaper (free) We opted for a master forge pizza stone and some steel rods. $15 vs the ridiculous amount the official stone would cost.
  13. It's the one in this pic, I'm not sure how you get a reading otherwise, I never really pay attention to the one on the dome.
  14. Beef rib burger (I like them bunless), BBQ corn, grilled asparagus. All cooked over charcoal. Side salad with raspberries and a fig and balsamic vinaigrette.
  15. We have the one with the folding side shelves from Walmart, I find they are great for putting the grill away in the shed to keep it out of the elements.
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