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  1. Thanks for that tip, I don't know if I ever would have clicked that button.
  2. Finally getting to posting an update on my firebowl progress. I had the fire bowl constructed and fired by local potters. The man who made to bowl was a true craftsman, he sculpted the basic shape by eye in a matter of minutes on wheel constructed from salvaged automobile parts. The firing was done in a homemade kiln, he was not sure the bowl will hold up to continuous charcoal burning and will make me a replacement bowl with modifications should this one fail. I am currently locally sourcing materials to construct a kick ash box and grills, will provide an update when complete.
  3. I cannot seem to figure out how to upload photos when replying to a post directly from my computer. I also tried going through photobucket and the photo icon from the tool bar above but had no luck. When I create a new post I have an attachment option which I just tried for experiment. Can anyone make this simple for me. Thanks
  4. SmokeorFire - Thanks for the links. I can definitely get fire bricks, so in the event I cannot get a firebox constructed, I could use the example provided to diy some sort of firebox. I don't have access to any weber parts but I could have something fabricated by local metal worker to be similar. The kickash box is also something that I will have constructed locally, I plan to use that idea for my charcoal grate.
  5. Thank you John421 - Your photos and measurements give me exactly what I need to get something made locally. Will update this post when I have something in hand.
  6. I salvaged a used Vision Grills Kamado (20" inside diamter), although it is missing the fire bowl and cast iron charcoal grate, as well as all of the grilling racks. I am currently in Cuba so ordering replacement components is not really a viable option but would like to put this grill into use. Fire bowl - I could have local potters construct the fire bowl, although I have not been able to find detailed specifications: Height to bottom of bowl, height to top of bowl, gap between bowl and body of the grill, Air hole location and diameter, thickness of the ceramic material etc. Any links to available specs would be greatly appreciated. Cast Iron Charcoal Grate - I have not been able to find anyone to do a cast iron construction. I could either have a charcoal grate constructed of ceramic material or a grate made from steel rod (stainless is hard to find but may be possible). What would the best recommendations be for size of openings. I think that diffusers and grilling racks are fairly straight forward, but if there are any links or advise on what are the best options I would appreciate all thoughts. I will primarily be grilling but will also experiment with slow smoking so I would like to best maintain the versatility of the grill. Thanks in advance.
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