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  1. It feels pretty ok! But i might have to reinforce the shelf, and add 2 wheels, so i can push it around without lifting the end.
  2. Yes! It's wood! I think it's about $140
  3. Cheap and easy build! I bought an outdoor cabinet from Ikea : Applaro Cut a hole in the stainless steel top and raised the middle shelf about 4 inches.
  4. Oak smoked Meatloaf. I smoked it at 225 for about 2 hours. When the internal temp reaches 105F It's time to glaze the meatloaf with a ketchup, honey and mustard powder mix. It's done When the internal temp hits 155F
  5. Maybe just a little more salt in the brine. Otherwise i'm completely satisfies.
  6. This cook started yesterday with a chili pepper, garlic and lime brine. I used 3 different rubs, 1 for each bird. Lootnbooty Goldstar chicken rub, Simplymarvelous Spicy apple and Dizzypig All purpose bbq seasoning. Then i smoked them with cherrywood at 250F and finished it of with a little direct [heat.attachment=38316:IMG_6512.JPG]
  7. Forgot the cinnamon in the filling 1-2 tsp.
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