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  1. Delayed serving

    Am curious what you actually decided? We pull it, then warm in slow cooker with just a small amount of water and extra sauce stirred in. We like that, but I am intrigued by the bag/warm water method. Never tried that.
  2. Looks fantastic! I actually did sauced chicken for the very first time about 3 weeks ago. Not sure where I've been all this time, I often do chicken every week. For some reason BBQ sauce and chicken just didn't strike me. I was very pleasantly surprised!
  3. Any help with salmon?

    I always use cedar planks.After soaking the board all day, set it right down on the x-rack. Sprinkle the filet with sea salt and cracked pepper, put oiled skin side down on board. ( I don't oil the board, just the skin side of fish). After filet has been on about 10 minutes, sprinkle with maple sugar and smoked paprika. The sugar will sorta melt over the filet. My wife and I consider this the best food we ever make on the kamado. It would probably be a weekly occurrence if salmon didn't cost quite so much. I am not sure where I got this method from, maybe a John Setzler video?
  4. Buffalo Wings and Drums

    Nice! Always enjoy seeing your chicken cooks. I need to get some butternut squash so I can copy some of your other cooks!
  5. Probe wire placement

    I never thought about alternating the placement of the wire. Thanks for the tip. That's what I like about this forum, always something to learn.
  6. Multiple chicken firsts

    Yes, I think we would have liked it better with thinner slices. We are trying really hard to eat a little healthier this year, and had some fairly thick turkey bacon on hand.
  7. Multiple chicken firsts

    Thanks for that. I thought maybe there was something wrong with us for not liking the bacon wrapped! It does look nice, but we didn't like the texture, as you said. Just personal preference though!
  8. Had an interesting cook yesterday afternoon. We almost never grill chicken breasts, but we just got a 40 lb. case of MASSIVE chicken breasts, and a 40 lb. box of leg quarters. Here are the Firsts for us in our kamadoing journey: First time doing any chicken low and slow. I have always been a fan of hot and fast, but we we following a recipe from Pinterest, so I tried apple smoke and temps of 220. First time brining chicken. First time doing any chicken stuffed and with a bacon wrap. Summing it up. We did not like the bacon wrapped and stuffed breast at all. Probably would have been better if we would have used something other than turkey bacon. However, we like our bacon so crisp it almost breaks apart when handled, and I have never figured out how to do that with any bacon wrapping recipe. Furthermore, the outer layer of chicken tasted almost raw, like the bacon wasn't allowing it to cook right, even though the breast was more than done internally. Totally a personal preference, but probably won't do that again. The breast that we sliced in half longways, and seasoned with my wife's cajun rub were fantastic. The kiss of apple smoke, the moisture from the brining really made for some good eating. Planning on chicken burritos and grilled chicken salad with leftovers. While we will still do chicken cooks hot and fast, giving more of a grill flavor, this method of low and slow chicken is now firmly in our cooking routine also. Really liked the quick (3 hour) brine of the chicken breasts. When sliced, they were glistening with moisture, something we have never had with grilled breast before. Fun cook, and learned a lot.
  9. My kind of meal...especially since I have to start watching cholesterol :(-
  10. Skirt steak and roast veggies

    ^+1 Mine are good, but they sure don't LOOK that nice. Awsome!
  11. Southern trip

    Thanks, sounds like it wasn't a big loss to not get there.
  12. Southern trip

    Thanks for the tip on Sonny's! Just looked up Fireside, wow, hopefully can get there some day. Thanks for the invite, might just do that next time, sounds fun!
  13. Southern trip

    They do have a beautiful location for sure. Interesting to hear a little of their history. I understand Mr. Sconyer at one point was actually the mayor of Augusta.
  14. Southern trip

    My wife and I just returned from a 10 day trip to Florida. Had a wonderful time. On the way down we ate at Dickey's BBQ Pit in Pooler, GA. Just a small shop in a strip mall, but man did they have good ribs. I was quite impressed. On the way home, we detoured up through the Waynesboro/Augusta area to visit some of the wife's family and friends. We often make a run to Sconyers BBQ in Augusta with friends, and we did that this time. It is a really neat place, the atmosphere is really cool, and the servers are always lots of fun. Sometime we are in the south, I really want to eat at a Sonny's location, but it just never seems to work out. Hopefully next time. I couldn't believe how much I missed my grill! The day after we got home, I had meatloaf and sweet taters going in pecan smoke. Split the taters longways, sprinkled with brown sugar and pecan bits. Good stuff!
  15. Wow, that brings back memories. When I was a boy, our family sponsored some refugee families from Vietnam. We learned to love their cooking. Unfortunately, southern PA is more than a little skimpy on Vietnamese cuisine! My mom will still make authentic Vietnamese egg rolls for special family occasions.