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  1. Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast

    @saltair, just got home this afternoon. The weather was spectacular, and the water was just right. Rode my boogie board until my belly was almost sanded raw, need to get a wet suit! Now for what you really want to know , we stopped at Hockers on the way in, and I strode up to the counter and asked for Hughes Ponhaus. After the guy stopped hysterically laughing, I remembered its called scrapple in DE, and he promptly pointed me in the right direction. We got a pound of Hughes, a pound of RAPA spicy chipotle pepper, and a pound of RAPA regular. We had the Hughes first, and you are right, that is not like our scrapple at all. Ours has a lot more corn meal, and a lot less liver. It was good, I just had to blot the grease off with a paper towel. After a meal or two, I really was starting to like it. Then we tried the RAPA, which my wife preferred to the Hughes. The RAPA was more like what we would have here in PA. The Hughes was certainly more meaty tasting. Very fun experiment, and we brought a fair amount home with us. Some year we would love to do the Festival. On a side note, we discovered a small meat store right along route 26, in Millville, called Delaware Provisons South. Just a very small store, but try his kielbasa sometime, very good. We brought some home and smoked it with apple wood tonight. The owner has two BGE's, so we had fun talking about kamado cooking for a while. Very enjoyable week.
  2. First pizza

    Pizza looks good! I am envious of the new grill. We have had the same problem with pizza, getting the top to be well done. I have watched so many videos of pizza being done at 6 & 700 degrees, but that doesn't work for me, don't know why. We have finally decided that 450 is the temp that works for us, letting the pie on for about 15 -18 min. That gets the toppings done, and the crust not burned.
  3. Cast iron half moon

    I agree with BBQBoss. Do that, you can't go wrong. You will absolutely love this griddle, I think it is the best accessory I own. Vegetables, breakfast, toasted cheese sandwiches, all take on new life with cast iron on the Joe.
  4. My wife just asked if I was o.k. I believe I was moaning while looking at these pics!! Looks fantastic.
  5. Looking good! We just bought a 40 lb. case of leg quarters this week, one of our grilling favorites. Never thought about doing whole carrots on the grill.
  6. Your cook is fantastic! The wife and I have been discussing the fact that it is high time we do another chuck. We sorta fell in love with pulled beef.
  7. Give yourself 20 or 30 degrees of latitude with your alarms, and go to bed. I am by no means a pro, still in the first two years of kamodo cooking myself, but I have done a few overnight butts. I usually get up about 6 to check on it. I have had very little trouble, only one time a dramatic frontal rain storm blew through, and the wind (I think) messed with the grill temp a little, and the alarm went off. Have Fun!
  8. Great night to smoke a shoulder.

    That is loving life for sure. Nothing like sitting on the deck at 11pm on Fri. nite, letting the joe heat soak for a midnight cook! Hope it turns out as good as it looks and smells!
  9. O.k. a little longer than I thought. I have only done rope sausage like that once, and I think I had the grill temp up a little higher. You are right about the good snack!
  10. Sausage looks superb. How long did you have that on, about an hour?
  11. Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast

    Hey, thanks! We are going to check it out. Usually we think of coming back from the beach with some kind of seafood, not scrapple And thanks for clarifying for me what RAPA is, saw it referred to in an earlier post, and was scratching my head as to what it was. Salt Life & Scrapple. I think I see a bumper sticker coming!
  12. Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast

    Hey, I think that might work. Hockers is just around the corner from where we stay. Thanks for the tip. I'll let you know what I think.
  13. Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast

    We are headed to Bethany for vacation in a few weeks. I will have to look at a few deli's, etc. to see if I can find a pan of Hughes. Would like to taste the difference between the two. I am in the ketchup on scrapple camp!
  14. Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast

    Will look up Deitrich next time we are at Cabelas. We get there about once a year. I love trying different butchers scrapple recipes, they all vary just a bit.
  15. Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast

    I am about an hour straight south of Harrisburg, just a stone's throw from the Maryland line. The scrapple in the picture is John F. Martin brand, it was o.k. We get most of ours from a local butcher, called Steely's Meats, in Fayettville, PA. If you are ever going down route 81, passing through Chambersburg, it would be worth the detour for a pan. It is our favorite. They are not open every day of the week, and I think they only have scrapple through the traditional fall and winter butchering time. I would advise calling them. I will keep my eyes open for Habbersets, would really like to try it.