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  1. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    I am happily with you in the minority.
  2. Snapper and scallops on the Jr

    Love the scallops. Here in southern PA our local seafood market charges $1.75/piece though. For special occasions only!
  3. Alabama White Sauce

    This is interesting. I just was reading an e-mail from ThermoWorks on Sat. nite about white sauce on chicken. I had never heard of it, and remarked that it really looked interesting. Now this post, I think I'll have to try it. Also, agree with the cherry smoke, probably my favorite wood. Try it on a pork butt sometime.
  4. Spices and Seasonings

    Wow, I can only wish for a organization like that. Our kitchen is so small, more like the galley of a very small boat. :( Getting spices from the back of the cupboard invariably involves several jars on the floor, much muttering, and vows to buy a winning lottery ticket so we can get a bigger house!
  5. Kamado Smoked Cheese

    The booklet that came with my tube suggested putting pellets (don't know about sawdust) into the microwave for 40 seconds, take out and stir, then zap for 30 more seconds, this is to make sure the pellets are dry. I did this on my last batch of cheese. I think it maybe helped, can't see it hurt anything.
  6. Thank you, John

    @John Setzler, just wanted to give a big thank you for the recent brisket video. I have been using a kamado for a little over two years, but the brisket thing scared me. Your video was the clearest and best explanation of a brisket cook I have ever seen, especially the way you explained separating the point and flat. I did my first one yesterday, and attribute the success entirely to your video. The flat did turn out a little dry, but it was a choice, not prime grade, possibly that was part of the reason. However, warmed up in the crock pot with a little water added, it is very good. And the burnt ends... I don't know how to describe them, they are unlike anything I've ever done. Thanks again.
  7. Kamado Smoked Cheese

    Just took a bunch of swiss off my classic. I agree about the diffuser. I've found out the hard way that I need to have just a half deflector on the x-rack directly above the tube ( I have the tube, not the maze). My last load of cheese, the bottom rack looked like modern art. I thought the droopy look was really cool, the wife not so much!
  8. Boston Butt first attempt.

    Looking good, mate! One of my favorite cooks, always makes the wife happy when I make pulled pork.
  9. Rotisserie turkey question

    Thanks, I never tried that. I have some pieces of a broken heat deflector (don't ask) that I could use for spacing between pan and stone. I don't think that will work for a rotisserie set up though, because there is no stone to put the drip pan on.
  10. Rotisserie turkey question

    Interesting. I was totally baffled why temps wouldn't go over 270, even with all vents wide open. Now I know why!
  11. Rotisserie turkey question

    Thanks. I agree about not needing moisture, but wasn't sure what else to do. I really like the sand idea posted above, think i will try that next time.
  12. Rotisserie turkey question

    Thanks. I did that one time, I guess I forgot about it for the turkey.
  13. Rotisserie turkey question

    I like it. Thanks for that idea.
  14. tDid the obligatory turkey for thanksgiving, but this was the first time on the Joetisserie. Truth be told, this was only the third time I ever used the Joetisserie. My setup was, coals banked to each side, with an old metal bread loaf pan in the middle. I filled the pan with water, mainly because I was afraid of grease hitting hot metal and making greasy smoke. I had air dried the bird for about 15 hours in the fridge, then rubbed it with olive oil. We sprinkled rub on the outside, and also worked some up under the skin. Also, we injected the breast with garlic butter. The turkey really turned out tasty and juicy, but the skin was not crisp, in fact, we threw most of the skin away. Did the water pan cause the rubbery skin? The water was pretty much boiling, and maybe the vapor wasn't good? I just can't imaging letting all that grease run into my grill, nor can I imaging the grease dripping into a screaming hot metal pan with no liquid. Suggestions, comments, criticisms, etc........
  15. Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast

    @saltair, just got home this afternoon. The weather was spectacular, and the water was just right. Rode my boogie board until my belly was almost sanded raw, need to get a wet suit! Now for what you really want to know , we stopped at Hockers on the way in, and I strode up to the counter and asked for Hughes Ponhaus. After the guy stopped hysterically laughing, I remembered its called scrapple in DE, and he promptly pointed me in the right direction. We got a pound of Hughes, a pound of RAPA spicy chipotle pepper, and a pound of RAPA regular. We had the Hughes first, and you are right, that is not like our scrapple at all. Ours has a lot more corn meal, and a lot less liver. It was good, I just had to blot the grease off with a paper towel. After a meal or two, I really was starting to like it. Then we tried the RAPA, which my wife preferred to the Hughes. The RAPA was more like what we would have here in PA. The Hughes was certainly more meaty tasting. Very fun experiment, and we brought a fair amount home with us. Some year we would love to do the Festival. On a side note, we discovered a small meat store right along route 26, in Millville, called Delaware Provisons South. Just a very small store, but try his kielbasa sometime, very good. We brought some home and smoked it with apple wood tonight. The owner has two BGE's, so we had fun talking about kamado cooking for a while. Very enjoyable week.