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  1. Shortyque

    Tonight's Cooks

    What did you think of the Swamp Venom? We absolutely adore it.
  2. Two and half years into kamado cooking, the love just keeps growing. Just a simple chicken fajita cook, followed a few days later by some killer brats from my BIL. I love to send my Egghead sister pics of the divide and conquer system in action! She is anxiously awaiting the new rack system BGE came out with. (they are dealers) I think she has dibs on the first set that shows up
  3. Shortyque

    Brisket and Wings!

    Great photography!
  4. Shortyque

    Pork loin

    I actually hadn't thought about that. DUH. Will have to try that next time. Hoping to maybe do another spin of something over this coming weekend. I think I may actually start using this more.
  5. Shortyque

    First brisket

    Don't know if this will help or not. Hope it does. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/31354-advice-for-brisket-roll/
  6. Shortyque

    Pork loin

    I agree, I always thought of pork loin as a rather tough cut. I think the applesauce injection was the ticket. I didn't include a plated shot because it didn't turn out real well, but as we sliced the loin, the juice was pooling on the plate.
  7. Shortyque

    Pork loin

    First, a brief confession. I have had a joetisserie for about a year, and only used it maybe 3 times. Did a chicken, a turkey, for some reason just a little underwhelmed with the whole process, and then all the extra cleaning up. Until today... Had a small pork loin in the freezer from my BIL's pig. Watching John Setzlers video on spinning a pork loin, plus a recent post on the Facebook group made me decide to dig the Joetisserie out again. Injected it with applesauce/apple juice mixture, slathered in mustard and coated with my wife's cajun spice rub. After about an hour and 15 minutes of spinning at 325 degrees, we pulled it off and left rest for 10 minutes. My wife thought I was going to break into tears with my first bite. Words fail me to describe it. The subtle flame kissed outside, the juicy inside, so soft you could cut it with a fork! You can't buy food this good at a restaurant (at least not a restaurant I can afford). Thanks again John for your excellent video.
  8. Shortyque

    Smoked corn pancakes

    Uh, actually, Kings Syrup. (hangs head with embarassment)
  9. Shortyque

    Smoked corn pancakes

    It is one big link. For some reason that's how our butcher did our last pig. We still call them "links". Habit, I guess.
  10. Growing up on a decent sized dairy farm, this was one of my favorite breakfasts as a boy. Coming into the house after all the chores were done, and sitting down to what my Mom always called "corn fritters", but I think technically it is more like a corn pancake. I got an urge to try making them on the grill. I added one chunk hickory wood, since that is what we use for fresh sweet corn. Threw on some breakfast links on the other side just because I could. The "corn fritters" were fantastic, better than I had expected. The touch of hickory smoke really added.
  11. Shortyque

    Cured Salmon, prep before smoking.

    Thanks for the bump. Question about the "cold smoking" Is that with a pellet tube, or maze, where the salmon doesn't get hot at all, or is this using lump charcoal and smoking wood, just keeping it at lower temps. If so, what temps, 170-180?
  12. Shortyque

    Happy Easter Sunday

    "He is risen indeed!" Happy Easter to you and yours. Sunrise services were cloudy here in the East also.
  13. Shortyque

    One killer breakfast sammie

    Looks great. I so love doing breakfast on my grill. I actually had my welding shop cut 1/2" thick stainless steel rings, which work great for pouring the eggs into. Makes a perfect size egg "patty" to put on the buns.
  14. Shortyque

    Delayed serving

    Am curious what you actually decided? We pull it, then warm in slow cooker with just a small amount of water and extra sauce stirred in. We like that, but I am intrigued by the bag/warm water method. Never tried that.
  15. Looks fantastic! I actually did sauced chicken for the very first time about 3 weeks ago. Not sure where I've been all this time, I often do chicken every week. For some reason BBQ sauce and chicken just didn't strike me. I was very pleasantly surprised!