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    So ive been cooking in my primo for almost 8 months or so and i really love it! The one thing i keep having a hard time with is actual smoke for cooks. Normally what i will do in regards to getting my grill ready for a 250 -300 degree smoke (brisket,pork,etc) is as follows in order:-load up charcoal in the xl-bury a torn in half lighter cube in 2 spots of grill, left and right side.-use a weedburner to light these cubes and let the flame sit a minute until it catches fire-i let it burn for about 5-8 minutes with the lid open to ensure the flame keeps going etc. *The bottom vent is fully open-once that time has elapsed i close the lid, ensure all vents are wide open and let it come up to temp for a bit, which usually happens pretty fast-once i am close to my target i will begin the setup for low and slow. I open the grill, i add 4-6 chunks of wood close to each area i lit, i also add some soaked wood chips to area i lit as well. I then begin to assemble deflector plates and get them in place. By this point i am ready to let it come up to temp again as the plates drop the temp a bit. -Once i am close to target again i begin to dial down vents, bottom i close and just use daisy wheel to open 1/4 of the way.. Bottom vent is open about a finger width. -Things are looking great by this point, temp is good, ive got good smoke, so i put meat on.-This is where things get a little frustrating, the smoke truly only lasts about 30 min - 1hr. It seems the chips get going good but chunks never really smoke to a good level. A little backstory to this is that i used to smoke on a weber smokey mountain, which i know has better smoking capabilities and i can add more wood and stoke fire as necessary once meat is on. But i was hoping for some better smoke from the primo than i am getting.Ive also deviated from this method a bit by only lighting one area, and putting the defelctor plates on immediately after i have the lid open for 5-8 minutes and i still have some smoke issues.Any insight to my technique? Any thoughts in what i can change or that i am doing wrong?
  2. Been loving my primo xl, bunch of cooks to speak of. One thing i have noticed and i want to see what others do. Once i am done with a cook i will close all vents to obviously kill the fire and let it cool down. I have noticed with the xl that once i close everything down from lets say a normal 375-400 degree cook, it takes many hours for it to get cool before i can put the cover on the grill. Is this normal? For example, yesterday i did a cook some chicken at 400. Took meat off grill at 530pm, shut everything down. When i went to go to bed at 10pm the grill was still around 100 or so and a little warm to touch. The reason i really want it to get cooler quicker is because i want to be able to put the cover on so the elements dont start eating away at things on the grill and i can do that with the grill being hot still. Any thoughts?
  3. has anybody used these- http://www.menards.com/main/heating-cooling/firewood-fire-starters-lighters/surestart-reg-firelighting-squares-24-pack/p-1444439435354.htm?utm_campaign=10A-2016&utm_content=Made-in-USA-Sale&cm_mmc=wishabi-_-flyer_hosted-_-10A-2016-_-Made-in-USA-Sale&utm_source=flipp&utm_medium=flyer_hosted They also sell them on amazon. Seems like a good price as long as they dont have any funky chemicals in them which i dont think they do...
  4. what did you end up using as a rub for this cook? thanks guys
  5. thanks for the insight guys. And what about wood chunk placement?
  6. Morning guys. So yesterday i did my first semi low and slow cook. Previous to yesterday i have been doing mostly grilling (350-450) and high heat for pizza (600+). With my other cooks i have been using my propane torch and lighting in multiple spots, grill came up to temp very fast and i could lock in a temp pretty good. Yesterday i think i know what i did wrong but i wanted to confirm. I was aiming for 250-280 for my cook and used my same lighting technique, multiple spots. Temp shot up pretty fast, it got to 250 and i began closing down vents to try and dial it in. Unfortunately my dialed in temp was more around 325-340, which was way higher than i wanted to be. I think what i did wrong was lighting in multiple spots, do the guru's also believe that was why? If i light in 1 spot is that better to achieve low and slow and control temp? Also my previous cooker was a weber smokey mountain, i usually put wood chunks all around the charcoal and used the minion method to light the cooker. if i am lighting 1 spot on the primo where do i place my wood chunks to get good smoke? thanks guys
  7. It was in the primo for about 40 minutes or so at 450
  8. Decided to throw a deep dish pizza on the primo xl last night. I normally bake it in the oven with excellent results but i decided to do it on the primo and boy am i glad i did! It turned out even better than the oven, slight smoky flavor, excellent cooked crust, delicious! I used my normal deep dish dough, i ran a little butter around the cast iron pan then dusted the pan with corn meal to prevent sticking, I then added mozzarella, pepperoni, sweet onion, red pepper, black olives, sauteed mushrooms, and garlic. Dusted with some Italian seasoning before topping it with san marzano hand crushed tomatoes and a little Parmesan cheese! Ive always used cast iron pans and it works wonderful. I think next time i am going to try actual deep dish pans as they dont have handles and i may be able to get 2 pizzas on the primo I then put it on the primo. I got the primo up to 450 and it locked in perfect. I used the heat deflector plates and then i also put a firebrick on the grate and then put the pizza on top of the firebrick.
  9. With the upcoming holiday and sales on corned beef, does anybody have any good techniques for making pastrami on the kamado? Truthfully i think you can just throw it on the kamado but i wasnt sure if anybody had any insight on this, good or bad? Thanks
  10. Pizza turned out pretty good. I ended up setting it up as follows and i will definitely make some modifications. i loaded up the xl with coal, i used the platesetters and then ontop of the grate i stacked some firebricks and then put a pizza stone on top of that. I was trying to get the pizza closer to the dome to cook the top better and honestly the top cooked better than the bottom. I may try to use less firebricks next time to decrease height and hopefully that will cook the bottom of pizza better. The xl got up to 650 and i had preheated around the 550 mark for about 45 minutes. I made a veggie pizza and then a pepperoni and prosciutto pizza.
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