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  1. And today I did some Ribs & Twigs... translated BBQ & Yardwork.
  2. In2Fish made a good point. It can get a little hot whenever you open the vents and the lid. I wear my heat gloves, but you also need a tool long enough to do the job without grilling your arm off in the process. If you cover those basic safety precautions the first time you cook with a Wok, you're good.
  3. Hey jking, I typically use at least one or more of these: oyster sauce, hunan, teriyaki, soi.
  4. I have a cheaper version, but it has been great so far! Utopia Kitchens... runs about $20. The difference may be the thickness, as far as I can tell by the pic. This was an appreciated Christmas gift, since I've been using a lot of cast iron lately on the Vision. I actually prefer the thinness. It allows me to pick up and toss, if I need to. This is well worth the money and then some.
  5. Using a Wok on a Kamado is fast & furious! If done right, you'll come out with a crisp & tasty plate. Anyone else cooking on a Wok?
  6. great looking ribs! How long did they cook and at what Temps?
  7. Smoked a butt, turned into smoked Mac & Cheese This was not a perfect cook. I had a hard time keeping it at 250... it mostly hovered around 275, which is ok, but I think it would have been better at a lower temp. What saved me this time, was the fact that it spent 24 hours in a brine, which helped with the melt in your mouth effect. This will be chopped up, sealed and used for tacos and whatever else I can think of. Happy 4th everyone!
  8. at 200-250lbs, it'll take over a 60mph wind? That's when I would start worrying. What's the forecast?
  9. ok here it comes... what's a "fatty"? pressed sausage? looked porky to me, but could it be beef? with a name like that... I guessing it has lots of fat.
  10. Exciting stuff! Smoking on that bad boy will be a joy.
  11. looks great... and pecan smoke is a good choice.
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