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  1. Welcome to the forum, congrats on the Vision purchase, be sure to post pictures of your cooks.
  2. Welcome to the forum, be sure to post pictures of your cooks. Nothing like a kamado grill to the save Christmas!
  3. Welcome to the forum, be sure to post pictures of your cooks. If you really like to grill w/ tofu, check out the challenge sub-forum, we had a tofu challenge last year.
  4. Welcome to the forum, congrats on the KJ BJ 2, be sure to post pictures of your cooks.
  5. Welcome to the forum, be sure to post pictures of your cooks.
  6. Welcome to the forum, keep the pictures of your cooks coming....
  7. Welcome to the forum, be sure to post pictures of your cooks.
  8. so far I've been using 100% KA AP flour, depending on the bread im baking, I might use other types of flour in the main recipe. I should try another culture at some point using 25% whole wheat and 75% white flour, or some other combination.
  9. I agree regarding expanded metal that it can be short lived, I've used it before to make charcoal baskets when I had my offset smoker. Galvanized is not good, and when I bought the expanded metal I was sure it was not galvanized Even if it lasts only for a year or so, it was only a couple of dollars and an hour or so of my Saturday morning. 12 pounds of chicken went on a short time ago.
  10. Thx CeramicChef - I will provide some more feedback after tonight's cook. I too hope it works out well. As for a solid divider, I went with the material I had on hand, and my thinking was the expanded metal would allow for more/better air flow.
  11. I like tinkering, so I thought I would make a BJT Kick-Ash-Basket lump divider to help bank the lump towards the back of my Big Joe. I had the expanded metal on hand that I picked-up for just few bucks at a Sears Hardware store that closed down about 2 years back. Hopefully it shows in the pictures, I used the steel rod of the KBA’s handle to help support the divider from moving. I’m not sure the divider is really necessary, and it was fun making it. This evening I spin two chickens.
  12. Thx for the input, Im optimistic thus far.
  13. and I just drove by that Cabela's today. on the return trip to take my daughter to visit JMU
  14. The BJT arrived yesterday as FedEx promised, It fits nicely, except for a slight lid/hinge adjustment I need to make as the lid does not completely close. I just need to find my KJ tools. The chicken is in the frig, so tomorrow is spins #1. Cant wait.
  15. Bosco - great looking ride. I've been a Honda brand guy going back to the early 80s, and when my 17 year old Accord finally got to the point repairs out weighted the car value, it was time to get something different. Well that was May '15 and I got a great deal on a new '15 RDX, which was not much more than the '15 Accord w/ similar trim. Congrats on your purchase, and i'm sure the Mrs. will love it.