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  1. John - they look great, and remind me of Parker House rolls.
  2. In2Fish


    Definitely worth it as you can see from the above posts... I love my joetisserie when I use it. And with Thanksgiving right around the corner... lets just say smoked rotisserie turkey is wonderful!
  3. I agree w/ the old box there was no fiddling. When I 1st got the new fire box, it took me 20 minutes to get the petals to sync-up under the metal ring, it was frustrating Then i figured out if i inserted 5 dowels (1/4" or 3/8" diameter, I don't remember which) in the holes in the petals, and then pushed down on the dowels I found an easy way to get everything lined up and assembled.
  4. My approach may be a bit overboard, and I use two kamado's. Joe Jr as the fire/smoke source, and the Big Joe as the smoke chamber. I like to cure and smoke salmon in the winter to take advantage of the cold air which greatly cools down the smoke coming off the Joe Jr (upwards to 350F+) as it enters the Big Joe. The temp in the Big Joe are usually in the 40-50F, outside air temps usually below 32F. I've used various smoke generators, tubes, trays etc and I find my method produces a cleaner smoke given the fire temp in the Joe Jr, YMMV.
  5. definitely a nice looking brisket cook
  6. Thx CK, I need to make more pesto during the year and not wait until the last harvest
  7. Hey there fellow Kamado Gurus. Time to post another challenge entry at the last possible day….For my October Don’t be Chicken challenge cook, I took advantage of my remaining basil before the 1st freeze to make pesto. I harvest all my remaining basil, made pesto (also froze form basil in oil) and proceeded to make a grilled chicken pesto dish. Seasoned the chicken with Italian seasonings, before grilling Not the most fancy of dishes, but very tasty.
  8. I just saw the email from Thermoworks, this one definitely caught my interest.
  9. Awesome cook there @lunchman I love both of those items. well done!
  10. SK - that is one great looking cook, and always a sucker for fresh homemade bread. the shrimp look good too :
  11. Thx CK, im play with a kamodo setup that is somewhat like a yakatori grill, i'm still playing around. If i can find the right metal fabricator, Im might have someone build me a metal box of some sort to mimic a yakatori. a bit crazy, but i'm seriously thinking about it. Im glad I had the skewers raised above the grates as the bamboo skewers burned through on a number of them. Without the grill grate below to catch and save the chicken and shrimp, I would have otherwise been paying my sacrifices to the kamado gods..
  12. I wasn’t sure I was going to get a challenge cooked posted or not. It’s been busy this month non-kamado-wise. Tonight I managed to cook Singapore Shrimp & Chicken Satay, following Milk Street’s July-Aug 2018 recipe.
  13. Wow - what an entry, i'm beyond impressed! Super job!
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