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  1. Looks great nice job!
  2. Thanks for the additional input and ideas. Not sure I want to cut into the Akorn itself, not yet anyway. I've started with bending/shaping some aluminum like you have. I hope to work on it a little more today, time permitting.
  3. Afingerhut - you have me inspired! i've just started to try and make a DIY rotisserie setup for my Akorn.
  4. Smokehowze - fantastic cook, and I love the pictures you took showing the process. I just love naan and other flat breads. Great job.
  5. I just love roasted garlic.... great pic too
  6. Welcome to the forum GS1397, be sure to post pics of your cooks
  7. Welcome to the forum DXHI, be sure to post pictures of your kamado cooks.
  8. Welcome to the forum Bowhntr, be sure to post pics of your cooks!
  9. Welcome to the forum. For the price and build the Akorn is a great kamado. I just bought a used Akorn, and i'm impressed with so far w/ a test fire I did this past weekend. Once I have a little time, I will do a test cook. from what i've read from others too Akorns are great units! Post pics of your cooks once you take the plunge
  10. Welcome to the forum, be sure to post pics of your cooks!
  11. Welcome to forum. I bought a used Akorn this past weekend, I too thought there were leak issues, not so for me. my best advise, build it, load it, and light it up. IF you need to further seal anything, it should be easy enough. be sure to post pictures of your cooks!
  12. S&B - Welcome to the forum, be sure to post pictures of that reverse sear ribeye as well as future cook!
  13. That's a great price on the classic.
  14. Thx CK, I will have to checkout Lang's book
  15. . . . .. . . . (speechless / mouth open no words).. . . . . . . . . .