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  1. Very easy to make. Two ingredients agar-agar and balsamic and a very cold tall jar of oil
  2. Hello Kamado Gurus Here’s my Full Couse Meal Challenge entry. I ended up with a seafood themed menu this month. For the kamado cooked portion of the challenge, the hors d’oeuvre and main course were both cooked on the kamado. It was slow going working through the courses with the prepping, cooking, photographing, and well eating… In the end, well worth it, it was a fun challenge. the menu... Curing the salmon, cured 4 days. Cold Smoking, 1 hour using apple wood. Homemade Balsamic pearls Hors
  3. @Gary UK Welcome to the forum. a lot of great information and people here. Think about joining the monthly Challenges Cooks, it helps you develop your cooking skills.
  4. I agree, of the 5 of the 10 bags of B&B i've used, the sizes have varied. no complaints, some really big, and other on the smaller side (half dollar, silver dollar), all have been usable. I will put B&B in the mix going forward
  5. so true... that would be nice, but we would only fine small lump as all the big lump would have been picked already... (my luck any way...)
  6. I was thinking about a Peruvian style soup/stew, but really wanted to keep working on the tomato soup idea. which i'm glad I did. I thinking thinking about the soup entry i made as a Thanksgiving soup, the only problem is it's hard to find good/fresh romas this late in the year
  7. and I thought I had a late entry... Great look cook Kismet!
  8. Hello Kamado Gurus I decided to re-make a tomato soup, a variation of one I made last month in a pressure cooking. This time it was on the kamado. This was more of wing-it type recipe: · About 4 pounds of fresh Roma tomatoes from the farmers market · Tomato paste, a can of… · A head of garlic cloves, Can of San Marzano tomatoes · Olive oil · Fresh basil · Chicken Base, and Vegetable base. The tomatoes and garlic were roasted in the oven for about 45-50 minutes. I started the soup earlier on Octo
  9. the naan I baked tasted great, and it was perhaps cooked a little longer than I should have as it was not as soft as I would have like, a litter over cooked. I was able to use indian yogurt which gave it nice flavor. definitely a cook I would try again.
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