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  1. Thx Lydia. I voted for you as you displayed awesome creativity with your entry. Best of luck to you as well in the August challenge
  2. Do you keep any Australian rainbowfish? Aside from killies, the Aussie rainbows are gorgeous!
  3. In2Fish

    Full English Breakfast.....Pizza

    Congrats on the acquisition
  4. Most are 10 gallons in size, up to 33gallons. I enjoy keeping and breeding them, mostly corydoras, some tetras and killiefish.
  5. In2Fish

    Head fake (pizza)

    definitely he does. wow... Keep us posted on your freezing endeavors, that's something I would like to do w/ my pizza dough/crust. Definitely a killer pepperoni pizza, well done!
  6. In2Fish

    Full English Breakfast.....Pizza

    hmmm... do we believe him @KismetKamado
  7. In2Fish

    Full English Breakfast.....Pizza

    Im a slow read... im getting close to the recipes. So far the biggest tip is that you dont treat pizza dough the same as bread dough
  8. Wow... I have one near me in Manassas, I will have to check them out this weekend, thx for the tip
  9. In2Fish

    Deflector plate

    I've been to 850f-plus doing pizza using the defectors as the lower level pizza stone. No issues here...
  10. I'm drying to try some Iberico, locally it runs $98/pound. I have to find a way to hide the purchase from Mrs Fish if I buy some
  11. In2Fish

    Full English Breakfast.....Pizza

    Only about 100 pages in, what a great book
  12. In2Fish

    Pizza Margherita Extra

    MR PIZZA MASTER....Great looking pizza, this month your knocked it out of the park. This is a great cook. The more I cook pizza, I realize less ingredients the better. Keep it simple and enjoy. Again, you've done another great cook!
  13. Happy early birthday! I'm in the middle of Forkish's The Elements Of Pizza, it a good read, I'm sure you can make an equal or better pizza than me.
  14. In2Fish

    Full English Breakfast.....Pizza

    Dude... you're killing us with the creative pizza. Will you slow down... please...
  15. time is running out, and I managed to get the cook posted. Now I can feed the fish (~40 tanks..) and then go to bed...