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  1. In2Fish

    Little Thai Banquet

    Wow - what an entry, i'm beyond impressed! Super job!
  2. In2Fish

    Really Homemade Pizza

    homemade Mozzarella, yum! great pizza cooks
  3. I’m cutting it close getting this month’s challenge entry posted. It’s been a crazy busy month, between work, home projects, weekend guests, weekend road trips and getting both girls settled in at college (more road trips), it’s been tough to get this one done. I’ve actually had this one planned shortly after it was announced, and cooked it this past weekend. Homemade Italian Sausage Sub Homemade Hot Italian sausage Homemade Mozzarella cheese ( I did add some store bought sharp provolone to the final dish) Homemade Sub rolls. Homemade Marinara sauce (ok, I did use store bought canned tomatoes, oh my…) It was a fun tasty cook, and I was able to use 3 kamados in the process. have about 5 pounds of sausage sealed away in the freezer. I'm thinking about an Italian sausage gravy biscuit cook this weekend…. Enjoy a few pics… Sausage Prep Bread/Sub prep Marinara prep Yum Yum... homemade cheese... Bring it all together....
  4. In2Fish

    First ever kamado cook!

    What CK said above...a really great 1st cook
  5. In2Fish

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    great looking chicken cook, I dig those sausages...
  6. In2Fish

    My first attempt

    Looking good!
  7. In2Fish

    Peach and Pork Belly Pizza

    oh my, that's creative, and sounds very tasty! It's a great time of year for peaches too! Great cook, thx for posting.
  8. I don't I remove the ash from the Akorn ash pan after every cook. the design of the ash pan puts the ash below the air vents. Not that I use the akorn a lot, but I tend to empty the ash pan after 4-5 cooks or so, usually there's not much ash when I dump it.
  9. Thx Lydia. I voted for you as you displayed awesome creativity with your entry. Best of luck to you as well in the August challenge
  10. Do you keep any Australian rainbowfish? Aside from killies, the Aussie rainbows are gorgeous!
  11. In2Fish

    Full English Breakfast.....Pizza

    Congrats on the acquisition
  12. Most are 10 gallons in size, up to 33gallons. I enjoy keeping and breeding them, mostly corydoras, some tetras and killiefish.
  13. In2Fish

    Head fake (pizza)

    definitely he does. wow... Keep us posted on your freezing endeavors, that's something I would like to do w/ my pizza dough/crust. Definitely a killer pepperoni pizza, well done!
  14. In2Fish

    Full English Breakfast.....Pizza

    hmmm... do we believe him @KismetKamado
  15. In2Fish

    Full English Breakfast.....Pizza

    Im a slow read... im getting close to the recipes. So far the biggest tip is that you dont treat pizza dough the same as bread dough