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  1. Lump for many is a personally choice and local availability. If you're happy with your current lump, keep buying and using it. If you're truly unsure, buy a few different brands, use them, and decide if you like it. With all that being said, Royal Oak has been my go to for about 5 year, Home Depot usually has it here in NoVa (Centreville, Manassas for me) This year I ran out of RO lump and picked up 200 lbs of B&B and very happy with it. 2 of 3 bags were close to KJ Big Lump size the 3rd bag was on the medium small side, and still burned just fine. Occasional whe
  2. And he would bring some strong competition if he joined! @adm. What do you say? Come join the fun
  3. As @ckreef said, keep the challenge cooks coming. I like your approach, try something you would not have done otherwise. As for the typo I missed it...
  4. Hopefully your wife wont read that comment :-) Inventive dish. I love your usage of the chickpeas, it like you where on an episode of Food Networks Chopper or something similar. Well done sir.
  5. Oh my. That looks really tasty. Nice job
  6. Another meatless bean challenge cook.m well done
  7. That was a definite concern. I may have over processed the mixture to make sure i had a good patty consistency. I made few test patties along the way
  8. what's your dough hydration level you like using for Ciabatta, if you dont mind me asking
  9. IMHO, it depends on what your cooking, and how you want to cook it, and the level of control you have or want. Not sure I would ever use the kamado for frying, .i'm sure some have with success. beside my kamados, I have a 100K BTU propane burner I use for wok cooking, I can get some nice wok-hei with the propane burner, not sure I could get that with a wok on a kamado. I am intrigued by the blackstone griddle.
  10. Royal Oak has been my go-to since I started cooking with Kamados. I use KJ big block when I can get it at costco. This year I started using B&B and very happy with it. some chunks pushing the size of KJ big block.
  11. shawarma enough said. they look great,
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