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  1. Hello Kamado Gurus

    I’ve been lurking more than posting and saw the May challenge about a week back.  I saw this recipe for an Irish Potato pie and wanted to give it a try.

    May’s dish:  Irish Potato Pie and a side of Johnsonville Brats.

    Here’s the basic recipe I followed, and modified by: use a standard frozen pie shell, not using 4T butter, and using 2% milk in place of heavy cream, I cooked closer to 1 hour.  DON’T skip the dill, it makes the dish!

    • 1 sheet frozen puff pastry, thawed
    • 4 tablespoons butter
    • 7 slices bacon (thick-cut slices), chopped
    • 5 potatoes, (or 4 large) peeled and sliced thin
    • 1 onion, peeled and sliced thin
    • 1 tablespoon fresh dill
    • 1/2 cup heavy cream
    • Salt and pepper
    • Chive or scallion for garnish



    1.                Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Place the thawed puff pastry in a 9-inch tart pan and crimp the edges. Remove the excess dough and piece it along the rim if needed to make the rim even in some places. Refrigerate the crust until ready to fill.

    2.                Place the butter and bacon in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Sauté until the bacon is crispy then toss in the onions, followed by the potatoes and dill. Season with 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper. Gently stir 3-5 minutes,to mix the onions and potatoes and coat in bacon grease. (The potatoes don’t need to be cooked through.) Then spoon the mixture into the crust and drizzle with heavy cream.

    3.                Bake on the low rack in the oven for 35-45 minutes, until the potatoes are fork-tender and the crust is golden. Rest for 10 minutes, then sprinkle with chopped chive and cut


    it was a great dish, definitively added to the make-again listing of recipes 















    20210529_202800 final.jpg




    Hello Kamado Gurus

    Here’s my Full Couse Meal Challenge entry.   I ended up with a seafood themed menu this month.  For the kamado cooked portion of the challenge, the hors d’oeuvre and main course were both cooked on the kamado.   It was slow going working through the courses with the prepping, cooking, photographing, and well eating…  In the end, well worth it, it was a fun challenge.

    the menu...



    Curing the salmon, cured 4 days.



    Cold Smoking, 1 hour using apple wood.




    Homemade Balsamic pearls



    Hors d’oeuvre - Smoked Salmon Cucumber Cups w/ Homemade Balsamic pearls




    Crab cake ingredients. (sorry to pic of the cook on the stove.)



    Appetizer - Crab Cake




    Sorbet prep



    Lime Sorbet with a small sprig of mint.



    Cooking the salmon, it was marinaded is a simple mix of soy, ponzu, garlic and ginger




    Main course – Rare Tuna Steaks with Asian Style Green Beans


    Clarified Milk Punch Prep - followed Alton Brown's recipe, made homemade Allspice Dram using Sous vide



    Watching the clarification process over the course of an hour.



    Digestif – Clarified Milk Punch, the taste - wonderful and simple, taste like Christmas in a glass.


  3. On 10/29/2020 at 12:07 PM, len440 said:

    My point in this rambling is you cant tell what's in the bags till you open them

    I agree, of the 5 of the 10 bags of B&B i've used, the sizes have varied.  no complaints, some really big, and other on the smaller side (half dollar, silver dollar), all have been usable.  I will put B&B in the mix going forward

  4. 4 minutes ago, KismetKamado said:

    Somewhat inspired by your South of the Border Challenge awhile back.


    I was thinking about a Peruvian style soup/stew, but really wanted to keep working on the tomato soup idea. which i'm glad I did.   I thinking thinking about the soup entry i made as a Thanksgiving soup, the only problem is it's hard to find good/fresh romas this late in the year

  5. Hello Kamado Gurus

    I decided to re-make a tomato soup, a variation of one I made last month in a pressure cooking.  This time it was on the kamado.

    This was more of wing-it type recipe:

    • ·        About 4 pounds of fresh Roma tomatoes from the farmers market
    • ·        Tomato paste, a can of…
    • ·        A head of garlic cloves,
    • Can of San Marzano tomatoes
    • ·        Olive oil
    • ·        Fresh basil
    • ·        Chicken Base, and Vegetable base.

    The tomatoes and garlic were roasted in the oven for about 45-50 minutes.  I started the soup earlier on October.   Given schedule conflicts, I froze the base for a couple weeks.

    After starting the base recipe, I changed the recipe mid-stream.  I found another on-line recipe that included a can of white beans, and roasted red peppers, so I adjusted the recipe this past weekend.

    The inclusion of the beans made the soup more creamy.  The roasted peppers added depth of flavor.

    To finish the tomato soup I added some fresh basil, some fried white beans, and some double fried plantains, with a nice grilled cheese sandwich (with some 18-month prosciutto) on the side. 

    Dinner was well received by all….


















  6. 22 hours ago, gotzero said:



    Separately, I would love to be able to make good naan or roti at home but it just has not happened for me.

    the naan I baked tasted great, and it was perhaps cooked a little longer than I should have as it was not as soft as I would have like, a litter over cooked. 


    I was able to use indian yogurt which gave it nice flavor.   definitely a cook I would try again.

  7. Good Day Kamado Gurus

    Time to finally post my kamado bread challenge.   I tried several variation of bread recipes this month, a boule, a baguette, naan… I was not happy with them for various reason.   I decided to go with an oldie but goodie… a Thanksgiving recipe from about 6-7 years ago…. Parker House rolls.   What’s not to love… fluffy, buttery goodness…

    I used a Cook’s Illustrated Parker House recipe.  They turned out great, and went great with a side of homemade tomato soup with basil.  Yum…  


















  8. Lump for many is a personally choice and local availability.   If you're happy with your current lump, keep buying and using it. 

    If you're truly unsure, buy a few different brands, use them, and decide if you like it.


    With all that being said,  Royal Oak has been my go to for about 5 year,   Home Depot usually has it here in NoVa (Centreville, Manassas for me)   This year I ran out of RO lump and picked up 200 lbs of B&B and very happy with it. 2 of 3 bags were close to KJ Big Lump size the 3rd bag was on the medium small side, and still burned just fine.   Occasional when Costco has KJ Big Lump, I will pick up 5 or so bags.


    good luck and let us know how it goes.


  9. 21 hours ago, ckreef said:

    Tasty looking meal and you did a great job plating the money shot. With your plating and picture taking skills you really need to be entering our challenges. 

    And he would bring some strong competition if he joined!


    @adm. What do you say? Come join the fun

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