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  1. The Manassas and West Ox Home Depots have always had RO in stock each time i look usually most weekend when i'm picking up something for a home project. I picked up 10 bags of B&B at Ace back in May, very happy with it.
  2. Simple and tasty looking. Nice cook
  3. Hello KG Members i'm running out of time to get my challenge cook posted. I actually cooked it two weekends back. Pizza sounded good, so I decided to make my 5 ingredient challenge cook a pizza cook BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza Trader Joe's herb pizza dough Pulled pork, frozen from a prior kamado cook. BBQ sauce Onion Mozzarella cheese. cook at about 500F for about 8 minutes
  4. Welcome to the forum. Great looking reverse sear
  5. Welcome to the forum. Looks like you have a Richard Johnson kamado. Keep us posted on your restoration
  6. Good look w/ your 1st pizza cooks. be sure to post pictures or your cooks didn't really happen. Follow John's guidance and the other great info found here, and you will have fantastic pizza off your kamado
  7. you can get a small roasting basket for coffee or peanuts. i've done coffee a few year back.
  8. looks to be an older Japanese kamado. likely from the 70s, given the metal lower vent. I have an old kamado from the 60s that has a plug style vent. you will want to keep the temp on the low side 350F or below. these older kamados are not build of the modern ceramic material
  9. Definitely. I have a copy in my kitchen library
  10. great looking cooking, even if it was an accident! well done.
  11. I did a restoration a couple year back. I use the old kamado 1-2 a year, around thanksgiving. this may help you out. Q#1 - I don't have anything between the firebowl/firebox and the main kamado. I dont do any high heat cooks, all under 350F Q#2. I've used the drilling a small hole method, so far so good. I've also used high heat epoxy to file the cracks. Q#3 when running the kamado, i remove the plug completely. and use a modern top vent to control the temp. its worked well so far. Hope this helps
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