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  1. i typically use hardwood chunk, fist size give or take, it will last plenty. for long cooks, I mix multiple chunks through out the lump. so yes, experiment and see what you like. word of caution, poultry can be over powered with smoke, so go easy.
  2. Hello ITgcc. using lump charcoal with or with added hardwood is a personal preference. I like adding oak or hickory to most of my cooks. experiment with your favorite protein one with added hardwood, the other without. Let your taste buds decide. No need to soak wood.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Come check out the challenges cooks and join this months challenge
  4. Welcome to the forum. Consider joining the kamado challenge cooks
  5. I bet you can help educate others too.come join the kamado challenge cooks. After 7 years on your akorn im sure you have some great cooks
  6. Welcome to the forum! Come join the challenge cooks
  7. nice... greatly looking Imperial. Are you going to put her to use ?
  8. Welcome to the forum Great looking ribs. Consider joining the kamado challenge cooks.
  9. Welcome to the forum! Consider joining the kamado cooking challenges
  10. +1... what @KismetKamadosaid ! Welcome to the forum. i;m no where near that far north, but run my kamado all year, including a few blizzards. Others here on the forum do run their kamados in the deep cold of winter w/out problem.
  11. welcome to the forum.. Come join the kamado challenge cooks, it's a great way to expand your kamado cooking experience
  12. welcome to the forum. lets see some pictures of your vintage kamado. I have a vintage kamado from the 60s i restored. I use it about once year at Thanksgiving.
  13. Welcome to the forum I try to get up to the Plymouth/Manomet area most summers to visit my dad. Not sure about this year given world events...
  14. I roasted coffee beans I obtained in Peru using my Joetisserie and a peanut roasting basket, it turned out great.
  15. Welcome to the forum tell use more about your crostata pie/tart. any recipe or photos?
  16. if awesome meatballs were not enough, you have to bring in the sourdough. Excellent cooks.
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