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  1. I do a lot of high heat searing on it, there's no problem with this, except mine is no more flat...maybe I should use the lifetime warranty. I use it once for heat deflector but I prefer using an aluminium foil, less trouble when you want to go from indirect to direct cooking
  2. Accessory storage

    Totally agree with you For my defence, 99% of the time I cook 3 Ribs at the time (the Costco one),so it's not essential. I bought it for the 1% remaining. I don't desperate, summer is coming...so are the pool parties...
  3. Accessory storage

    Some on a panel and others (heavy one) on a table. All of this is near my patio door in my garage. The last place need some love a bit. I'm thinking about something else, a solution that would be more elegant and much more wife/children-proof
  4. Costco (Quebec) +1$ compared to last year
  5. I crossed the line

    Congratulations John At first, when reading the title, I thought : did he get an electric barbecue... [emoji6]
  6. Ready to buy

    I've not tested the kamado blaze, maybe this year. The big Joe is a really great kamado, and even more with the new hinge system and fire box. But for me, the only "default" is that for a daily use it eats too much charcoal, 1 bag/week if you're bbquing 5to7 days/week. I think the blaze is much more fuel efficient but it's​ a bit smaller than the​ BJ. KJ and blaze are well supported by BBQ Québec, so one or the other will not be a problem. KK is in another league but with the Dollars rate change, the shipping and duty it costs more $$$
  7. POLL: How do you access this site?

    Tapatalk on Android 80%, Firefox on (Linux and Freebsd) 20%
  8. Heat gun and propane torch. Heat gun light fire faster. I use this one http://tinyurl.com/hyzkvxc From 0 to 450 in less than 10 minutes. But when I m too lazybones to plug the heat gun, I use the torch. Envoyé de mon SM-T800 en utilisant Tapatalk
  9. Weber Summit efficiency test...well, sort of.

    How much of charcoal is a full load on the beast? Envoyé de mon SM-T800 en utilisant Tapatalk He states it in his OP 3 chimneys. I was asking in your beast when you run 50h at 350Envoyé de mon SM-T800 en utilisant Tapatalk
  10. Weber Summit efficiency test...well, sort of.

    How much of charcoal is a full load on the beast? Envoyé de mon SM-T800 en utilisant Tapatalk
  11. Weber Summit efficiency test...well, sort of.

    I agree--it smells like summer! Totally agree. It's a very distinct smell of nostalgia...And possibly cancer...but whatever. Here's the full video if you guys are interested in watching. It should have been finished hours ago but 1) The grill went ALL AFTERNOON and 2) I got another bogus copyright claim and had to redo much of the video after I uploaded it the first time. If you guys knew how screwed up YouTube's content ID system is it would blow your mind. It's ostensively supposed to prevent crime but it could not be more perfectly designed to create it. Anyways, back to the fun stuff. Enjoy! Nice/interesting video Did you do the same test on the komodo? Envoyé de mon SM-T800 en utilisant Tapatalk
  12. Weber Summit efficiency test...well, sort of.

    Ï do similar efficiency test with all my new barbecue Except I put only one Steven Raichlen chimney of charcoal lump (not brisket) and set it to 500f and I monitor how long it runs without dropping and the outside temperature it was during all the test. know, I'm waiting for summer temperature for doing the same test and see how it impacts efficiency Happy to see I'm not the only one to do such thing... Think my girlfriend have to cancel my integration in the psychiatric hospital Envoyé de mon SM-T800 en utilisant Tapatalk
  13. Guess what this is going to be (hopefully)

    Finally, does it work as expected ?
  14. How much to sell NEW Joe Jr. for?

    He should ask for a pair of balls... Or return it to the store
  15. Guess what this is going to be (hopefully)

    Cold smoking system with 2 kamado ?