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  1. Welcome from a fellow NZ (auckland)!
  2. Thanks John! This site makes me hungry even if I have just eaten.
  3. FYI for those that want a professional finish, just found the non-drill rotisserie for the kj. https://www.barbequesgalore.com.au/barbeques/official-accessories/kamado-joe/kamado-joe-rotisserie-for-the-classic-joe-bbq
  4. Ta da! Sorry no plated photo. I couldn't wait and had people over....
  5. Not sure whether this recipe fell here or sous vide section... Moderators feel free to keep me in line! brine ribs for 24 hours (I went for 5% salt but have seen up to 8% in a recipe) Sous vide for 8-9 hours at 80 degrees c. Sear on Weber q. Enjoy - firm and moist! Picture to follow... Ps. Bet you thought I meant smoked ribs!!!
  6. Thanks Jesse and Marty. I like the idea of the 2x4 resting on the handle idea. Simple and effective.Will have to get a length long enough! The other end of the rotisserie is resting on the side table. I had to make it up as the mount was part of the original BBQ.just used two angle brackets screwed in facing each other. Go for it-I was inspired by joetisserie but didn't like the idea of drilling into the Joe.would be keen to see a photo of your finished product! Fire bricks could work but since their outside is quite rough, would they accelerate the deterioration of the seal? Making a
  7. Hey Jesse, It was makeshift! the wood did start to darken. so I was rotating it and switching it around. Any suggestions on alternate materials found at home welcome as trying to solve before next go. No extra flavours detected...
  8. Hi, so where should I post for gas grill cooking pls?
  9. Great looking pizza, thanks for sharing recipe!
  10. Congratulations that is one tasty looking pizza!
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