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  1. Guessing it probably wouldn’t be the same boneless and skinless huh....
  2. That looks fantastic! Impressive improv with that for sure!
  3. Looks like an epic Mother’s Day to me. Nice job and I’m sure it was a hit.
  4. Those are some good looking ribs. Looks like your controller is a success.
  5. I'm still enamored with this.... so I'll say it again.... Wow!
  6. Looks amazing! Super nice job on those. If they were cooked to the preference of the intended recipient, they were perfect regardless of what temp that may have been. Simple as that.
  7. I saw one of these in my Menards recently. If I had a sheltered cooking area and didn’t live in a wind tunnel I would have picked it up. Floated the idea by the husband saying, gosh, they have the stainless Blackstone for a steal.... he didn’t bite or I probably would have bought it anyway - even without a great place for it to live.
  8. Never would have thought of that. Collard Greens aren't really a thing here. Never had them and no clue how to make them. But sounds really good.
  9. I’m really going to have to try a mole sometime. That looks spectacular! Nice job.
  10. Thanks! Sounds like you eat well at your house on the regular! Kudos to your wife for her cooking style. I think I’ll take a cue from that.
  11. Thank you! Even though I was terribly distracted with work, I wanted to deliver on my challenge cook.
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