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  1. KismetKamado

    The random pictures thread...

    Yep - ‘69 Galaxie Nothing fancy, just a nice all original old car. Odometer has never rolled over.
  2. KismetKamado

    Something different for breakfast

    That looks excellent! Definitely my kind of breakfast. Quality ingredients and simple preparation. Very nicely done.
  3. KismetKamado

    Faux Fajitas

    That sounds like a plan! The soapstone shines at high temps. I’m really kind of missing my Big Joe Soapstone / grate combo setup now that I am cooking on the kk on the deck instead of the Big Joe on my patio for winter. I was finding that really handy with the Big Joe real estate to run half soapstone and half standard grate as my regular everyday setup for grilling (the vast majority of my cooking). And extended vacation in a warmish place during winter doesn’t sound too bad....
  4. KismetKamado

    Faux Fajitas

    I could go faux some faux fajitas. Way to improvise! Looks good from where I’m sitting.
  5. KismetKamado

    Pizza Night

    Well, it was going to be pizza for lunch today, but Mr. KK got called in to work. So it was pizza for dinner instead.... Started a 24 hour dough yesterday. Today went ahead ahead and tried something I had wanted to do for awhile. Made mozzarella. Stretched out the dough and made the pies. Onto the Blackstone.
  6. KismetKamado

    Yang-ling & sides....super easy cook

    As usual, great looking meal. Sometimes easy is best.
  7. Well, at least this time you should be able to knock out the setup quickly and efficiently since you just went through it.
  8. Looks just about perfect. Nice job!
  9. KismetKamado

    38 degrees and grilling

    Looks like Akorn Jr didn’t mind the cold at all.
  10. KismetKamado


    Well.... part of a whirlybird.... Since I was playing with the rotisserie this weekend, went ahead and did a turkey breast since I found a nice fresh one at the store. Originally tried the spit rod, but couldn’t get it balanced. So went with the KK cradle basket instead. Should have some nice sandwiches for lunch at work this week.
  11. KismetKamado

    1st Time ABT'S

    Yep - those are looking great already!
  12. Finally got the KK rotisserie setup worked out. Was going to spin a chicken last weekend, but didn’t catch my weather window. So last night remedied that and got my first spin knocked out with some pork loin chunks I had marinating. One in hot Korean bbq sauce and one in a white balsamic vinagriette. Got the KK dialed in. Figured out the pointy screw threaded on the end of the rod for skewering your meat or veggies. Used a piece of daikon radish to keep everyone’s flavors separated. Looking good. Turned the Korean BBQ pork into a nice salad for lunch today. I’ve got the KK fired up for a turkey breast and chicken today... this is too much fun.
  13. KismetKamado

    Chops and Veggies

    Thanks, @Dub! It was an awesome meal. That's a good thing because it took away the pain of cleaning up the biggest mess I've made on my stovetop in ages.
  14. KismetKamado

    Chops and Veggies

    Thanks for the kind words, @keeperovdeflame! I grew up on a lot of casseroles and simple easy home cooked meals - my mom was amazing. She worked two jobs and took night classes at the college, but still managed to have some sort of home cooked meal for us all the time. We almost never ate out and if we did, it was something cheap. I still have a hankering for those things she made to this day. My husband and I often talk about how well our family eats - and how it is not the norm these days. He has a tendency to put a price tag on our meals.... "if we were at a restaurant this would be a 'such and such' dollar plate....." I think you are spot on as far as the sprouts go. They were ok, but could have used a little more somethin' somethin'. I have a few left that may very well get this treatment.
  15. Mighty fine looking breakfast, Dub! Bet those two pups get lucky every once in a blue moon....enough to keep them at the ready.