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  1. Definitely agree on the even heating surface, but I’ve also found the ash from the briquettes doesn’t fly up into my food as much as it does with lump. Not an issue with the kamados, but if I use lump with my PK and it’s breezy (any given day here), I seem to get an ash flurry flying up every time I open the dome... which doesn’t happen nearly as much when using briquettes. That might all be my imagination... but it seems like a very real problem at times.
  2. I have to say, I got mine a little over a week ago (from my pre-order) and I was super impressed with the packaging. The grill is awesome, too - but I thought the packaging was well executed which is important to me and something I noticed. Also, I think I will prefer briquettes in this grill, but the increased amount of ash is ridiculous. I did have some issues with ash coming out the front on mine after my burn in and first cook. I do like the fact that it fits nicely on a full sheet pan.... That helped me to keep the ash that escaped contained and not worry about ash / emb
  3. Looks great! I think I would go for the chicken over the ribs, but both looked really good.
  4. Good looking meal topped off with a good looking desert!
  5. Yep - EPIC pretty much sums it up. Everything looks wonderful. Beyond impressed.
  6. Thanks, @Vanole! I got in on this. I’m a huge fan of their products. Even tried to get a local pizza place on board with upping their chili flake game. Super excited about the new Asian Reds, too! A couple of those headed my way as well. And another Smoke Show. My “I Can’t Feel my Face” isn’t in need of replacement yet. That’s a bit peppy even by my standards.
  7. I’m a little nicer than @ckreef, I let Jr ride shotgun..... If you were expecting it to rattle around quite a bit or planned to lay it down horizontal, you may want to check how the fire bowl will ride and wrap it in paper or remove it to prevent it from rubbing off the enamel on the inside... that is, if you want to try to maximize your Jr’s life span and not create a cozy place for rust to start to roost. That might not be a valid thought - just an idea of a potential issue that you could have and not based at all on experience. I don’t travel with mine much.
  8. The Aji Amarillo is a different heat than I am used too. Not too sharp and doesn't get you right away or in any one particular spot. A nice intense overall warmth is the best I can come up with to describe it. But I don't think there is anything that can beat a good bowl of green chile.... that's one of my all-time favorites.
  9. Thanks, @In2Fish! Somewhat inspired by your South of the Border Challenge awhile back. Was glad to see I wasn't the only last minute entry. I even made myself a little nervous on this one. Didn't light a grill until about 5 p.m. and then didn't really get excited about getting it settled in and up to temp too quick. Then realized it was getting late and I better get after it.
  10. Looks like a pretty good Halloween treat to me!
  11. I bet that was amazing! It definitely looks delicious. And the red pepper and beans sound like great additions. Great entry!
  12. Decided to revisit South American flavors for this challenge cook. Came up with Locro de Papa - a South American Potato and Cheese Soup. Most of the ingredients are photo’d below. Some cream and milk are missing - as is some garlic. Fired up the KK for this cook. Was burning hotter on the left. Used that to my advantage. Sautéd my onion in some olive oil. Added diced up potatoes a few minutes later. Sautéed those a bit to get them started and then cleared an area in my pan to cook off my Aji Amarillo, garlic, oregano,
  13. That looks wonderful! Lots of great flavors in the pot of soup. Excellent entry.
  14. Wow! I am sure that was a huge success. I know my family would absolutely love it. Great entry!
  15. That looks like a perfect bright and fresh soup. The fact that it’s relatively easy is a bonus. And those shrimp are just beautiful (that says a lot coming from a non seafood person)!
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