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  1. KismetKamado

    First Pastrami

    Lets call it simplifying instead of cheating.... Great looking sandwich you ended up with!
  2. Welcome! Spend some time on the forum and you will learn more than you could have ever imagined!
  3. KismetKamado

    wifey hates charcoal

    That’s great news!!!! Glad it worked out for you and thanks for reporting back. It’s always nice to get positive feedback like that.
  4. KismetKamado

    Weber Starter Cubes anybody use them?

    Agree on the chemical odor. I use these in my Akorn Jr’s though and in my ceramics if the wind is ripping and I’m having a hard time keeping anything else lit. Won’t buy more though... just using what I have as I can.
  5. KismetKamado

    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket For Pre-2017 Big Joe

    Well, I think I have joined the ranks of hardware store guy. Can you hear my knees knocking in my post? That is a lovely truckload of soda you have CentralTexBBQ. It compliments your Texasness nicely. I particularly care for how uniformally it is stacked, for the most part. Go Cowboys, Go ‘Stros, Go Rockets (lost me on this one), Go CentralTexBBQ! There - can we put away the creepy fanged emoji now? Please. I find it frightening.
  6. KismetKamado

    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket For Pre-2017 Big Joe

    Please tell me that’s not your truck or your personal stash.... I don’t want to have to think less of you...
  7. KismetKamado

    Bacon and shrimp

    Thanks for sharing, @philpom! I’m glad I asked too now. Definitely going to try it. Kind of curious how turkey bacon would turn out....
  8. KismetKamado

    Bacon and shrimp

    You wont regret it! And it pairs nicely with a Kamado.... Be sure to check out the sous vide section of the forum for other ideas as well.
  9. KismetKamado

    Sausage and Carrots on the KJ

    I really need to try doing some carrots like that - they look awesome! And kudos to you for a serving of veggies both in the sausage and on the side! I think that makes it extra healthy, @Bgosnell151! Well, maybe except for the sausage and cheese part...
  10. KismetKamado

    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket For Pre-2017 Big Joe

    Well, it is red, I will give you that... and we all know how much I love red.... Do they only sell it in 4 packs because it has as much sugar in 4 as there would be in 6 of anything else? That would probably be a refreshing treat for after I get whooped on this gasket replacement and end up choking on all that lovely Texas dust you so splendidly described. Thanks for sharing, learned something today.
  11. KismetKamado

    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket For Pre-2017 Big Joe

    KK respectfully steps down, apologizes for taking over a thread, and will not further discuss her gasket endeavors as she has clearly wandered into uncharted territory and her Wyomingite moxie may not be enough to carry her through a Texas dust storm such as this. But she will look forward to hearing how @CentralTexBBQ‘s gasket replacement goes and will share her own experience upon request at a later date. What’s BigRed? And I do still really like my hardware store gal. She’s awesome and I don’t regret mentioning it. Maybe she’s from Texas...
  12. KismetKamado

    Bacon and shrimp

    Whoa, whoa, whoa..... Buy a big pack of bacon and just sous vide it???? In the package you buy it in??? Or do you break it up somehow? This is mind blowing so need to make sure I understand right. Think I really like this and you might still need to do a separate thread, as this is really an interesting idea.
  13. KismetKamado

    Acorn vs The Others

    CONGRATULATIONS! Sounds like it was meant to be.
  14. KismetKamado

    Hello from Melbourne, Australia :-)

    @keeperovdeflame is legendary in the arena of spatchcock chicken. I remember quite vividly his recommendation for me to cook the same in my introductory post to win over my husband who may have been less than thrilled with my acquisition. Adding a few links for you. Keeper lined me out with a tip on this thread where I had sunk my dome thermometer into my chicken. If you are cooking raised this is something to watch out for, but Keeper had a simple solution. And there are some good tips in this post as well - I agree with the air drying and 400 - 425 temp range for guaranteed crispy skin.
  15. KismetKamado

    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket For Pre-2017 Big Joe

    Rumor has it he fell down a rabbit hole with pointy and sharp things and was never heard from again... some here at the Guru can still feel his presence from time to time... Occasionally there's sightings of an avatar eerily similar to his spotted in the forum postings... Mewantkj was more than just a guru.... he was a.... LEGEND.... Maybe he'll return to us one day reincarnated as someone else.... And I just got home it's about to be a deluge... operation "gasket be gone" to be executed tomorrow weather permitting. I'm totally on board with ripping off a functioning gasket to cook without one for an indefinite amount of time, but to do that in the rain would just be crazy.