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  1. Absolutely gorgeous color on that! Wow! Nice job and super entry. Love it!
  2. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me.... Coming from the guy who doesn’t even know when his anniversary is.... (You should have never mentioned that - I am going to remember it and bring it up every chance I get for forever...lol)
  3. Those look fantastic! I will be super excited if I can get results more like that.
  4. Not real impressed. My husband was already pretty opinionated going into it though. I think it’s just because we are not used to it. It wasn’t that bad - just not our cup of tea I guess. And since it’s so dang expensive, I’m not going to feel too bad about it. I think I would have been better off going with the meatballs or gyro burger type of meals like @ckreef and @JohnnyAppetizer did. Those would have been better “gateway” cooks than my “dive in head first into the deep end” approach with the rack of lamb. Live and learn...
  5. If you use the term “work” loosely, then yes. Tons of room for improvement to say the least, but it was edible.
  6. Had what I thought was a single lamb rack in the fridge all week. Decided I better go ahead and get the dreaded lamb cook over with, so pulled it out of the fridge today. Ends up there are 2 per package.... ugh. At least that solved the problem of deciding whether to cook it as a rack or as lollipops. Decided to go with a simple garlic herb marinade. One rack whole and one cut into lollipops. Let them marinate for several hours with the garlic and herbs. Worked on a bread project in the meantime. I’m definitely not a baker and this wasn’t super successful, but was edible. No commercial yeast at all - just my sourdough starter. Onto the grill on an upper rack at about 450. Then once I pulled that, out the lollipops on down on the lower rack. Grilled some asparagus for a side. And plated. So now I can say I’ve been there and done that... and don’t need to do it again. Think I’m happy to stick with moo, cluck and oink from here on out.
  7. Welcome @Dobro Dane! I think I remember hearing the roadshows were cancelled, but I might have imagined that. Kamado Joe was running some sales for online orders recently as well.
  8. Welcome @Crystal Barbeque! If you want a KJ, I believe the Masterbuilt may be very similar to a KJ... so you might want to go that direction. Either one would definitely get the job done. Aside from the size alone, you might want to consider accessory compatibility as well if those are things you would be interested in down the road.
  9. Looks like a perfect hearty and warm meal to enjoy on a day like that. And beautiful presentation to boot! Nice job!
  10. That is my kind of meal! I struggled with tortillas the first time I tried them. I saw your post in the recipe section and am going to try them again.
  11. Pretty darn good improv with what you had on hand. A unique spin on a classic dish - can’t go wrong with that. Great entry!
  12. I love a good gyro and that looks like a fantastic and unique take on one! Great entry!
  13. Welcome @Jammy! You don’t need to buy a Pit Boss stone. I would suggest looking for a good quality cordierite stone. Also, many people have good luck with kiln shelves from pottery stores.
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