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  1. Looks good! You make the Classic look spacious. I always feel claustrophobic when I cook on my classic sized Vision... so Big Joe usually gets fired up instead.
  2. First of all... lol. But more importantly, that looks like an amazing meal. Outstanding!
  3. Looks good from where I’m sitting!
  4. Everything looks great, but the chops are just perfect!
  5. Nice job! Looks fantastic and I bet those were some great nachos.
  6. Wow - everything looks amazing! That is my kind of vacation right there! Stunning. Every bit of it. And now I’m inspired to try to fried provolone dish as well....
  7. I’ve never seen or heard of that lump before. Was it still producing smoke after the fire matured and settled?
  8. Looks like a really enjoyable cook. I’d say you nailed it.
  9. Quite the eclectic cook. Nice job. Just the other night I felt like I should try a fish cook again and really really try.... this is reinforcing that thought.
  10. Fajitas are a favorite of ours as well - did a similar cook just the other night. And they are perfect for a Big Joe with plenty of real estate for protein and veggies. Yours look amazing! Sometimes I’ll even cook off my tortillas on the grill first. I can cycle through them way faster doing at least 4 at a time.
  11. I never would have thought to do that, but it looks spectacular! The details make a difference. Wow!
  12. I never have seen this cut in a store, but you made it look amazing!
  13. And that’s how you do that! Looks amazing. Everything. Nice job!
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