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  1. That’s my kind of meal! I think it looks great and I love how you composed a full meal with sides even. I am thinking that would be good to cook anytime, pandemic or not! Awesome entry and an above average money shot, even if you don’t think so - especially given the challenge of not having some nice bright colors from fresh veggies.
  2. Talk about a killer cook that doesn’t look like a pandemic meal at all... wowzers! Pretty sure you could line people up for that all day long without them even realizing there wasn’t anything fresh or frozen in it. Awesome entry!
  3. I really like how you found a way to still get the veggies in your dish! And I’m sure smoking the chicken just a bit gave it a little boost. Looks like a great meal to me and a wonderful entry!
  4. If that doesn’t look like a “stick to your ribs” kind of meal, I don’t know what does. Awesome creativity on shelf stable ingredient selection. Nice job with that entry all the way around.
  5. Very innovative to use the same main ingredient in multiple different ways! And really stepped it up making your own fried pork skins to make the breading. I think you earned the right to call that canned meat product whatever you want with that cook. Super entry!
  6. Never in a million years would I have thought to make tofu. I had no idea this is how it’s done even. I loved the commentary in your cook thread. Awesome entry!!!!
  7. I’ve seen that and always thought it would be interesting to try. Yours looks awesome! Great entry.
  8. Last minute, and done in steady 20+ winds, but managed to bang out a challenge entry. Not exactly what I wanted to do, but didn’t have time for my original idea. My ingredients... with the star of the show being the dehydrated textured vegetable protein. Never tangled with this before. Also some sofrito to make up for lack of fresh veggies and the usual suspects of diced tomatoes with celery and peppers, tomato sauce, macaroni and beef broth. Also used some SPG and Tatonka Dust. OMG... what have I done... rehydrating the TVP in beef broth (realize that defeats the purpose for non meat eaters, but doesn’t apply in my case, so went for it). On the grill attempting to fry up a bit to add texture with SPG and Tatonka Dust (for the Worcestershire profile). Added the sofrito and let it get a little color to build flavor. Then goes in more beef broth, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes and the uncooked macaroni. Stirred up and simmering. Done deal. It smells like goulash. And my dish. I hope this freezes well because it’s going to be my lunches for a week or two. Family not interested in something that didn’t moo. I thought it was really good though.
  9. Welcome @kathleenmelissa! I have moved your post to the accessories section. What type of grill are you using? Might want to clarify the type of smoker box you are referring to as well. I am picturing a vented metal. Ok that would hold wood chips or pellets on the grill surface to smolder during the cook. If you are using a gas grill, a smoker box may be useful. If you’re using a kamado or other charcoal grill, most just add some wood chunks to their charcoal. There are some other techniques as well, but tell us a little bit more about what you are looking at to get the best feedback. And then for cold smoking that’s a different story as well, and I think some number of people use a device like a smoker box for that.
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