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  1. Copycat paella from DerHusker

    I haven't ever had paella, but it looks delicious! Awesome cook! And appreciate all the detail along the way. Fantastic entry!
  2. Inaugural cook for BJ

    I'm really looking forward to doing a turkey on my new to me Big Joe soon, too!
  3. I would pull it and open it up to get your temp up for the sear. I don't think you are going to have enough giddy up to get 'er done and lay down a nice sear if not....
  4. Received an email from Baking Steel yesterday that their griddles are 20% through the weekend with the below code. It's not a typo. 20% off all of our griddles all weekend long (Fri-Sun). Why you ask? Because you need this in your kitchen and this big savings may just be what it takes for you to really up your cooking game at home. CODE: NEEDTHISNOW
  5. Blue Flames from the buttocks of hell

    I'm pretty sure you were hooped from the start when you loaded it with a metric f*ton instead of an imperial f*ton....
  6. First Blackstone Cook

    I can definitely see some lettuce - passes the healthy test as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Balsamic Peach Pork Chops

    Wow - that looks so good! And your plating and money shot are awesome! Well done! I can't believe you didn't dig in before posting!!!!!
  8. Smoked Beef Sandwiches

    Both look great, but the omelette wrap steals the show for me!
  9. I think Big Green Egg needs a new name

    Any time I discuss my grills with coworkers or friends and use the term "Kamado", I then have to follow up to their confused look by saying a "ceramic grill". And it's at that point that the light goes on and they say, oh you mean a "Big Green Egg." At which point I just grin and nod. Lol.
  10. 0-2 On Babyback Ribs, Help Please

    I can't cook ribs right to save myself - think I have given up at this point. I don't even really like to eat them, but I would find myself cooking them time and time again trying to chase a decent finished product. My husband didn't complain too much about having to deal with disposing of the results, so I guess they didn't turn out that bad. Reading along to see if I have any revelations from the input.....
  11. Kick Ash Basket - Worth Buying?

    I'm not sure what I would think of the 1/2 basket for the Primo Oval. I will start by saying that I loved my 2nd KAB for my Vision so much that I just ordered one over the weekend for the Big Joe. However, the KAB that I loved, I only ordered earlier this summer. Prior to them making one specific for the Vision, they had a generic fit one. That, in my very uneducated opinion, let way too much airflow go around the charcoal instead of through it. I had issues with my cooks at times that I think were attributed to this (again, just my own conjecture). The one made for the Vision fit like a glove and was a huge improvement (although more difficult to get ahold of to get in and out lol). So - with all that said, not sure what I would think of the half basket. Or even 2 of the half baskets if that is possible to do or not..... Works great if it fits well - maybe not as great if it doesn't.
  12. New Kamado user in Wyoming

    Awesome deal! I usually included Jackson in my occasional Craigslist searches figuring that there are probably more per capita there than most other places in this general area. Really looking forward to hearing what you think of it once you get a few cooks under your belt! Post up some pics of that tri-tip if you get a chance.
  13. New Kamado user in Wyoming

    Did you pick that up in the J-Hole?
  14. New Kamado user in Wyoming

    You're going to love that Primo, @Smoque'n! I have cooked through several Wyoming winters myself so far and no issues at all. A little uncomfortable for me, but the Kamado does just fine. I had been cooking on a Vision and Akorn Jr. until I found a deal on a used Big Joe a couple of weeks ago. Still can't believe I stumbled across it. Funny how things have a way of working out the way they should....