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  1. That’s a good looking and unique pizza!
  2. Definitely a Keeper indeed! Beautiful as always. And a lot of great bold flavors there - wish I had been able to sample it.
  3. Welcome @Platestealer! Stop by the introductions section and let us know a little bit about yourself and your grill when you get a chance. The soapstone takes a while to heat up for sure - definitely longer than the cast iron. The actual time probably depends on a number of variables.
  4. Welcome @Greg Phillips - please stop by the Introductions section to introduce yourself when you get a chance. Hopefully one of our seasoned gurus with experience on the iKamand can help to answer your question in time to take advantage of the sale.
  5. Things have a way of working out in the end. I bet the stars will align and your next opportunity to go will work out just the way you hoped.
  6. I’ve seen a number of trucks here with the bottom half done. Some of what I have seen was very dull looking and not an attractive look against shiny paint. Can’t say I’ve seen one that looks sharp. Perhaps a full spray looks better. My concern would be some bedliner looks, and wears, better than others. I got a bit excessive with clear bra on my Suburban and truck doing full fronts and all the way down each side from side trim down and around the rear bumper and hatch on my Suburban as well. It wasn’t cheap, but looking at paint chip patterns on vehicles, I thought this was my best bet... The shop had never had anyone request this before, but I’m pretty anal about my vehicles. And at this point, 12 years later, I’m thinking to myself I either shouldn’t have bothered or done the whole thing since my clear coat gave up the ghost... I guess I could bedliner it at this point...
  7. Awesome looking and extremely unique dish! never would have thought to do that, but it sounds great. I hear you on the running out of time issue - found myself in the same boat.
  8. A couple of weeks ago - what some would call a blizzard butt went down in anticipation of what would become an October Challenge Cook. Brr... Brr... Double Brr... And Brr... Ok, with that done I parked my pulled pork in the freezer. Truth be told, didn’t even make a first meal out of it since it finished in the morning. Kept the temp nice and low for a corned beef “pastrami” that tagged along on the lower rack. Seasoning was simple to be versatile for leftovers: salt, pepper, garlic and a little Chupacabra. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was rapidly running out of time. I had parked a bag of pulled pork in the home freezer and work freezer in an attempt to maximize my chance for a cook. With today being the last chance, and no work cook possible (I was dreaming to even think I could sneak it in with month end), I brought my bag of thawed pulled pork home with me from work. After getting everyone settled from evening festivities, I went about starting my challenge cook. Temps were slightly more pleasant today though the wind was howling. Seemed slightly better than the single digits highs and record low temps of the last couple days. Cleared a spot for Jr on the deck... which made it clear of snow, but slicker than all get out. Lit my charcoal with a torch - super sparky, but wasn’t really feeling any imminent fire danger... Went about tending to other things. Checked back half an hour later and fire was out. Resorted to a tumbleweed starter. Got it going, or so I thought, set vents and came out another half hour later to fire out again. At this point snow was coming down and I really don’t like Jr exposed to the elements. So I threw in the towel and lugged the little guy inside and decide to carry on indoors. Crisped up the pork in a small cast iron pan. Added some green tomatillo salsa. Mixed that together and added some black beans and corn. Started layering my nachos in a larger CI pan with the handle lopped off (this fits in Jr and pretty sure the other pan would too, but didn’t get that far). Threw it in the oven to melt the cheese. Underestimated the power of the convection feature. Not challenge worthy / eligible, but tasty nonetheless.
  9. I can’t see how that didn’t get all the votes... looks like a winner to me! Great write up - thanks for all the details.
  10. Wow! Those look like they turned out amazing! I’m always super impressed when people can pull off a stuffed protein cook like that. In my experience it’s harder than it looks to end up with something that looks that good.
  11. That’s a brilliant idea! I can picture myself making that dish sometime soon! Awesome entry.
  12. I see how it is.... the ‘ol bait and switch! Mighty fine entry - very unique idea and looks wonderful. I bet the acid of the tomato and the richness of the pork complimented each other well.
  13. Great looking loaves! I’d be thrilled with results like that.
  14. It doesn’t get much better than a stuffed pepper - and yours look perfect! Love how the stuffing cooked down. I found those striped peppers in my store this fall - they are definitely unique looking. Great entry.
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