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  1. Wowzers! I’m in awe of those beautiful croissants.
  2. I have never, ever, ever, heard of a bread like that! Super unique and looks like it turned out great. Awesome entry!
  3. And here I was hoping you were going to take it easy on us this time around... Absolutely amazing! Looks fantastic and really appreciate all the attention to detail in the process.
  4. Looks fantastic. And It’s nice you have an idea of what the issues were. Will wait patiently to see what you end up actually entering.
  5. A++ for creativity on that one! Looks like it turned out really good. That seems like the kind of meal accessory or appetizer that would be a hit with most families. Outstanding entry.
  6. Very, very, very impressive. The wheat though.... Wow!
  7. Those are some good looking ribs - nice job!
  8. I bet you were very popular at the office that day! Awesome cook and entry!
  9. It definitely looks perfect, @William!
  10. Should be no problem if you start with a full firebox of charcoal. That said, you should be seeing a fair amount of lump leftover from your 8 hour cooks if you are starting with a full firebox.
  11. @fncruz- I don’t have that style, but am probably a bit more obsessive about cleanliness than most, so I’ll give you my 2 cents. I try to brush my grates down well after each cook and don’t usually have too much residue that lingers - but I do a lot of grilling and not a lot of smoking, so they aren’t really getting that gunked up. If they do get kinda sporty, I will go with a controlled, and not crazy, high temp burn off. 500ish for an hour or a bit more is my preference. Please don’t peg out the dome thermometer. This isn’t NASCAR - no reason to go full throttle. You will have a s
  12. Beautiful photos and equally beautiful rock! My husband and girls paint rocks as well - and they enjoy it quite a bit. I’m sure you have brightened quite a few days when people run across your handiwork.
  13. Calling the audible was the right call from the looks of it. Awesome entry!
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