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  1. Great.... @Scott Roberts.... just great... I didn’t need the hood for my 17” Blackstone because it wouldn’t fit in my carry case. Now what’s my excuse not to buy the hood now that there is a sweet backpack that fits the griddle with the hood???? Now I have to buy the hood and the backpack. Mr. KK’s going to be very mad at you... well mainly me, but I’m definitely blaming it on you.
  2. How well do these cleanup, @Brick Pig? I’m not sure I’ve seen or heard much about unglazed stoneware. I’m intrigued....
  3. Welcome @camroncook79! Stop by the introduction section and tell us a little bit more about yourself and your cooker.
  4. Wow - I never would have dreamed of doing the bacon garlic knots - those look awesome! And the pepperoni boys look really good, too. Those both would have been great with spaghetti.
  5. Wowzers.... I'll show Mr. KK the 3 top first and then tell him I'm willing to "settle" for the twin top so it seems like a bargain.....
  6. Lots of great variety there! Wouldn’t have ever dreamed of a couple of those, but they sure look good. Nice job.
  7. Looks like a wonderful holiday spread! I have no clue how you manage to do all that. I would still be decorating at the point the Christmas dinner needed to be made. Not going to show my family this photo.... they don’t need to know a ham can look pretty or they might expect me to try to pull that off.
  8. Very unique appetizer! I’m sure tomato soup and the sausage ball compliment each other well. I’ve not ever had a sausage ball, but saw a few references to them this holiday season and thought about giving them a try. Now I realize the kamado is the perfect way to cook them when I do!
  9. That’s awesome! I bet she loved it. Thanks for posting your Cobb cook and hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
  10. Apparently I was not very good this year - no fun new Blackstone for me under the tree... that really looks like a great size and setup.
  11. Nailed it! Don’t think you could have done it any more perfect than that.
  12. Wow! I’m not sure I’ve had 30 people over to my house in the past 5 years, let alone all at once! Looks like all the prep and organization paid off. Nice job!
  13. That’s my kind of turkey cook! They look like they turned out perfect. And I’m sure they made a mighty fine lunch. Merry Christmas!
  14. 300 Celsius is pretty hot. And once you start choking down a fire that hot, you’re bound to have a fireball when you give it a gulp of oxygen. And with a cook that likely had a lot of fat, that is going to ignite as well. Have you considered doing this any other way? Perhaps some others will chime in on their techniques to get crispy crackle.
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