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  1. Welcome @primotenore! Sounds like you had a great start to your Kamado cooking journey!
  2. KismetKamado

    old joe

    Welcome @Dash V! I believe that is the Kamado Joe Classic I.
  3. Looks like you’re off to a fantastic start, @Carlitos!
  4. Welcome @Brad Elks! I would say that is not normal. Most kamado's will totally snuff out when completely shut down - though they may take quite awhile to cool down. You must have some air coming in from somewhere.
  5. Welcome @harkerVT! I’m jealous of your easy access to Dizzy Pig products.
  6. Welcome @SquatchSLC! I think you will find some info on these older kamados in a number of posts. Perhaps try searching for Imperial Kamado I think. Take care to keep your temps down when you use it. Those older kamados typically don’t tolerate high heat very well.
  7. Most unique first cook I have ever seen! Looks eggs-cellent!
  8. That looks like a ton of work! Did you freeze the extras or gift to friends? Or since the pork is cured, does it hold awhile just in the fridge?
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