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  1. Really great looking pizza. I love a “simple” pie.
  2. KismetKamado

    El pastel del Diablo (pizza)

    Great looking pizza, @philpom! I shouldn’t have dared you to make another perfect crust.
  3. KismetKamado

    The Unexpected Cook

    Looks fantastic to me! I would have loved to have had a piece. Nice job and way to go with going above and beyond to make the wife happy! Proud of you.
  4. KismetKamado

    Full English Breakfast.....Pizza

    And just when you think @daninpd has pulled the last rabbit out of the hat, he goes back in and fishes out another one! Congrats! Can’t wait to hear all about it.
  5. KismetKamado

    Full English Breakfast.....Pizza

    Whew! My ego couldn’t take much more of a beating so glad you’re finally hanging up your pizza peel and calling it a day.
  6. KismetKamado

    Caramelized Onion and Pork Tenderloin Pizza

    And another great pizza cook. Is there anything you haven’t made a pizza with in the last month?
  7. Wow! I could devour that right now! Excellent idea, execution and documentation! And a fantastic entry for the finals!
  8. KismetKamado

    Last Minute Chook Spin

    Great looking chicken!
  9. KismetKamado

    Hi from the netherlands

    Welcome! A classic and a jr is a great combination.
  10. KismetKamado

    Hi there!

    Welcome Gary! Hope all goes well with the new acquisition.
  11. KismetKamado

    What can I say....

    I think it’s great that just about whatever a person loves, it can be done on a Kamado. Nice looking spuds!
  12. Thank you! Great looking pizza! And very unique approach.
  13. KismetKamado

    Pizza Margherita Extra

    I’m diggin’ this one, too, @daninpd! Great looking pizza sans moo or oink.
  14. KismetKamado

    Eggplant Parmesan Pizza

    You came over to the dark side with me, @daninpd! Proud of you buddy! Look at you go with a killer unique veggie cook! I love it.
  15. KismetKamado

    My first Boston butt on an Akorn Jr.

    Congratulations! I’m guessing you and Jake will be spending a lot of time with Jr.