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  1. Ceramic Fire Bowl

    I think there is confusion because the fire bowl for the Akorn is porcelain enameled steel. I think somehow that has been misconstrued into the thought that there was a ceramic fire bowl. That said, there is no traditional ceramic fire bowl that I am aware of for the Akorn. Though I could always be mistaken...
  2. KJ Porky Chops!

    Looks like you are feeding a small army with that spread! Everything looks great, but I think I would have been all over the sweet potato chips.
  3. Salmon Tacos

    Looks like you are making good use of your BDay present! Looks great.
  4. Beautiful November Day - Ribs on Big Joe

    Thanks, TKOBBQ! I really tried - super happy they turned out looking and tasting pretty good!
  5. Beautiful November Day - Ribs on Big Joe

    Thank you! I hope you had a couple of nice days over on your side of the state. Temps dropped big time tonight. :( Thank you! Thanks, K’man! Love the space on the Big Joe for sure. Let’s me keep everything nice and clean a lot easier with that much real estate to work with. Thanks, Tioga! I used a little peach and pecan for the smoke. I’ve cooked a ton of ribs chasing a decent finished product. This definitely goes in the books as one of my better attempts. I also had some better plated pics, but they didn’t look as moist so I went with the not as great shots...
  6. SRF cowboy steak

    That’s a perfect looking meal right there! Not one thing I would change with that cook or the entire plate for that matter.
  7. Beautiful November Day - Ribs on Big Joe

    I forgot to mention those were ostrich and emu ribs and that will be my Birds of a Feather Challenge Cook... (No way I'm going to have another day this month that is that nice to do a challenge cook on... can’t blame a gal for trying....)
  8. Lamb Lollipops

    I’m definitely on it now! Nothing like succumbing to a little peer pressure to try it. And a little sabotage just sounds like a good time regardless... No additional encouragement needed other than planting the seed to get me to do that. Should have results to post in the next week or so... This is going to be fun! Funny the memories that stick with you. Lost my dad way too early many many years ago. I sure miss him, too. After we successfully execute operation “Hubby had a Little Lamb”, maybe you can walk me through a little catfish nugget surprise....
  9. Komodo Joe sale

    Must be blowing out the existing new stock of the Classics since they now have the Classic II’s?
  10. Lamb Lollipops

    Ok, ok, ok.... you talked me into it. I think I have seen lamb in the not leg (rack?) variation at Sam’s. I’ll do it soon. But I’m going to have to ditch my husband whatever day I do that shopping so he doesn’t give me the look... I mean, I’ll get the look (you know, the “what in the world is wrong with you” look) when I get home, but that’s better than it happening in public. Lol.
  11. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. Temp were in the 50’s I’m sure and no significant wind to speak of - at least not in the earlier part of the day. Work has been really busy and I’ve been limiting my extra-curricular activities. Doing inventory this weekend across a couple locations, but couldn’t help myself on Sunday. It was too nice to pass up. Shot from the hip and ran to grab some ribs since I was getting a late start and couldn’t commit to a pork shoulder or brisket. Anyway, here’s a few pics. Fighting some crazy temp swings on my new used Big Joe that are driving me nuts... going to have to wait until spring to do the gasket at this point. Plated pics are absolutely horrid. It was really late and I just wanted to go to bed... regretting that I didn’t try harder on those... I don’t even really like ribs very much, but my husband said they were one of my best attempts to date.
  12. Lamb Lollipops

    That’s exactly what has probably kept me from trying lamb - the fear of that unusual gamey-ness that has burned me every time I’ve tried something out of my usual protein box. Good to know the lollipops don’t have that issue in your opinion. Leg of lamb has definitely never appealed to me - now matter how great ckreef or aussie may make it look!
  13. Kong

    I don't think less charcoal is a remedy for a Kamado - you're going to want to be able to fill your firebox and manage your fire by controlling airflow with your vents. If there are significant leaks, then sealing the grill would be the remedy. However, there are a number of people who have cooked with obvious leaks (such as no gaskets) for extended periods of time with no real issues....
  14. Turkey test run

    Hope it gets there in time - sounds like it's going to be fantastic!
  15. Lamb Lollipops

    Maybe one day I’ll try lamb... maybe.... You are making it seem more appealing with cooks like this posted!