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  1. Looks pretty darn good to me! Sign me up for the cabbage. I would be all over that.
  2. I’ve not ever been interested in an electric starter (looftlighter). As with everything, personal preferences are always a factor. I, for one, like the process lined out in the video. It documents some of the anomalies of the startup procedure, such as the “temp drop” that happens when the starter goes out. Excellent reference for new kamado owners to start out with. As we know, we all find our own ways once our feet are wet.
  3. Welcome to you and your vision! Lots of great information here!
  4. Wow! That looks fantastic. Wish I was ambitious enough to try this. Which method did you prefer? Stone or cast iron? Cast iron looks more traditional I think.
  5. Whew! Bacon event sounds way better than bacon crisis. Any cook that ends with no one keeling over or croaking is a winner in my book.
  6. Those look great. Interested to hear how they turn out.
  7. Excellent post, @keeperovdeflame! Really like that little pan... great find. And excellent tip on the mustard sauce.
  8. Pizza, beer and cooking outside. Doesn’t get better than that!
  9. The whole meal looks fantastic to me!
  10. Looks like a pretty good day of kamado cooking to me!
  11. That looks so so so good! The steak adder definitely takes it over the top. I have been wanting to try that dish since you mentioned it recently. It’s on the shortlist.... Might be a work cook. Don’t think the family would be interested in this one.
  12. Super happy that it arrived in good condition. Very exciting!
  13. Welcome! We will all be anxiously awaiting to see pics of your KJ III in action. Lots to learn here on the forum. Just spend your time reading up and you’ll be ready to go on day one. And good luck breaking the news to your wife. She will quickly forgive you once the meals start coming off the kamado, I’m sure.
  14. Looks prettt darn good.... for fish..... And I like the thought of a nice bright lemon pesto. Saw your post on the pans. Slightly angled sides?
  15. Thanks for sharing your first cook with us! Looks awesome!
  16. Beautiful! And I’m sure it was a fantastic meal with the roasted veggies.
  17. Looks great. I had not seen that model yet.
  18. Looks awesome! Poppers are a great way to fend off the hunger during a long cook.
  19. How did it turn out, @freddyjbbq? Looks like you were off to a fantastic start.
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