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  1. I’ve never seen that before - but it looks like an awesome accessory! Looks like all the time you put in getting familiar with it paid off. As a side note, it’s amazing how much the wind can wreck havoc on a cook.
  2. That looks fantastic @ICDEDTURKES! I can see why it was a favorite. Any details on the recipe?
  3. You need to take into account that your Kamado was not designed to hold the coal bed higher and that you could expose your outer shell to more heat stress than it is intended to handle. Maybe a non issue and probably fine with what you are proposing, but worth mentioning as something to consider.
  4. Looks great! Nice to see you still smoke something every now and then. I could really go for some mac and cheese now....
  5. Now I have to go google what I’m the world Pani Puri is.... looks delicious, but definitely not a Wyoming staple.
  6. Just don’t use matchlight type charcoal that is infused with anything to make it light easily. Just like you don’t ever want to use starter fluid in a ceramic, you don’t want to use that type of charcoal either. But as far as regular old Kingsford or other briquettes go.... go for it and see what you think. I do agree you should do a burn off to clean it though. Just be careful on your temps and don’t let it go totally nuclear.
  7. Pretty much anything I can to avoid making a mess on my stovetop inside. I did chorizo, hash browns and eggs and put together some decent breakfast burritos last weekend. Last night I did a few smash burgers and then cooked off some ground beef with peppers and onions to assemble into some sort of lunch fixings to have on hand for the family this week. Going to cook some seasoned thin cut chicken breast tonight to chop up and add to salads for lunches or dinners. Things like the chicken I would rather do on my kamados, but this is just faster than firing up a grill and keeps any mess out of my kitchen. As for the sous vide and sear, I think it’s a great idea. However my husband is not a fan of pan seared anything, so I haven’t experimented with that much. I think the 22” is more versatile and yet still very portable. They didn’t have the 22’s out when I got my 17.
  8. Ok @gotzero - what is miso corn? Now I’m intrigued. Almost impulse ordered last night but stopped myself. Thankfully, there were too many size options and I froze up. Lol.
  9. @freddyjbbq I have my 17” sitting on my kitchen table right now. Just brought it in to the house in case it happens to storm this evening. It lives in the garage usually but I used it tonight and plan on using it tomorrow as well, so I just brought it in for the night and will set it back out on a patio table tomorrow. Super handy.
  10. That looks like a great cut. I’ll have to try one of those sometime.
  11. The Blackstone Pizza Ovens have been discontinued so it’s a great opportunity for someone who wants one.
  12. Wow! You really went all out with that cook @Golf Griller. Excellent and definitely my kind of meal. Nice job!
  13. Beautiful and inspiring.... as per the usual with you, @Lydia! Well done!
  14. Great color on that chicken! Looks like an amazing meal.
  15. That turned out picture perfect! I can definitely see why it was a huge hit.
  16. That’s a beautiful looking dish, @ckreef! Looks like a perfect summer meal! And I love seeing that new grill in action. Looks like you’re already a pro. Really like your grill grate setup - very versatile.
  17. That looks amazing! I couldn’t tell you had any glitch. I am not familiar with the technique but will look it up.
  18. Oh man - that’s what I’m talking about! Awesome looking pulled pork and great idea to knock out some chicken breasts while you were at it.
  19. Taking some inspiration from this one. Grabbed a pork shoulder myself yesterday with a work cook in mind. Been too long since I did one, and yours looks fantastic. Hope mine looks half this good.
  20. Yep - definitely sounds like “dad to the rescue” to me. Nice job and wonderful that you were able to help out. I’m sure your daughter knew that dad would come through for her when she showed up with the turkey breasts. And your Apollo 11 party sounds pretty fantastic as well.
  21. They come in a foil bag - found them at Walmart in the bakery section. We’ve had them a couple of times. They have three cheese ones and garlic ones and we like the garlic better. The foil bag is meant to go in the oven. I just threw it on top of the potatoes for about 10 minutes, tossing every couple of minutes and then put them on the griddle for just a few moments after I threw the beans in with the potatoes (really this was just to make things easier to bring in and keep them warm on the table). They did have a nice very lightly browned bottom though from sitting on the griddle. But the rest of the bread is very soft. Quite good. And easy.
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