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  1. Awesome challenge - I love that idea and you did great! Good way to bring in the new year.
  2. I had no idea that is how black garlic was made. I figured it was just a variety of garlic, like Roma is to tomato. Very interesting... What is the taste like and how do you use it?
  3. What an excellent cook and story to go along with it!
  4. Submersible pumps, motors, etc... Most of these pieces spent their time about 10,000' downhole producing fluid to surface before being put out to pasture. Felt the need to photograph the last one.
  5. Last scrap shipment loaded out to finalize the shop closure over the summer.
  6. Not sure about your part of the world, but they are pretty cheap and easy to get ahold of here. I have a ridiculous amount of cast iron and good selection of these smaller round and oval individual serving pieces. They do come in handy sometimes. And keep things warm a bit longer than other options. And are fairly indestructible- no worries throwing them on the grill.
  7. I was really surprised and impressed with the basil tube. I figured it would taste a bit off, but it didn’t at all. Nice fresh and bright flavor. Will definitely keep some on hand and not hesitate to use again... good stuff.
  8. So.... apparently I can’t read and missed the challenge entry deadline. May as well post the cook. And on the bright side, it all went down on the most beautiful December day a person could ask for in my part of the world. We are not really fancy multi-course meal types around here - so I just went with a steakhouse type theme. Simple and what we like. Tri-Tip seasoned and in the sous vide first off. Then got to work on bruschetta. Seeding and dicing tomatoes took forever and I realized I was in for a long day. No fresh basil at the store. I re
  9. It all looks amazing - but the cheesecake is just wow. You always come up with such amazing desserts! Excellent entry.
  10. I never would have thought of a multi course Konro meal - but it makes perfect sense seeing you do it. Everything looks tasty. Great technique on the chicken wings. I’ll have to try it.
  11. Wonderful and unique looking meal. Leave it to you to bring science to the game... I’m impressed!
  12. Can’t think of a better way to spend an anniversary together. Everything looked fantastic. Both the food and the table setting!
  13. Everything looks fantastic and some really great photos too. I have no doubt you are one of your farriers favorite clients!
  14. Awesome multi course meal. I’ve always found paella to be an intimidating dish to attempt. Yours looks amazing, along with everything else!
  15. Definitely agree on the even heating surface, but I’ve also found the ash from the briquettes doesn’t fly up into my food as much as it does with lump. Not an issue with the kamados, but if I use lump with my PK and it’s breezy (any given day here), I seem to get an ash flurry flying up every time I open the dome... which doesn’t happen nearly as much when using briquettes. That might all be my imagination... but it seems like a very real problem at times.
  16. I have to say, I got mine a little over a week ago (from my pre-order) and I was super impressed with the packaging. The grill is awesome, too - but I thought the packaging was well executed which is important to me and something I noticed. Also, I think I will prefer briquettes in this grill, but the increased amount of ash is ridiculous. I did have some issues with ash coming out the front on mine after my burn in and first cook. I do like the fact that it fits nicely on a full sheet pan.... That helped me to keep the ash that escaped contained and not worry about ash / emb
  17. Looks great! I think I would go for the chicken over the ribs, but both looked really good.
  18. Good looking meal topped off with a good looking desert!
  19. Yep - EPIC pretty much sums it up. Everything looks wonderful. Beyond impressed.
  20. Thanks, @Vanole! I got in on this. I’m a huge fan of their products. Even tried to get a local pizza place on board with upping their chili flake game. Super excited about the new Asian Reds, too! A couple of those headed my way as well. And another Smoke Show. My “I Can’t Feel my Face” isn’t in need of replacement yet. That’s a bit peppy even by my standards.
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