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  1. What a great idea! Might have to steal that one. Looks awesome.
  2. Sounds and looks like a fairytale cook where everything just goes right.
  3. Welcome @EdMizz! If you keep your trusty Weber, you can always fire it up to assist with anything that you find yourself space limited with. Keep in mind you’ll have more vertical room to work with in your Kamado, so you might not find it to be an issue at all.
  4. Welcome @Torben! I’m having a hard time picturing the problem you are having. We might be able to help if you could share a few pictures.
  5. Welcome @StratoGrill49! Congratulations on your new KJ Classic III! You’ll be ready to hit the ground running if you spend some time perusing the forum while you wait for it to arrive.
  6. Welcome @Ricorocks! Lots of information here to get you started on the right foot. Let us know how those ribeyes turn out! Give this a look if you haven’t already. It’s an excellent resource.
  7. 200-250 F is within smoking temp range and should be fine. I think you want to make sure you stay below 350.
  8. Welcome @zeissplanar! You might want to pop into the other kamados section of the forum and review some of the existing threads there regarding the imperial kamados or start your own post to ask some of these question. Might catch a little more traffic there for some feedback than in the introduction section. Good luck to you on your journey with it. I would make sure to keep your cooking temps down as well. Those older kamados are great for lower smoking temps, but I think you have to be really careful with higher temps.
  9. Welcome @Minto89! Sounds like you have found the silver lining to the cloud of your lockdown situation. Congratulations and welcome to Kamado Guru.
  10. Congratulations! But I think we need to see what your fifth wheel plans are to get the full experience.
  11. @BBQ Rob I would keep your eye out around the regular holidays - but most importantly buy from a reputable retailer. There have been a lot of scam sites lately. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  12. That’s making use of every bit of grill grate real estate you have for sure! Great looking wings and I’m sure the pizzas were awesome as well.
  13. I will second what @adm said about avoiding fat dripping into the fire. I usually use very lean ground beef for my burgers (blasphemy to some I know) and never have problems with the bitter taste. However, I cooked up some burgers recently that were a fattier more common fat ratio and found I had an off taste to them that I wasn’t of - which I am 100% sure was the fat dripping into the fire below. You can cook them on a surface as suggested or possibly find a way to cook them indirect as well - also suggested by keeperovdeflame. If doing that you might want a drip tray on your diffu
  14. Definitely another great potential pick a pan entry! One day I will conquer my fear of doing this style of dish! You make it look easy.
  15. Wow! That all looks fantastic! Definitely a feast at the @philpom household! I’ve never seen a grilled kale salad before. That sounds interesting.
  16. Wow! That’s a great looking dish. And a great way to showcase cooking in a pan on the Kamado! Awesome cook!
  17. Welcome @BurgerJ! Lots of great information and people here on the Kamado Guru forum.
  18. Welcome @craizer! Sounds like you are off to a great start!
  19. Welcome @Taproot! Akorn Jr is a great little Kamado!
  20. Welcome @MediaBoy! Very excited for you as you start your journey with Kamado cooking!
  21. Welcome to you and your BGE’s @DannyCMo!
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