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  1. KismetKamado

    First Post in a Long Time

    So..... when’s the first fish taco cook going down?
  2. KismetKamado

    Fried Grilled Chicken Thighs

    The results speak for themselves.... they look spectacular. I can only imagine how they taste. I might put Lefty’s on my Valentines wish list. Lol.
  3. KismetKamado

    First Post in a Long Time

    I think I could even tolerate red if I got one for that price. What an amazing score!
  4. KismetKamado

    First weekend on the Joe

    Looks like a successful first weekend. Nice job!
  5. KismetKamado

    Smoked Bacon Pizza? - Yes!

    Great looking pizza! Sounds and looks like you have your technique nailed down.
  6. KismetKamado

    Stuffed Peppers

    I’ve had a hankering for stuffed peppers and you have to go and post this.....you’re killing me. I am super intrigued with the cauliflower rice idea. Going to have to try it myself.
  7. KismetKamado

    Cowboy Ribeye Revisited

    It’s very good and easy to throw together - I think you’ll be really happy with it. It’s a nice departure from a standard veggie side dish. Thankful @ckreef posted that recipe - it’s a keeper.
  8. The cowboy ribeye last weekend was such a hit that we had to do it again. This time with a little more effort on the sides. Again, Mr KK used his pellet grill to smoke the ribeye to around 120F. Meanwhile, I put together a Zucchini and Onion gratin.... heavy on the onion. Onto the grill. Potatoes had a 24 hour brine in them due to unforeseen circumstances. Moved the potatoes to the pellet grill. Finished off the gratin before setting up for the sear. First on go the shrimp. Followed by the Ribeyes. All plated up.... an outstanding meal.
  9. KismetKamado

    Peppercini peppers pickled

    Wow! That looks fantastic. I wouldn’t have thought of doing that. Great idea.
  10. KismetKamado

    Impromptu EggRolls

    I have officially made Mr. KK aware of the new rule. That way, if I were to have a weak moment and attempt to use him as a secret weapon in a challenge cook, he can keep me honest. Lol.
  11. KismetKamado

    Impromptu EggRolls

    Made some Asian inspired meatballs last night and found them a bit salty because I didn’t follow the recipe as I should and I let the sauce reduce a bit too much.... in any case, I fixed that today with some eggrolls. A little cabbage tamed down the salt. And the store bought egg roll skins made it easy. First up - last nights meatballs. Then today’s shenanigans... Plated shot courtesy of Mr. KK.
  12. KismetKamado

    Impromptu EggRolls

    Thanks! I was really surprised with how well it turned out.
  13. KismetKamado

    Cowboy Ribeye Revisited

    Heck no I didn’t try the shrimp!!!!!! I’ve done the zucchini gratin a number of times since ckreef posted it here. It’s really good. I went a bit overboard with onions this time. Kind of got carried away thin slicing and then figured why not and added them all.
  14. KismetKamado

    Cowboy Ribeye Revisited

    Ok, ok, ok.... So the first time we bought one of these Mr. KK took a couple of steaks out of the freezer to cook for me and the older girl - and he put on quite a show and tangled with the cowboy ribeye himself.... Oddly enough the next time he seemed willing to share. Imagine that..... Anyway, I think he decided there has to be a happy medium between eating one himself and splitting one three ways. So now we go with cook two and have leftovers. For the record that was his plate - the shrimp should have been the dead giveaway that I wouldn’t touch that one with a ten foot pole. He’s lucky I will even cook shellfish for him... I’m sure he probably had an additional serving of steak although I didn’t witness it first hand. The older daughter had several slices and a baked potato. I had two slices and a half a sweet potato and a larger serving of the veggie dish. My plate did not look nearly as impressive. And the older girl had a nice ribeye lunch. There you have it.... No funny business.... No SteakGate went down.... everything is a ok. We can all rest easy that all is right in the world and nothing fishy happened with the rest of the ribeyes. Lol.
  15. KismetKamado

    Cowboy Ribeye

    Mr. KK smoked it on his pellet grill. I seared it on Akorn Jr. Not much else to say... other than I love Akorn Jr.
  16. Looks great! Glad to see you enjoying your new toy!
  17. KismetKamado

    Help. Ribs and wings timings

    I’d say you definitely made good use of the space on the the jr. Nice job!
  18. KismetKamado

    Perfect Pork Belly Tacos

    I definitely could have gone for one or two of those. Especially with the way you dressed the taco.
  19. KismetKamado

    Smoked and Braised Oxtails

    Awesome cook! Looks like they turned out great.
  20. KismetKamado

    Mix up at the Meat Market

    Looks great - seems like a happy mistake to me.
  21. KismetKamado

    Spatchcock chicken , vegetables, and potatoes

    Beautiful dinner! Veggies and chicken both look fantastic.
  22. KismetKamado

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    Says the man who doesn’t even know when his anniversary is..... Hate to admit it, but @prowe might be right about not listening to my lump proposal @Never L8 4 chow.... Definitely skip the lump idea and stick with the brooch. Or you could do a hybrid gift and hide the brooch in a bag of lump. Then it’s a combo gift for both of you.
  23. KismetKamado

    Anniversary Duel

    Well, it’s that time of year. The day when myself and Mr. KK celebrate another anniversary of being legally bound to tolerate each other. Today we set aside the gifts and other regalia (actually, there are never gifts and regalia) to challenge each other to a duel. A rib duel. Myself cooking on the kamado and him on the pellet grill. Off to a great start. Mr. KK later added some maple sausages to have for his breakfasts this week. I put some peppers and an onion on for baked beans. After a couple hours I chopped the peppers and added them to some Bush’s Vegetarian Baked Beans (my favorite) along with some bacon. Everything coming along nicely. Put a tray of store bought mac and cheese on his grill. Chopped up the onion and added in to the beans at the end. Ribs are still on the KK. I think they need a bit more time. We had the pellet grill ribs for dinner and they were great. The husband took a couple of ribs of each to a neighbor to judge. He came out on top... but mine needed just a little more time. At least that’s my excuse. And the neighbor was his childhood pal. So I am blaming that as well.
  24. KismetKamado

    Question for the ladies (anniversary present)

    Is a pallet of lump out of the question? Because that’s the direction I’m leaning.... (Someone please feel free to pass that sentiment along to my husband two years from now....) But seriously, just the fact that you care enough to put so much thought and effort into it, whatever gift you give her is going to be the perfect one. I’m not a jewelry person, but the dragonfly is unique.... I like it. Which one might depend on what she might wear it with as far as weather or not the sapphire wings would pop or get lost in the background.
  25. KismetKamado

    Anniversary Duel

    Thanks, Al!