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  1. Sounds like it was a winner. Congrats!
  2. Sometimes I look at fish at the store and think I should really get that and try to like it... And then I think better of it and carry on.... Didn’t realize you were trying to work your lower level with the upper in place. Guess going shorter isn’t really an option of that is the case. I’m sure you’ll figure something out.
  3. Shorten the legs on your extender. Get another slightly smaller diameter grate and make relatively short legs. You’ll be golden. And thanks for not inviting me, given my feelings for food that swims...
  4. That will be a tasty snack. What cut of meat did you use and what temp did you go with?
  5. Looks fantastic to me and you practically stole those tri tips.
  6. Looks like you’re settling right in to kamado cooking! Nice job. Many more great cooks to come I’m sure.
  7. I’m no brisket expert, so I have no real advice. I do hope it goes well for you with good results. Let us know how it turns out
  8. Looks good. I’m sure it will be a hit when you do it for your guests.
  9. Those look super good. Very interesting technique.
  10. That was totally challenge worthy. Looks great.
  11. I’ve been working a lot. I could be delirious. I thought there was an incident with spilled potatoes... but I may have been mistaken.
  12. Looks amazing! I can imagine how good those must have been.
  13. I’m pretty impressed the pan was still in one piece. Looks like a really good meal - even if not quite as expected.
  14. I think wrapping the top grate in foil is what made your temp appear to have tanked. Looks like you hit the ground running - well done!
  15. Welcome! I was never interested in a kamado until we won a mini BGE. And now look where I am! Looking forward to your posts.
  16. Looks like you’re ready. Game on!
  17. I could go for a few of those - they look great.
  18. That looks fantastic. I bet it was a very memorable meal.
  19. Doesn’t get better than that. It all looks wonderful. I’ll mosey on over with the deer next time.
  20. Well you certainly aren’t messing around, @Ron5850! Super nice job on that cook. Love it!
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