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  1. That looks outstanding. Can’t find banana leaves around here or I would totally be trying this.
  2. Looks fantastic. I particularly like that you put drain holes in the tomatoes. I bet it was a tasty dinner.
  3. That’s a great looking meal right there! And way to go using both kamados to knock it out.
  4. A stuffed item stuffed inside something else to make something stuffed with something stuffed.... Genius!
  5. Congratulations! That’s an awesome off topic adder!
  6. Everything looks great! I often find cooking on classic size feels limiting, but you made it look roomy and spacious. Suddenly I’m very hungry... And like @Vanole, no favorable weather in the foreseeable and actionable future here. Jealous... :(
  7. Your Wednesday was way better than mine! Sounds like a fun day of cooking and great way to top it off.
  8. Agree 1000% with @Golf Griller - we've missed you as well, @Lydia. And thanks so much for the tip! I'm definitely no baker.... and it shows.... See, we need you around more to keep me lined out on everything....
  9. Maybe you did share before. It sounds slightly familiar. But I’m glad you shared it again. Thank you! Going on the to do list.
  10. Ok, now I need to know more about granny slaw.... give us the scoop on that, @CentralTexBBQ...
  11. Looks perfect to me. I remember you talking about this pie before and perfecting your recipe. I can see why it’s one of your go-to’s. Great entry.
  12. Great detailed write up! And I’ll agree the money shot in the entry thread is killer. I’m not seeing the pictures here either, but it all sounds fantastic.
  13. Great looking dish and love the individual portions.
  14. I would say now is a fine time to say goodbye to Sara, although the members of Jefferson Starship may disagree.... Seriously... no clue what you do with that. Godspeed, may the force be with you, good luck and break a leg. And remember, pics or it didn’t happen.
  15. Looks outstanding! If I ever find that cut, I will give it a try.
  16. I’m thinking one day Mr. KK is going to realize that those thick cut steaks like that are meant for sharing. Maybe.... Looks really good. Seems like you got a nice crust on it with the soapstone. I am inspired to break out my new one and start using it. Big Joe got the first cook of the weekend on Saturday. Won’t be long before that’s my go to cooking spot for the summer. Guessing your shared meal meal was a huge success. Nice job.
  17. Sounds like you've got a game plan. The only other thing I would take into consideration might be where she is going to be storing it. Perhaps other brands, but I"ve seen many of those little barrels rust out something fierce. Don't tend to see that as much on the Weber's I don't think, but I could be mistaken. Probably a complete non-issue if it's going to be stored inside, which is easy to do with a small grill.
  18. So we all know that @daninpd knocked it out of the park with a stellar raspberry ricotta cake and won the February challenge.... And I've been trying really hard to come up with an idea for the May Baking Challenge. So I decided to borrow the idea (let's not call it cheating) and execute it slightly differently. Everything turned out amazing, but I sure could have used a little help from the ferrier's wife to assist with my plating.... maybe next time..... Had the KK running all weekend. Saturday was ribs and then Sunday was breadsticks and T-Bones and Veggies and Burgers and a Ricotta cake. Since the KK was cruising pretty warm all day Sunday, it took awhile to get it throttled back to where I wanted it. 350 was the mark and I figured 380 was close enough.... (The irony is that while I am baking with a temp 30 degrees over what I want and I'm good with it, Mr. KK has been stressing out and freaking out over temp "swings" of a few degrees all day with a low and slow smoke on his pellet grill..... lol). Got the ingredients together - including fresh eggs from a co-worker who has chickens. Forgot to include the Blackberries in the picture. Used frozen in the cake and garnished with fresh. Super easy to mix up and onto the grill it went. Had two pizza stones doubled up on the grate below the pan. And set the pan on parchment paper to keep it from getting yucky. Started checking on it a bit earlier than called for in the recipe because of the slightly higher baking temp. Right about an hour on the grill and I pulled it off. Let it cool for a bit and then turned it out. Released perfectly and was very evenly cooked on the bottom. And then made an attempt at plating with some fresh blackberries, mango and whipped cream. I am really not good at this part and I have been banned from cheating by using Mr. KK....so this is as good as it gets. We shall call this one the money shot I guess..... I think I would skip adding the berries on top, at least with BlackBerries.... or maybe would try using fresh. It just ended up looking a little weird as they bled a bit. But all in all the cake itself was very tasty. Cooked it last night and didn't try it until today, taking into account the comment that it gets a little better as it sits. Will definitely do this again. And no off or grill flavors at all... but the Kamado was good and settled at a pretty high temp for awhile before I put this on.
  19. Can’t go wrong with a perfectly cooked classic meal like that. Nice job!
  20. Great looking pizzas. Nailed it. There’s no going back now.
  21. Took advantage of some nice weather Saturday and Sunday. Stuffed mushrooms for lunch on Saturday - first firing of the season for the Big Joe. Then ribs for dinner. Picked up TBones on sale and had a late lunch / early dinner on Sunday. Grilled some green beans for a side while the steaks were resting. Plated up with some mashed potatoes, but no pictures. Grilled off some hamburgers for the younger daughter. The husband did some meaty beef short ribs on his pellet grill. And I baked my challenge cook, but no pictures of that yet. Lots of leftovers, but it was great to have a couple of nice days to take advantage of and do some grilling / smoking.
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