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    KismetKamado reacted to keeperovdeflame in Tri Tip and Cowboy Beans on the Traeger   
    Well after my first Tri Tip on the Traeger, I have nothing but good things to say. The cook was just brainless easy. Set the Traeger at 300 degrees. Stuck a probe into the middle of the thick end, put my cowboy bean pot on a rack and used a little 6" smoke canister that uses pellet for a little more smoke.  I set the target temp at 125, and pulled it between 45 min and an hour. I didn't bother with any kind of sear because I just want to see what it tasted and ate like right out of the Traeger. Bottom line, it was perfect, nice and smokey, perfectly medium rare edge to edge. Whats not to like. The Cardiff Crack marinade IMO worked quite well. If you want the recipe I will happy to post it. I used a board sauce of olive oil, cracked pepper, kosher salt, and fresh chopped cilantro.  The cow boy beans were excellent as well. 

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    KismetKamado got a reaction from Rob_grill_apprentice in Butter Chicken with Naan Bread and Butter Chicken Naan Pizza   
    Wow - that looks amazing!
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    KismetKamado reacted to Rob_grill_apprentice in Butter Chicken with Naan Bread and Butter Chicken Naan Pizza   
    This weekend I tested making Butter chicken recipe from Milk Street Book, ‘Fast and Slow’ by Christopher Kimball.  Only change I made was use roasted garlic.   I made the Naan Dough with Poolish method.    I used a portion of Naan dough to make a Butter Chicken pizza.   Here are the pictures of the final result,   Both where very delicious.   

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    KismetKamado reacted to keeperovdeflame in Another episode of living in the mountains   
    My wife and I have been taking what we call morning coffee drives around the area. Sometimes we pick up a few muffins at a little local bakery. Saw these pronghorns in a place called Williamson Valley a couple days ago. they were in a herd of about 40 or 50 spread out along a two lane country road. 

    I came home and painted this rock for my wife. 

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    KismetKamado reacted to daninpd in Hey @daninpd--Earthquake in PD   
    I'm fine, it was a pretty good jolt with a decent aftershock about 2 minutes later.  Knocked some of my wife's sweaters off the top shelf of "her side" of the closet.  I emphasize the sides because what started out as "her side" and "my side" seems to have become "her side" and "our side".  All of my stuff came through OK, though.  Thanks for checking!
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    KismetKamado reacted to 5DPatrick in Throwback Sunday   
    In honor of the History Channel's NFC football game today, I thought I would do an old styled Kamado Brisket.  It was delicious. 

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    KismetKamado reacted to CentralTexBBQ in Baby Gone   
    A couple of years ago, I watched as my uncle underwent the "best death" I've ever seen. He made sure his wife and daugthers where taken care of, that deeds, titles, etc. where put solely in their respective names, called his nephews together to give them a pick of his ties, watches, etc. to have something to remember him by, planned every aspect of his death. And, he sold me his prized possession, a 2005 Chrysler 300C Hemi that has customized. It was a pampered car with less than 15,000 miles on it, meticulously kept, hand washed, etc. Never run through snow and not much rain.



    Anyway, last week, someone decided to make a right turn from a straight only lane without ever looking right.. He started by scraping my driver's side wheel well and was so distracted, he never knew he was scraping my car so, he proceeded to make a hard right turn denting my front end and eventually pulling off my entire front bumper and grill. Of course, the insurance company wants to total the car... 



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    KismetKamado reacted to John Setzler in The New Fireboard 2 Pro model is finally available for purchase!   
    I have a request in to their support with a question that will make the decision as to whehter i am gonna buy one.. i will report back when i get an answer...
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    KismetKamado reacted to Kamado Smoke in Beef Tenderloin / Roasted Red Pepper Cauliflower Rice/Balsamic Vinegar Mushrooms   
    Front seared some small beef tenderloins last night.. Tenderloins  were seasoned with salt/pepper garlic salt and blue cheese dressing.. Front seared in a frying pan with ghee, and then finished off indirect to 125 degrees F in my Kamado Classic.     Sides included Roasted Red Pepper Cauliflower Rice and Balsamic Vinegar Glazed Mushrooms.. Was a very nice meal on a cool winter evening.

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    KismetKamado reacted to John Setzler in Smoked Cheez Its   
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    KismetKamado reacted to Lumpy_Coal in A Little Double Kamado Action   
    Fired up the KJ Classic and the Mini BGE today.  In the Classic I cooked up a nice meatloaf and in the Mini I did a “California Roll”.  The California Roll is something our local butcher makes up pork tenderloin seasoned and wrapped with chicken breast then bacon.  

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    KismetKamado reacted to Lumpy_Coal in Mini Plate Setter   
    Haha, I finally got around to getting a platesetter for my mini!  Splurged and got a new ring and firebox too!  Love this little guy.   

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    KismetKamado reacted to John Setzler in Vaccinated   
    I feel much better now.  

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    KismetKamado reacted to Lumpy_Coal in Pizzas   
    Made six pizzas on by Classic and my Big Joe last night.  Turned out great.  Temps were 450-500. I’m learning to let the kamado(s) come up to temp slower and spend more time heat soaking.  Also, to reduce stress and avoid ruining pizzas, I set the oven to low broil in case there’s a need to finish the top more so people will get desired crust...finishes perfect and you still get that same great taste.  

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    KismetKamado reacted to John Setzler in John Setzler's Complete Video Index (through 2020)   
    I have spent some time cataloging all of my videos.  I have created this list but I am also maintaining an actively updated video index in the form of play lists at my YouTube Channel here:
    These playlists contain all of my Man Cave Meals, Kamado Joe, and Atlanta Grill Company video content all in one place.  If you are interested in keeping up with all of my current video content, you should subscribe to the Man Cave Meals youtube channel AND the Atlanta Grill Company YouTube Channel.  
    I have attached a PDF file that contains my video index that is current through the end of 2020.  I will update this PDF file periodically but not every time I post a new video:
    JMS Video Index.pdf
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    KismetKamado reacted to John Setzler in Blind Cook Challenge   
    So, I kicked off the new year by having some fun with the "Blind Cook Challenge" that was created by Stephen Hickey over in the Kamado Joe Grilling, Smoking and more group on Facebook.  The object of this challenge was to perform a cook on the grill without any thermometers other than an instant read for checking the temperature of the meat.  
    This is a fun exercise in the "how well do you know your grill" and "specific cooking temps don't matter that much."  
    I decided to cook a chicken.  This video is almost 2 hours long because it was a livestream on Facebook, but I have made an index here of the points of interest in this video:
    00:00 - Lighting the charcoal chimney
    12:15 - Putting the lit coals in the grill
    13:20 - Explanation of grill setup
    25:50 - Checking on how hot the grill is / put dome cap back on / wood chunk
    27:10 - Look at wood chunks
    31:20 - Start timer / Put chicken on
    45:10 - Check grill / check chicken / add some coal
    1:01:20 - Check grill / turn chicken
    1:15:10 - IR thermometer on outside of grill / add a little coal
    1:24:05 - Check temperature of the chicken / turn chicken
    1:37:30 - Check temperature of the chicken / turn chicken / check actual grill temp
    1:52:10 - Finish the cook
    It was a fun exercise in the 'getting back to very basics' theme.  I pulled this cook off from start to finish in 2 hours as you can tell by the video.  If I had been using my temperature controller instead of doing this manually and blind to the actual temperautre of the grill, I might have had a 10 minute advantage.  I think I got pretty lucky landing the grill right where I would have landed it with the controller. Near the end of the cook we decided to see what the actual grill temperature was and it was right on the money at 450°F.  And no, I doubt I could do that again if I tried...
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    KismetKamado reacted to John Setzler in Rack of Lamb on the PKGO   
    This little grill is a HOME RUN.
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    KismetKamado reacted to John Setzler in Happy 2021 to Everyone!   
    I am gonna launch into 2021 with a good attitude supported by a pretty decent bourbon.  
    Happy New Year guys!
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    KismetKamado reacted to prowe in Countdown to a better year   
    15 hrs left. 
    Welcome 2021!  You don't have very big shoes to fill. But you must at least meet minimum expectations. 
    Please learn from your predisessor and be better.  Cheers to a year that must be better!
    Some requests for baby 2021:
    Wide distribution of an effective safe vaccine
    Reformed Buddhist hornets
    Brady back to New England 
    2 million dollar stimulus checks
    No cracked firebox
    Extra toilet paper...or widespread use of bidets.
    Please avoid things like sharknados, large asteroid strikes, godzilla, skynet unleashing terminator robots, etc.
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    KismetKamado reacted to Jack. in Auld Lang Syne   
    Auld Lang Syne is a poem written in 1788 in English, Old Scottish and Gaelic by the Scottish poet Robert Burns.  Soon thereafter it was set to music using an old Scottish folk song for melody.  Over time, the original script was changed to contemporary English, the original melody was changed, and the poem became a New Year's Eve anthem for the Western world.
    Here is a beautiful rendition by Mari Campbell and Emily Smith in the original vernacular and faithful to the original melody.
    I wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2021.
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    KismetKamado reacted to John Setzler in Black Garlic   
    It has a bit of a sweetness to it that you would never expect from garlic, but it does maintain the garlic flavor.  I don't know all the use possibilities for it yet  my first go with it will be in a compound butter.  I am told you can use this anywhere you would use regular garlic.
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    KismetKamado reacted to John Setzler in Black Garlic   
    Have you ever tried making black garlic?
    I have been experimenting this month with making black garlic at home. This garlic has been in process for 27 days and it's not quite ready yet. This is a long and rather difficult process... The idea is to heat the garlic to around 140°F and hold it there for at least 3 weeks and in a lot of cases much longer. I found this video from one of my favorite YouTube foodies that shows this process in detail:
    The difficult (and potentially expensive) part of making this stuff having the ability to keep it at around 140°F for the length of time required to make it work. The inexpensive route appears to be the rice cooker set on its 'warm' setting. I haven't tried that yet. I have a dehydrator that holds temp very well so I have been mostly using that. Its only problem is that you have to reset the timer frequently because it only goes to 24 hours. My new Anova Precision Oven will hold this temp indefinitely, so I have been moving this garlic between the two.
    You also need a place to do this away from your living quarters. During the first 7 to 9 days of this process, the garlic aroma is quite heavy. I thought about moving my dehydrator outside but this time of year I didn't think it would work well being cold outside. I may experiment with the rice cooker method (Instant Pot) next and see how it goes.
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    KismetKamado reacted to JeffieBoy in It’s finally time!   
    About 7 yrs ago, my daughter’s boyfriend (now husband), his brother and his best friend began a distillery business here in So. Ontario.  Each of the boys took different programs at university in order to have the knowledge base needed.  They tore down an old barn on their farm and built a brand new building in it’s place, upcycling the old materials into the new construction.  They immediately began barreling a malted rye whisky in order to get product aging, then moved into Gin.  They have been very successful with the Gin products and recently added a craft brewery into the property.
    Well, the fifth anniversary of those first barrels has hit, and for Christmas they bottled a limited edition of 24 to give a few of their supporters and I was lucky enough to receive one!  I told him that I needed two bottles, one to drink and one to save for posterity. A negotiated agreement was reached.  He will bring me about a half bottle to drink, later this week.
    My first taste of his bottle was great.  Warmth, smokey but left a hot spot one my tongue.  Turns out that this group of bottles is uncut and the taste was “hot” from the higher alcohol content.  When they begin bottle for a farm store release in the fall, the whisky will be reduced in alcohol content and shouldn’t have that hot bite.  Here’s a photo of the first bottle that will remain in my curio cabinet.  His brother is the Distiller and I believe that the bottle is named after his nickname.  That’s a painting of his dog as well.

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