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    KismetKamado reacted to baileybbq in My first attemp at low and slow ribs.   
    I had some ribs in the freezer and decided that today is the day to venture into the world of L&S.  After reading many threads here and elsewhere I chose to do the ribs straight at 225 without the foil method.  Took a while to get the temperature dialed as it danced between 200 and 275. But all was well in the end.  I used some apple wood chunk for the smoke.
    Ribs seasoned with Honey Hog, the ribs finished in: one with no sauce, one with BGE Carolina Tangy sauce, and one with BGE Zesty Mustard sauce.  I personally have no knowledge on BBQ sauce and I just picked them at the local hardware store while getting some accessories.  Cook time was about 5 hours total.  Bend test showed about 45 deg bend.  Meat comes off the bone easy but not "fall off the bone" level.  The veggies were put it about an hour before finish and it could use some more seasoning.  My wife preferred the no sauce version of the ribs  while my daughter and I loved all three.
    It was a successful outing in my book.

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    KismetKamado reacted to philpom in Large Italian sausage balls   
    This was a bit of an experiment for me and it turned out very well.  The idea was to have meat balls with a crispy outside and tender inside.  After forming 1/4 pound balls I rolled them in bread crumbs.  I cut a large onion ring for each to sit in and then tomatoes,  tomato sauce, garlic and spices to the pan for a simmer sauce.
    The result was crispy and I had a thick rich sauce to serve with.
    I got the primo up to 300°f using my recent go to lump and cooked these indirect in the paella pan.

    Served on pasta with freshly grated parmesan. 
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    KismetKamado reacted to adm in Pulled Pork using Fireboard 2 Drive. Again!   
    Very surprisingly (as she really doesn't like smoke) my wife said yesterday "Can you make pulled pork for lunch tomorrow?". I didn't need to be asked twice, so off to the local butcher for some pork shoulder. This was about 8.5 lbs. Neck end pork shoulder, blade bone left in and spine removed. I have the rind in the fridge to make pork crackling with later on.

    Add some Memphis Dust rub:

    And get the grill going. Nice full basket of fresh lump. Yeah....it was dark by this time....

    I added a little bit of red oak and lit a single lighter in the middle:

    I put the pork on at 11pm and went to bed. Woke up this morning and went out to be a hooligan on my motorcycle for a few hours. Came back and at around 1.20pm the pork hit 203F

    The temperature control with the Kamado and Fireboard Drive is truly exceptional. That's basically 14 hours flatlined at 225F (107C). Also, look at how little the fan was on to keep things stable (Green spikes at the bottom of the graph). Fan was set to 20% max, and the outside temp went to -1C (30F) overnight.
    After the cook, there was still plenty of lump left. The grill would have easily run for 24 hours at this temperature:

    The pork looked like this (and smelled great):

    I left it to rest for a few hours wrapped in foil and towels in a cooler, then pulled it:

    It came out great. I also made up a Kansas City style sauce, some vinegar slaw and we had some corn rolls and mashed potato with it. Fantastic lunch, plus some left over for carnitas or something later in the week.
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    KismetKamado reacted to Beermachine in Steak and Chips!   
    Cherry wood smoked Polish Kielbasa, reverse seared London Broil steak with oak wood fired steak chips!

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    KismetKamado reacted to sunriser8 in Hasselback Bulgogi Ribeye and Grilled Stuffed Squid   
    Made this meal last night - usually I use boneless short ribs but the grocer didn't have any.  It works well with pretty much any cut of meat because the marinade is so forgiving.  The marinade and general approach are from an old Bon Apetit recipe that can be found here:   https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/hasselback-short-rib-bulgogi
    The marinade is pretty simple:  grated ginger and garlic cloves (I use a microplane), soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil, rice vinegar (can use seasoned or unseasoned - i've done both and there's no difference in this cook), gochugaru flakes/powder (it's a Korean red pepper that's used in a lot of Korean cooking but you can substitute red pepper chili flakes).
    You then score the meat into about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch sections kind of like a Hasselback potato and then let it marinate - preferably 24 hours but shorter is ok.
    Here's a pic of the steaks on the grill cooked w/ the heat deflector on that side - the other side is set up for direct grilling to reverse sear and also for the stuffed squid.

    Then you just cook them like a regular steak. 
    Now onto the stuffed squid!
    Our family loves grilled squid and octopus but they can be tricky to get right.  I started with the recipe  - again from a Bon Apetit test kitchen video
    Frozen squid is readily available at most grocers and it's really how restaurants source most of what they serve.  It thaws well and tastes fresh.  You can usually buy the tubes and tentacles together in a package - Don't get just "rings" or you won't have anything to stuff!
    For the stuffing, this recipe starts with chopping up the tentacles and also shrimp (if you can't get the tentacles, you could always just chop up a few tubes.  Then you add ponzu sauce, part of a fresno pepper (I used a jalapeno with the seeds removed), scallions, ginger and garlic (always two great things in any recipe!), a bit of lemongrass (if you can't get lemongrass, you can use lemon zest, but one other tip is that lemongrass is really hardy and easy to grow in most regions so if you like tinkering and trying recipes that call for it, you may want to just grow your own), then olive oil and salt and pepper.  
    You cook this in a pan to pre-cook and also release some of the aromatics and then add about a cup of white rice to the mixture.  All this can be prepared ahead.  It's well detailed in the video/link and though he also does a dry rub for the squid tubes which looks interesting but I omitted for this first cook of the recipe.
    If you are going to try this it's really, really helpful to have a pastry bag to fill the squid tubes with the stuffing.  I have a silicone one bought online - very inexpensive (less than $5) and reusuable.  Make sure you have a large enough opening at the bottom to easily push the stuffing out.  
    You can also stuff the tubes ahead of time and leave in the fridge.  Here's a pic and then a higher mag:

    To cook these, you want your grill grate very hot with direct heat - if you have a high temp oil like avocado oil, it's helpful to put some on papertowl and brush the grates with the paper using tongs.  Then the squid just go on the grill - you have to watch them and turn them as they cook, but they cook pretty quickly  and I found the nice thing about stuffing them (first time I've ever tried it) is that they stay nice and moist even as they get grill marks so you don't end up with them rubbery and chewy.
    Here they are on the grill  (the little bits of debris that you see on the grill are parts of the stuffing that came out as they cooked or were turned and what looks like a green color inside the tubes are the chopped pieces of the scallions/spring onion in the stuffing:

    Here's everything plated:

    Our whole family was happy with how things came out - I have to admit that I was a bit underwhelmed with the taste of the stuffing for the squid.  I think next time I will actually use a stuffed clams/clams casino type stuffing.
    If you made it this far, I thought I would put in one more thing - I also made an overnight brisket flat (only 2.5 lbs) - my first brisket ever.  Yes,  I know small brisket flats have lots of "issues" .  It cooked low and slow 15 hours at 150 based on one of John Selzer's posts and then kept it in an oven at 150 for another 5 hours the way Aaron Franklin does it.   (I have a smobot that I think is great but want more experience before I post on the whole smobot thing and certainly I'm a total brisket neophyte and so want to get a few cooks under my belt before I share that but the data logging from the smobot is definitely interesting/helpful in understanding things)
    Pics are below - pretty pleased for a first effort, moist, decent bark, great taste


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    KismetKamado reacted to BurgerJ in I am doing something wrong   
    Hello.  Thank you for all the useful replies.  After several more cooks and throwing away some bitter burgers,  this evening I have success to report. I was inspired by keeprovdeflame so I purchased an Eggspander basket and a half-moon griddle to try to avoid smoke from drippings.  Though I really like using them, that setup alone Did not improve the flavor.  Enter Adm’s comment.  I think you you might be cooking too soon.  I have watched a few kamado grill cooking videos.  A couple of times in a row the cooker in the video, said.  I usually let the grill hold it’s temperature for about an hour before I put any food on it.  That was it.  I started the grill, let it get up to temp and left it alone for an hour.  Burgers were great, no bad taste of any kind.  On some forum I was on someone also said something helpful an profound.  They said don’t put food on the grill until you like the smell coming out the top of the grill.  Again thanks everyone for your help.
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    KismetKamado reacted to JeffieBoy in VA Geezer Covid Vaccine   
    Well, it’s underway!  Our region opened up for 55yrs and up last week.  We immediately logged on and filled in the blanks.  Within 4 days we had an appointment and last Thursday we both arrived at the largest site in the region.  
    With all of the talk about 55-64’s getting the A-Z single dose, we assumed that is what we were to expect.  We were surprised when they jabbed us with Pfizer and immediately booked our second shot.  
    Very impressed with the organization of the vaccination centre.  There were volunteer guides at every turn ensuring a quick and very friendly process.  The staff and volunteers were happy to be there and the jabbies were thrilled to have their appointments.  The only short coming is that the powers that be have determined that we must wait almost four months to get the second shot due to delays in getting enough doses in-hand.

    They even had a selfie spot before you leave the centre.

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    KismetKamado got a reaction from StratoGrill49 in Newbie   
    Welcome @StratoGrill49!  Congratulations on your new KJ Classic III!  You’ll be ready to hit the ground running if you spend some time perusing the forum while you wait for it to arrive.  
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    KismetKamado got a reaction from zeissplanar in I'm a noob to the Kamado Imperial #5 club and need help   
    200-250 F is within smoking temp range and should be fine. I think you want to make sure you stay below 350.  
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    KismetKamado got a reaction from zeissplanar in I'm a noob to the Kamado Imperial #5 club and need help   
    Welcome @zeissplanar!  You might want to pop into the other kamados section of the forum and review some of the existing threads there regarding the imperial kamados or start your own post to ask some of these question.  Might catch a little more traffic there for some feedback than in the introduction section.  
    Good luck to you on your journey with it. I would make sure to keep your cooking temps down as well. Those older kamados are great for lower smoking temps, but I think you have to be really careful with higher temps. 
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    KismetKamado reacted to philpom in All day burn-great day   
    Mrs philpom pulled it off the internet, it was "grilled" in a foil pouch for about 25 minutes at ~300f then chilled.  This tenderized the kale (but left body/bite) and the olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs made up the dressing as it cooked.  We had lots of kale from the garden this year.  Will do it again for sure!
    Thank you
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    KismetKamado got a reaction from philpom in All day burn-great day   
    Wow!  That all looks fantastic!  Definitely a feast at the @philpom household!  I’ve never seen a grilled kale salad before. That sounds interesting.  
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    KismetKamado reacted to ckreef in Been Busy Lately But I Did It Again   
    Thanks everyone. We pickup a new 5th wheel this coming Saturday
    Mrs skreef looks really small in the picture. She's not that small the truck is that big. Way bigger than our Nissan. Mrs skreef loves driving big trucks. She drives it to work every day. 
    We did get a challenge cook done this past Sunday. Just need to find time to post it. 
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    KismetKamado reacted to 65phinpack in My Akorn Story   
    Hi, I thought I would share my story and maybe it will help some decide to get an Akorn or not....
    About 7 years ago a friend of mine at work who knew I enjoyed pork BBQ was telling me all about his Green Egg. I did some investigation and knew that 1K was too much to spend on a grill but the Akorn looked interesting. I purchased one at Lowes.
    I had only cooked on gas grills, so using charcoal was new to me. It was steep learning curve, but eventually I figured it out. I also purchased a Tip Top Temp, that changed low and slow cooks for me. After about 3 years I noticed the typical rust around the ash pan. I wasn't worried about it because it was under warranty and I had the receipt.
    I couldn't find the receipt, so now I had a decision to make...fix it or upgrade to a ceramic grill.
    I decided to go ceramic, but I still didn't want to spend 1k. After some research I settled on a Vision Classic B.
    (I ended up selling this Akorn on Craigslist...surprisingly a former co-worker bought it, but I didn't who it was until he came to pick it up) 
    I ordered the Vision from Sam's and I was really impressed with it. It included a lot of nice features for a good price.
    The top vent much larger than the Akorn so I had to make an adapter to use the TTT, but I don't think it ever worked that great.
    After cooking with Vision, I noticed that it consumed more charcoal to the point that on low and slow cooks, I would actually have to reload it with charcoal at about the 9 hr mark.
    This actually changed how I cooked pork butts and briskets...since I had to reload with charcoal, I would just wrap the meat in foil and cook in direct heat until it an internal temp of around 200.
    By doing it this way, I could have the meat ready at a specific time which meant no more overnight cooks.
    Maybe another year went by and I noticed a new Akorn in the box sitting in the garden center at Wal-Mart. It was there at least 6 month, before I decided to ask about it.
    Without me even asking for a discount, they were willing to sell it to me for 60% off. I couldn't pass on that deal so I bought it
    I decided to put it together and rotate between the Vision and Akorn to see which one I liked better.
    The Akorn heated up faster, used less charcoal, and with the TTT, the temp control was very good.
    After a couple of months I decided to sell the Vision and keep the Akorn...
    I haven't regretted that decision...I know I will face that same rust issue at some point, but I am fine buying the replacement parts...
    I know everybody has a different opinion about this grills, but I feel good about cooking anything on my Akorn.
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    KismetKamado reacted to keeperovdeflame in I am doing something wrong   
    Actually, I am not familiar with the Eggspander,  I think it is a newer BGE accessory than was available when I bought my Egg years ago. . Yes, my grate is at standard height sitting on top of the fire ring, I use a CGS (after market) AR / Spider combo for most cooks that has a spider welded to the bottom of an AR.. When I do a 2 zone set up, I use a  spider all by it self sitting below my main grate. In the pic you can see the spiders legs over the edge of the fire box inside the indentations in the rim. Any rack that holds a deflector down into the fire box below the grate will work just fine With a half stone. Ps. you might find some interest in accessories from Ceramic Grill Store (CGS), a hint before hand,  is to hold onto your wallet tightly while viewing. CGS stuff is amazing, really heavy duty, 403 stainless steel  and will last forever. Happy Cooking. Maybe try a whole spatchcock chicken above a deflector with a drip pan, kamado chicken is the bomb. Ps. If you use a set up where you want to place a drip pan below your grate, don't set the drip pan directly onto of your deflector because the contents of the pan will burn and fry. Use something like pieces of a broken stone, copper elbows, balls of aluminum foil, etc between the drip pan and your deflector to create an air space. About 1/2 to 3/4 inch of air space is usually good enough. 
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    KismetKamado reacted to dman in Boudin stuffed pork chops   
    “On the grill again, just can’t wait to get on the grill again...”

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    KismetKamado reacted to JohnnyAppetizer in Short Ribs   
    On sale at Whole Foods...
    fogo super premium


    Meat butter

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    KismetKamado reacted to dman in Boudin stuffed pork chops   
    Quick sear, 4 minutes a side then on the grill. 

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    KismetKamado reacted to dman in Boudin stuffed pork chops   
    Something new for supper. Got these two stuffed chops. On the griddle side first then the grate side for Mark’s. We’ll see...,

  20. Haha
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    KismetKamado reacted to ckreef in Been Busy Lately But I Did It Again   
    I swore off buying new grills so I couldn't do that again but I never said anything about a new truck. 
    Me and Mrs skreef wanted to get a bigger trailer (a 5th wheel) and our Nissan Titan was not going to cut it. Back in January I started looking around for a HD truck. Ended up doing a factory order of a Ram. From order date to dealer delivery was about 11 weeks. Here she is:

    Ram 3500 6.4 Hemi, 4x4 crew cab, short bed
    Laramie lv1, towing technology package, bed utility package, and 5th wheel/gooseneck prep

    GVWR 11,000
    Max Towing 14,525
    CCC 4025
    GCWR 21,500



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    KismetKamado got a reaction from Beermachine in Shakshuka with Joetisserie Chook   
    Doesn’t get much better than that!
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    KismetKamado got a reaction from Marty in VA Geezer Covid Vaccine   
    Alright, please let’s not go off on a tangent that’s bound to not end well. 

    Back to the spirit of the original post...  here in Wyoming (at least in our county) they opened up the eligibility criteria quite a bit late last week. No geezer card required.  Mr. KK and I signed up right away and received our first doses of the Moderna last Friday. 
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    KismetKamado got a reaction from Marty in If you can have only one Portable BBQ Grill, gas or charcoal!   
    I kind of love my Akorn Jr. in black. But I’m pretty fond of the new girl in town, PKGO.  

    I’m going to have to go for Akorn Jr because of how tightly and securely she seals up.  Because the portability part of a tailgate size grill is pretty important....  If I drop it out on the back deck for a quick winter cook, I have no worries shutting down the vents and bringing it back in.  Or throwing it in the back of the suburban and not worrying about it spewing ash everywhere.
    The PKGO is a little bit of a pig in that it litters ash everywhere - even when the vents are closed and I’m sure I have cleaned it out good.  If it was staying in one place and I wasn’t worried about ash and embers, it would be the PKGO who would win. 
    Also have the Weber Smokey Joe with side vents and Jumbo Joe.  And the BGE mini which is just way stupid small. And a Weber Q1200. And a GMG Davy Crockett and a Blackstone 17” and 22”.   Gave away my Lodge Sportsmen’s grill because maintaining the cast was too tedious. And a Cook Air that I gave away because I just couldn’t do anything that didn’t have a bit of an off taste to it. Probably a few other things I have forgotten about as well. 
    Anywho - Akorn Jr!
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    KismetKamado reacted to adm in Some Wings   
    So yesterday was pizza at home with a few friends. Pizzas cooked on the Ooni rather than the Kamado, but I did a whole mess of wings for appetisers....

    That's around 80 wings on the Monolith. Tossed with a little spicy rub and some EVOO

    45 minutes at 400f indirect. The darker ones were at the edge of the grill originally but I moved them around when I turned halfway.

    Sauced up with a mix of Frank's Hot Sauce, butter and some extra Habanero sauce I had in the fridge. 
    Very tasty - not a single one was left over....

    Then we ate 10 pizzas!
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