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  1. I'm coming off my first weekend of owning my Kj Classic. I fixed a pork roast (thanks to the help of several of you!), 9 pounds of ribs, 5 pizzas, and corn on the cob. I'm a single mom with 2 teenage boys and a nasty commute each day, so I'm super excited to cook food they'll love to eat throughout the week. I really want to take advantage of its versatility. What can you tell me about the benefits of the cast iron grate over the one that came with my Classic, and what would be the benefit of the cast iron grate over the cast iron griddle?
  2. OK, so my pork roast is done. I took a taste and I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt at grilling. I've got awhile before we'll eat it and now I'm smoking my ribs. How do you suggest I hold the pork so it stays safe but doesn't dry out? I wondered if the crock pot was a good idea?
  3. I was reading on some boards at 5am about some high tech temperature probes. I guess I'm not done spending money on this. Are there any that connect to devices that alert you when you're away from the grill?
  4. I actually had so much coal that the heat defector was touching it at first. I wonder if I'd closed the vents down too much.
  5. I bought my Classic, and a 10 pound pork shoulder yesterday. After first overshooting my temp, I finally got it stabilized at about 11:30 and got my pork on. At 1:30 I was holding steady at 225. I checked at 4:30 and the grill was at 150. The internal temp of the roast was 138. I've got it up to about 250 now. Will this be safe to eat?
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