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  1. sorry for the delay. fitted the rotisserie on the weekend and for the most part it fits good with a little adjustment to the extension portion of the ring. hope to test it out this coming weekend and will provide full details
  2. Rotisserie was delivered last night but no time to unwrap it. Will do a thorough inspection with pictures in the next day or two.
  3. My wife was at Costco in Oshawa Ontario, Canada today and sent me pictures of the 24inch Louisiana Kamado grill in blue.
  4. I've had my K24 Pit Boss from Costco since April 2016. After the first few cooks I developed a small crack starting at front vent. Danson's were great and sent me an entirely new outer shell with hardware. With regards to fit and finish I think any product with multiple fastener points could always use some minor adjustments. I perform cooks all year round in a variety temperatures and I have no complaints with the quality of workmanship in this grill. Too improve seal throughout my grill I've added Felt to top vent and front sliding intake vent. I also performed an adjustment on my lid to ensure a flush fit. Adjusting lid The easiest method to see if the lid is actually warped or to ensure proper fitment is to perform the following: Remove top plate or loosen screws from lid safety closure pin at front of Kamado Loosen bands on top and bottom of outer shell. Ensure lid moves freely within bands Retighten bands Open lid, place paper between seals and close lid Repeat step 5 with paper located in different locations around sealing surface If gap still exists then most likely you have a warped lid, if paper is tight all around then you realigned lid. Reinstall/retighten hardware on lid safety closure Pin Repeat step 5 with paper located in different locations If gap exists then safety closure pin needs adjustment. hope this helps NOTE: if you feel confident in doing so, I recommend removing tension springs to perform this alignment check
  5. Buy from Costco!! I had an issue with mine after several cooks and I was asked for a copy of my receipt.
  6. Check out my thread, as the measurements provided by supplier were a perfect match for my Pit Boss K24
  7. For another project, as I'm always building new outdoor cooking appliances. My last creation was an outdoor Natural Gas Deep Fryer
  8. Does any one have a contact where I can purchase a Kamado Joe Latch Assembly. Thanks
  9. Here's the rotisseries unit I ordered https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Kamado-Grill-Accessories-Rotisserie-Kit_60729297608.html?spm=a2756.order-detail-ta-ta-b.0.0.35012fc2DBeQrZ Motor runs on AA batteries Rotisserie with shipping cost $245.10 Canadian funds
  10. I found an over seas supplier from Auplex for a Kamado rotisserie unit simililar to Joe Tisserie. Diameters are as follow: outside 61cm (24in) inside 52 Cm (20.47 in) I’m waiting on final prices and will post when received. Also looking at reduced shipping rates for purchasing in bulk. Just wondering if there’s any Canadians that may also be interested. Note. From what I can see the motor is battery operated. Cheers WayneR Pickering Ontario Canada
  11. Sorry to hear about this. My K24 Pit Boss sits out where its susceptible to very high winds and there's no way the wind tipped it over. I've had dealings with the staff at PitBoss and they're great to deal with. Hopefully you can work something out with them.
  12. I contacted PartyQ and the draw on the newer fan is 3 amps. https://www.batteryeliminatorstore.com/index.php?id_product=56&controller=product
  13. http://www.nakedwhiz.com/lump.htm I really like Dragons Breath for my 24 inch Pit Boss very hot and consistent variety in each bag
  14. I've been looking to buy a temperature controller and i like the simplicity of the PartyQ for the occasional overnight cook. Has anyone tried an alternate power source replacement for the AA batteries in the PartyQ? Does anyone know what the amperage draw on the PartyQ is? I found this alternate power source on the web https://www.batteryeliminatorstore.com/index.php?id_category=4&controller=category
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